Nintendo Wii Sold Out In Many Locations

In North America, Wii was available in much larger quantities than its arch-rival PlayStation 3, but news is coming in that Nintendo's console has been selling out regardless.

PJ McNealy of American Technology Research had a mouthful to say on the subject (via GD):

"Our research indicates that sell-outs for both the PS3 and Wii were apparently unanimous. While the PS3 sell-outs were expected given the limited quantities, the Wii sell-outs were likely but less certain in our opinion. We believe that the Wii sells itself to consumers, and that more hands-on time in places such as mall kiosks will only help create further buzz and success for the Wii.

"The publishers with the largest tie to the Wii at launch were, in our opinion, in order, Ubisoft, Activision and THQ. Nintendo's own first-party title Zelda was likely the best seller, with an extremely high attach rate."

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