PS4 Games Won’t Be Gimped, ‘Definitely’ Receive Better Exclusives & Multiplatform Games

There is often a misconception that developers gimp superior platform so that they can do justice to another platform which is less powerful.

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Mikelarry1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I Really hope so, as developers have no excuse like with the ps3 while powerful it was more difficult understand due to the cell infrastructure. sony has provided an easy to understand operating system with 8gb memory we should start seeing more devs using these resources better. i am looking at you activision spiderman on the ps4.... god that game was an ugly mess

jackanderson19851325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

baring possibly Destiny, what PS4 game has been gimped so far?

also it's very very rare you get a decent movie to game game... surprised they even bother to be honest

@johndoe you realise the witcher is at least 5 months away yes? how is it gimped?

and mikelarry really riddick? meh suppose I've different tastes, not a fan of movie games

Mikelarry1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

the wolverine game for ps3 and 360, spiderman two, riddick just to name a few were good movie to game games (that was a mouthful... that's what she said :)


@ jackanderson

Yes riddick

Bonkerz1325d ago

Destiny wasn't gimped.. It was at 1080P before Xbox One got there, Bungie said they were able to get to 1080P on the X1 due to the extra boost from the kinect that Microsoft released to devs. So no, Destiny definitely was not gimped, and not really sure why you guys even think this is happening...

DeadRabbits1325d ago

BF4 was gimped hard on the PS4!

Conzul1325d ago

Hey don't be hating on the Riddick games! Those are some of the last FPS games with any serious challenge, let alone with FPS/FPMelee mixed.

I was barely able to beat them on EASY.
I hope he makes more. Dark Athena was awesome!

tlougotg1325d ago

Beat me to it was about to say Witcher as well. Dont like how CD Projeckt is sounding, looks like they are going for parity bs.

GameNameFame1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Destiny isn't gimped?

Tell that to devs who said they are opting out for same experience on both console.

What does resolution have anything to do with it? If they stops optimizing ps4 so X1 can be optimized that is gimping.

Just like how Cod dev said they devoted most of their time on X1 to try to bring it to close as possible. Spending more time on one console to artificially close the gap is gimping.

Forn1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Destiny isn't technically gimped but it also isn't technically next-gen either, just saying. Is it fun? Yes. Does it do anything on a technical level that is pushing next-gen hardware or features? Heck no. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves imo.

MorePowerOfGreen1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

PS4 games are not being gimped and they never will be. They have not been gimped thus far. It's just folks doing some trolling/damage control due to MSFT getting their SDK to a reasonable state.

Everybody knew MSFT was 6 months to a year behind in dev tools etc before XB1 launch(and now fanboys that made issue of MSFT being behind, conveniently forget allowing fanboys to say the issue is PS4's hardware capability or lack of XB1's alone). XB1 didn't even use all its hardware and still doesn't compared to PS4.

I signed in today and seen article after article of anti XB1 news and was wondering what was going on, now I know, XB1 versions of games on par and XB1 releasing in the same markets as PS4 plus China starting today.

Forn1325d ago


lol, X1 games on par... Pahahaha!

GameNameFame1325d ago

More power of green

Stop crying. 40 percent power gap won't magically close. I love how you think 10 percent gpu unlock will do wonder but claim 40 percent gap it has with ps4 don't matter.

Pretty desperate delusion if you ask me.

On par. Lol where did you even get that idea. Even after gimping, it still isn't on par.

elninels1325d ago

Escape from butcher bay was the tits.

_-EDMIX-_1324d ago

Destiny? Destiny isn't really even a next gen game as much as cross gen.

Seeing it on PS3 and on PS4, its very clear its not 100% next gen from the ground up.

Mind you...I'm still getting it on PS4, but by no means was it "gimped" from PS4 as much as being also made for PS3 and 360, then ported to other systems.

We'll get next gen Destiny goodness with Destiny 2.

(Maybe, seeing how they are very deadset on telling us it will be 10 years of updates)

But who knows. We could get Destiny 2 and still get Destiny 1 updates so..

UltraNova1324d ago

I hate conspiracy theories as much as the next guy but anyone who believes there's no parity in multiplatform game development is delusional...

