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Submitted by xNomaD 452d ago | opinion piece

Another Generation Older, Another Generation Dumber

6aming's Sheldon discusses the console generations we're currently experiencing at once. (Culture)

CloudRap  +   452d ago
WTH is he talking about
Scark92  +   452d ago
Delusional no doubt.. I cannot comprehend what I just read.
This article would be justified after 2 to 4 years after the next gen consoles came out
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brish  +   452d ago
I would summarize the article as: console games keep getting better looking every generation but the games are not getting any better.
highStandardsGamers   452d ago | Spam
3-4-5  +   451d ago
* Is he saying that we have the same car that does the same thing, but just got a better paint job ?

something like that?
eddieistheillest  +   452d ago
So he is finding excuses not to buy a ps4/x1 because he cant afford it and decides to go retro ( which there is nothing wrong with retro gaming , i love it )
gamerfan0909  +   452d ago
I don't get your point man. I tried reading this article a couple of times and I just failed to see what you were talking about or your reasoning.
Dontworrybhappy  +   452d ago
I have both PS4 and Xbox One and i see his point. Kinda funny that the three bestg ames are playable on 360/PS3. Master Chief Collection, Destiny, and TLOU XD
@Scar don't get me wrong, Master Chief Collection is easily my most anticipated game... thing. I was just pointing out a funny fact, consoles always get better games after a few years.
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Scark92  +   452d ago
The consoles lifes just began, do not expect masterpieces to come this early on.
jangoblamba  +   445d ago
Second paragraph, first and second sentences. "Well, no. At least, not right away."
Scark92  +   445d ago
No doubt, the best games come towards the end of the life in trends!
iNFAMOUZ1  +   452d ago
looking for hits, move on, dont even click on it
WeAreLegion  +   452d ago
Listen, Sheldon.

Many of us have already played the great majority of the library from NES, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, etc.

Why would we buy them again when we either still have the systems or have already played through most of the games?

I still play Donkey Kong Country 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Shadow of the Colossus religiously, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying all the newest games for my PS4 and Wii U.

I get that you're upset about the patches and updates and DLC and yadda yadda yadda. That's how technology works though. It gets more complicated as we move forward. It's annoying. I know. And the fact that many games are releasing on both last generation and the new generation upsets you, as well.

Technology is getting better, but games are getting more expensive. Many companies got burned last generation. We lost a lot of great studios because they couldn't afford to keep the doors open. So, can we just deal with cross-gen for a little while longer? The great next-gen exclusives are still coming. Driveclub, Sunset Overdrive, Bayonetta 2, The Order, Splatoon, Halo 5, Uncharted 4. It's all going to be here in good time.
KakashiHotake  +   452d ago
I think the Author is jumping the gun a little. The same thing that's happening now is the same thing that's happened in every other generation. Not everyone immediately runs out and buys the next gen console right away because the games catalog is still premature. However when you look at the sales of PS4 alone already at 10 million under a year old which is the fastest rate any console has ever sold, then if anything it's more likely people are jumping ship sooner than ever. The main reason I think the last generation is still hanging around is because none of these consoles accept Nintendo has backwards compatibility, and gamers aren't so quick to just throw away their entire catalog of games.
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Menkyo  +   452d ago
Good for you, you aren't spending money you don't have on a new console but don't rationalize the your lack of funds by complaining that the current gen doesn't have any games.
CorndogBurglar  +   452d ago
I coulen't be happier with my PS4, just like most people that own XBox One's couldn't be happier with it.

This screams as someone who just can't afford a new console, as most people have found plenty of games to keep them busy on their new console of choice. I play my PS4 daily. No lack of games here.

It sounds like gaming is just too expensive of a hobby for this guy. Nothing wrong with that, he's in college, living in a dorm. I've been there and done that. I know how it feels to not have money. But that doesn't make this new gen of games not worth it.
SovereignSnaKe  +   452d ago
It's now to the point where I'm just ignoring the last gen versions are even a thing entirely. It is getting a tinge annoying seeing games releasing on the old systems, but not totally unexpected. Sans Microsoft & Nintendo, didn't they do this with the PS2 well into 2009?

p.s. I love how that new borderlands cash-in is ONLY releasing on the PS3 and 360. I used to love Borderlands, but Really Gearbox?
Gh05t  +   451d ago
That is five minutes of my life I wont get back...

Just because you don't have the money to buy a console doesn't mean it isn't worth it. I also have way more fun on my SNES than I do currently on my X1 but that doesn't mean it wasn't worth it. Value is always subjective.

Its a year in and it will only get better as developers start making the games specifically for the new console rather than finish games that may or may not have only been started on last gen and ported over (Depending on development time).

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