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Submitted by lifesanrpg 455d ago | opinion piece

Sony’s Instant Games Collection will always trump Games with Gold

GameZone's Jake Valentine: "Instead, I’m going to focus on something that Games with Gold just flat out can’t offer: being able to pick these games up on multiple platforms. Not only is it something Microsoft isn’t offering on the same scale as Sony, but Sony also has the advantage of offering games on both the home console platform and portable hardware." (Microsoft, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Software_Lover  +   455d ago
AngelicIceDiamond  +   455d ago
At this point I don't understand why it matters anymore.

Xbox and PlayStation owners have loads of free games to downloaded on their console.

And I'm sure both fanbases haven't even played all their free games, if not half those free titles.

How many people will play their free games this month knowing Destiny is released Monday night?
IndoAssassin  +   455d ago
It is a value proposition.
PS+ is $10 cheaper yet they release 6 games every month and haven't reused any games.

Xbox releases 4 games for $10 more, and Xbox One reuses 1 game for 2 months since they started.
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HugoDrax  +   455d ago
"PS+ is $10 cheaper yet they release 6 games every month and haven't reused any games."

Are you serious? PS+ has re used games, stop spreading lies. I know for a fact because when I signed up for plus a few months ago, Playstation All Stars was free, so I downloaded it. Can you guess what's free game on plus again? That's right Playstation All Stars.

Anyhow, to each's own. My GOLD membership won't expire until 2017, and my plus is renewed till 2016.
Quicktim3  +   455d ago
wow, is every person doing approval votes all sony fans?

why did these dumb opinion articles keep getting through.
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Killzoner99  +   455d ago
Wow , does PS+ threaten you that much? This article has many valid points that support that + is the better service which it is. Haters gonna hate though.
XiMasterChief  +   455d ago
N4G need filtering system.
Toiletsteak  +   455d ago
HAHAHA what a load of balls... how do articles like these get on here.
come_bom  +   455d ago
Another opinion piece.

Opinions are like a**holes, everyone's got one.

As for PS+ (PS4 games) and XBLA Gold (X1 games), in MY OPINION, at this moment both of them are crap, not worth 50€ a year.
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Dudebro90  +   455d ago
So something that is subject to opinion, now is being portrayed as a fact? Riiiighhhtt.
Sayburr  +   455d ago, the author says PS+ is better because you are able to play the games on the VITA... I must admit, remote play does sound pretty damn cool. I don't have a VITA so I am not sure how good it really is.
Xb1ps4  +   455d ago
And having both services trumps all of it... Seriously though I can't keep up with all these games!
blackblades  +   455d ago
Who cares, this is a news site not a opinion site. Thats what forums are around for.
brbobcat  +   455d ago
Considering there's a tag for "opinion piece," I'd say it's not just a "News" site.
blackblades  +   455d ago
I come to N4G aka News for Gamers to look at news. Not to look at articles of people opinions that usually don't be that good.
rapidturtle  +   455d ago
Wow, this site is really turning to crap with all of these Xbox bashing articles, that make no sense at all.
TongkatAli  +   455d ago
I want a Xbox One really bad for Sunset Overdrive and Killer Instinct.
NeoGamer232  +   455d ago
You can get rid of 90% of the crap stuff by just viewing news articles. The site becomes acceptable when you do that.
MasterCornholio  +   455d ago
The problem I have with this article is this word "always".

I love plus but saying that it will always offer better games than games with gold is stretching it a bit. I dont see why Sony can't have a crappy month while Microsoft dumps a bomb like Halo 5 into their games with gold program.
TongkatAli  +   455d ago
Yeah, I agree. We need to step up and defend our next gen brother the X-box One.
MichaelLito79  +   455d ago
Since June on Xbox One

Max and the cursed brother hood
Super Guacamelee
Crimson dragon
Strike suit Zero
Super Time force

These are all solid titles. Not sure what the hate is about.

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