Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Review – Let the Class Trial Begin - PSLS

"If you were placed in a closed off space with 15 other people that you didn’t know, could you trust any of them? What if that question was amplified by encouraging murder amongst the group? To try to describe the Danganronpa games to somebody without spoiling things isn’t an easy thing to do. The premise is dark and mature, with exploration into many facets of the depths of the human psyche, yet its goofy appearance hides the bloody undertones of deceit, betrayal, and despair to anyone casually glancing." - PSLS

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acharlez1331d ago

Awesome. Wish I had a Vita!

knifefight1331d ago

Monokuma is fast becoming one of my favorite new(ish) game mascots.

TongkatAli1331d ago

Game of the year contender, easily.

dbjj120881331d ago

Shame I just lost my PS Vita.