Sledgehammer details PS4 and Xbox One tech benefits for 'Advanced Warfare'

Examiner got some time with Sledgehammer Games Senior Development Director to discuss what the new power behind the PS4 and Xbox One allows for the Call of Duty franchise, and what Sledgehammer is planning with all that horsepower.

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Mastadope421176d ago

Dude, I love Call Of Duty bro...

Hanuman1176d ago

Sweet dude, me too man. Cowabunga!

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Automatic791175d ago

This new COD looks amazing

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windblowsagain1176d ago

Blend shapes is a game changer/s


Dude snipers and campers rock bro

NarooN1176d ago

I love hilariously low HP counts and over-generous aim-assist, bro!

Agent_hitman1176d ago

I hope that Sledgehammer games won't downgrade PC and PS4 version of COD advancewarfare due to MS-Acti partnership, just like what happened back in 2010 on Black ops 1 PC and PS3 version that was horrible to play due to poor optimizations..

Imperialshroom1176d ago

all i want is all the ports to be equal in terms of quality. and that cod becomes good again.

FullmetalRoyale1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I agree. I seem to be on board with this one, considering I have sat the last couple out. If using the exos correctly, one could see the similarities between this and another arena type game. A game that is older, and one that I have very fond memories of, but am not stupid enough to compare it by name to CoD.

I'm looking forward to the story because of the guys behind the original Dead Space. I'd be just as hopeful with or without Spacey involved, though he's one of "my guys".

I do really want some of this type of gameplay, along with Minecraft, RPGs(starting with Inquisition!), just more games in general on my current gen system. As soon as Destiny releases there is pretty much a nonstop rush of releases through March.

Prepare thyself!

*Edited for typos.

CloudRap1176d ago

LMAO Call of Duty always has and always will play better on xbox

DeadlyOreo1176d ago

Why do people say this? I've had a 360 and a PS3 and bought various copies on both platforms and I've never noticed a difference, apart from slight lobby problems on the PS3 version of Black Ops 1. Unless you're talking about controller, but that just comes under preference.

tlougotg1176d ago

You need to release that big microsoft $#%$ from your grip lol you sound like a big groupie.

Dlacy13g1176d ago

@Agent_hitman I hope they downgrade the versions across the board on all sku's. /s

vallencer1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I'm pretty sure sledgehammer won't do that. So far no 3rd party games have done that this gen.

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