Next thing we'll start debating whether MS and NSA are in bed together or not...

Common people wake up.

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come_bom1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Why all the fuss? PC multiplatform games have been gimped by consoles for ages.

BTW, I find this interesting from the article...
“I’m not sure if many people realize it, but resolutions far exceeding the 1080p PS4 is practically capable of are quite plentiful in mobile. High end tablets have 2560×1600 screens, for example. That’s a lot of pixels.”

yikes. I guess mobile devices will reach 4k resolution in a few years.

1325d ago
G20WLY1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

^He did not lose a bubble for this comment. He lost it for trolling in a different comment he made during the past 24 hours - check his history. This comment hasn't even been flagged at time of writing.

OT: I hope this is true. I see no reason for not squeezing all available horse power from all consoles, whether it amounts to resolution, frame rate or just a shader/AA improvement here or there for one of them.

What right-minded developer wouldn't want their work to be the best it can be for any given gamer?

FriedGoat1325d ago

I've been a PC gamer longer than most. Sure it has power, but what does it matter when the best games are console exclusive? I can't even remember the last time I was excited about pc gaming. The late 90's to 2005ish was the best time to be a pc gamer.

Now I look forward to blood borne the master chief collection, and all those other games PC ONLY gamers will never play.

Best to own all.

lelo1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )


Yes, it's best to own both, PC and consoles, but the funny thing is that I'm the opposite of you. The games I'm hyped the most for the next few months, are PC only games: Civilization: Beyond Earth, Wasteland 2, Pillars of eternity, Torment Tides of Numenera and Star Citizen.

Even one of my GOTY's for this year is a PC only game, Divinity: Original Sin. This year has been quite weak in console exclusives. Have a PS4, haven't switched it on for months, since Infamous.

UltraNova1324d ago

LG will probably make the LG-G4 4K next year by the looks of it since the LG-G3 is already QHD...

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wsoutlaw871325d ago

It is obvious that games are "gimped" devs just might not consider it that because they made it for the lowest common denominator. If you have two versions of a game running almost identical to each other on hardware with different gpus and ram, its obvious. If both version were made to preform at their best on 2 different sets of hardware then there would be differences in the 2. Since the specs show the ps4 being more powerfull then that means any of the games where they look identical are "gimped".

TheXgamerLive1325d ago

Their was one way that destiny was gimped for the PS4 and the Xbox One, its that it was made to run last gen so this is very much a limited last gen title such as how thief was at its release.

Syntax-Error1325d ago

BF4 gimped on PS4? Are you a out of your damn mind?! That game was as close to PC as you can imagine. It looked bad on PS3, but PS4 was gorgeous. I smell a childish hater in the room

cellfluid1325d ago

Isn't spiderman always an ugly mess.

KiwiViper851325d ago

Amazing Spiderman 2 wasn't gimped on the PS4, it was a mess on all platforms. It was playable, but definitely needed longer in production. But because it had to coincide with the release of the movie to have any chance of selling, it was rushed out.

Personally I liked the game. Yep the graphics were terrible, it was quite repetitive(but what game isn't) and the story existed to introduce the next boss battle. But the feeling of being spiderman swinging through new York was awesome, the Russian hideouts were quite well done, and unlocking new suits was more exciting than I expected it to be. Combat was Arkham-ish with enough sense of satisfaction for pulling off signature moves. I usually find that when people say the combat was boring or repetitive its because they were playing on easy.

Overall I had fun with the game

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Hellsvacancy1325d ago

Misconception? no it's called parity

Spotie1325d ago

I'm not seeing how it could be a misconception, since it's happened, and will continue to happen in the future.

Death1325d ago

Developers are not "gimping" games out of spite like some fans seem to think. Not all developers are created equally and not all games have an infinite budget either. In many cases it isn't a question of "can we make a game better", it's a question of "will we have a return on our investment if we use the additional resources to make a game better". Forget all the notions of a game developer making games because they want to further the art, it's about collecting a paycheck.

The lowest common denominator also plays a huge factor when developing on multiple consoles. What is the incentive to make a game that uses Move or Kinect if that only targets half of your customer base? Same holds true for a console that has a hardware advantage, what are the chances a dev is going to create seperate texture packs for multiple consoles?

It 100% comes down to resource management and getting the most bang for the buck when making multiplatform games. If Sony or Microsoft want to partner with a dev to get more, that is always a possibility, but many times it turns into an exclusive agreement when this happens.

gamertk4211325d ago

It is a business, after all.

MCTJim1325d ago

Parity is the same content...NOT graphics, pixels etc. That is the misconception. I am so tired of this argument. When a developer states parity across all platforms, they are plainly referring to content.

Death1325d ago

Native resolution isn't part of parity, but over all look and feel of the game is. Gamers are the ones making an issue on native resolution, not devs. With that said, there is nothing to keep a dev from referring to resolution and fps when speaking of parity. It's a broad term.

1325d ago
larrysdirtydrawss1325d ago

what planet have you been smoking crack on? the over-whelming amount of time when ppl talk about parity,its usually about graphics and how devs usually by nature choose parity due to not having the time/resources to put most of their attention just to one platform because they need to split man power for usually 3 dif platforms

MasterCornholio1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Only some developers will strive for parity but the majority won't due to the PS4s lead in sales.

P.S By parity I mean visuals and performance. Content will almost always be the same across all platforms.

Death1325d ago

Complete BS.

The Last of Us just broke 1 million in sales on the PS4 that has 10 million potential customers. Do you honestly think there aren't 1 million potential sales on the Xbox One? A third party developer can easily double their sales by targeting both consoles. It's a myth that more consoles sold increases game sales. With 80 million consoles sold, how many games were hitting 8 million in sales or 10% attach rate?

Gamble201325d ago

I think the point he is making is that a pool of 10 million potential customers is going to receive more attention than a pool of 5 million. Are you saying that xb1 customers have some sort of magical buying power that would allow them to double attach rates compared to the PS4? It is highly unlikely a system that sells fewer consoles will sell the same amount of games. History proves this.

It doesn't mean XB1 games will suck or be considerably worse in comparison. It just means when you have a choice of which platform to focus on you are going to focus on the platform with the most affected consumers, which for the foreseeable future is going to be the PS4.

MasterCornholio1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Nope so far the majority of games run better on the PS4. PlayStation 4 owners know that they have the most powerful console and developers know that as well. PlayStation 4 owners demand the best version of multiplats from developers and developers give it to them. Especially with the huge lead in install base developers dont want to lose PS4 consumers. Its pretty logical once you think about it.


Yep you understood me pefectly bubble for you for being intelligent.

"It doesn't mean XB1 games will suck or be considerably worse in comparison."

Yep that's the way it will be for the majority of multiplats. The Xbox One version will play just fine but it won't be as good (technically) as the PS4 version just like the PS4 version won't be as good as the PC version. The sooner people accept this the better.

Death1325d ago

History has shown us that early adopters tend to spend more money. The people buying systems this last year are the "hardcore" gamers. As time goes by and more systems are sold, the attach rate goes down significantly.

As for your magical buying power comment, are PS4 games selling twice as many copies as Xbox One games? Last I seen the PS4 version do outsell the Xbox One, but not by 200%.

TotalGamer1325d ago

Don't forget the fact that more affluent people bought the Xbox One and less well off had to settle for the cheaper PS4.
More owners of Xbox Ones are in the higher income bracket when compared to the PS4, which would infer that Xbox One owners have more disposable income to spend on titles. This has already been proven, as a higher percentage of Xbox One owners are buying games when compared to poorer PS4 owners.

HacSawJimThugin1325d ago

It's a myth that more consoles sold increases game sales.

Exactly. This is one of the most sensible comments I have ever read on this site. The Sony crowd seems to be under the impression that the 10 million consoles out in the wild will equate to a higher amount of games sales on PS4 but that simply isnt the case.
Destiny sales will be close on both of the new systems, judging by the pre order numbers, I think that it's safe to say that that lifetime sales will be very close throughout.

Great comments sir. Very spot on.

Gamble201325d ago

Every single multiplatform game has sold better on PS4 than XB1. And without raw data we cannot accurate say what the margins were. We do have confirmed reports of games like Tomb raider selling 2:1 for PS4, however, so we can safely assume that the higher console sales have led to higher software sales. You can keep telling yourself that somehow XB1 will have double the attach rate of PS4, and you will continue to be wrong as PS4 outsells XB1 in software every single month, as they have in the US (microsofts strongest territory) for several months according to NPD.

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TotalGamer1325d ago

I think it's amazing the way PS4 devs have deliberately gimped some of the PS4 exclusives, so they won't look bad on the Xbox One. Oh, wait, they were never going to be released there, so why would so many of the PS4 exclusives not run at 1080P/60fps on the PS4?
Because the PS4 just doesn't have the grunt that people expected it to. It's strange that more games run 1080P/60fps on the Xbox One than on the PS4, when the PS4 is supposedly more powerful.
It got to the stage where Sony had to lie and say that some games were indeed running at 1080P/60fps when they couldn't even get close.

Kavorklestein1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I think you have a little misconception in thinking that the amount of exclusives running at 1080p/60 on xbox one somehow means it has More power than PS4 a little mixed up there, buddy.

No doubt the PS4 is more powerful.
Now something to keep in mind when throwing out a claim like 40 percent is, 40% is definitely an advantage, but the advantage- -In My Opinion- is not that substantial .

In all honesty, I feel like some people often confuse percentages with multipliers.
For example: If a guy says "My computer is twice as fast as yours!" He means it is 2x faster.
2x Faster would mean his computer is 200% faster.

The PS4 is NOT 200% faster than the Xbox One. (LOL)

50% Faster would mean it is about .5x faster.
Thus, the PS4 being rumored to be 40% faster is more or less equivalent to being .4x faster.

Not really something to brag about.
And definitely something that can be caught up to, or if nothing else, we will see the gap close a little with time.

It's really not that far fetched, especially if we factor in Devs becoming more familiar with using the extra 10% gpu boost to it's full potential. Also, if the gains made from DX12 for PC are any indication, then it's entirely possible to see even more power being unlocked.
How much power remains to be seen, but the possibilities are definitely there, it's really depends on how well they are implemented and used by various devs, and also how efficient Microsoft makes their tools as time progresses.

The silliest thing is, even when games are 1080p on ps4 and 900p on xbox one, there is not THAT much difference, and it's not worth all the fuss all the time.
Especially to most gamers who AREN'T going for power, and are going for exclusives/controller/Online service etc. These people will make up their own minds one way or another, so let's let them think for themselves eh?

Now, I'm not saying it's set in stone- (Before some jerks jump down my throat) but I think the xbox one will hit 1080p and/or 60fps a lot more as time progresses.
And I'm sure the PS4 will see some optimizations of it's own as well!
Meanwhile, while we are waiting to see what happens next- since we can ALL agree that that PS4 is more powerful, please, there is no reason for all the mudslinging and controversy at the xbox one all the time.
It's so monotonous at this point.
Just be satisfied with your purchases like a normal person, and stop rubbing your purchase in other people's faces.

There's no need to try to "Sell" your friends or family on a console they aren't initially interested in just because it's slightly more powerful. Picking a console for it's games and features is MUCH more important if you ask me.

So if people pick a PS4, COOL BEANS!
If they Pick and Xbox One, Cool Beans!
A Wii U, Cool Beans!

I personally am getting an Xbox one in November when the Call of Duty advanced warfare bundle is out, (or if they announce a Halo:MCC bundle I'll get that) but I'm not going to tell people what they should or shouldn't like or what they should or shouldn't buy.

We should all try doing the same.
Happy Gaming to All-

Illusive_Man1325d ago

The Old Gimp myth. Can't wait to see those 4k games on PS4.

fermcr1325d ago

Better sit down and wait for the PS5 or PS6 to achieve 4k resolution in home consoles.

Death1325d ago

Have you seen the upscaler work on a higher end 4K HDTV yet?

Budobear1325d ago

My reply is to Death

Yes I have, they are great but the input lag is to high for gaming!

RevXM1325d ago

Upscaling is nice but it is like taping a magnifying glass to your forehead to make your junk look bigger...Doesn't help all that much. There is only so much detail in an image but a good scaler can make it more pleasant to look at. Native 4k > upscaled.

Also I haven't tried upscaling lower res output to 4K with a TV but I imagine the lag could be intolerable for gaming purposes.