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Submitted by TetsujinFranky 528d ago | news

Square Enix Tokyo Game Show 2014 Line-Up Revealed By TGS Official Site

The official website of the Tokyo Game Show 2014 has revealed the Square Enix titles that will be available during the show this year. (3DS, Android, Bravely Second, Chaos Rings III, Final Fantasy Explorers, iPad, iPhone, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, PS3)

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vishmarx  +   528d ago
disappointments abound no xv and kh 3 .still buying 2.5.
cant wait for conspiracy theories and hate threads and death threats either
lol.tbh no one even expects it to show up anywhere
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DarkOcelet  +   528d ago
I really hope XV can live up to the hype , I cant believe i waited all those years for it damn i got so old fast lol . Kingdom hearts 3 on the other hand am not worried because after kingdom hearts 2 i know this will be awesome , we need another sephiroth fight :)
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Scark92  +   528d ago
Same, Like seriously, the game was announced in 2006.. That is insane! I was looking at this game for years xD but the epic trailer they showed at E3 got me excited, its one of my most anticipated no doubt, Kingdom Hearts 3 is probably on the top of the list next to the Phantom Pain!
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abzdiine  +   528d ago
those guys are so stupid, why in hell do they release DQVIII on phones and not on consoles? i wanna understand!
Summons75  +   528d ago
The only hype is being generated by the same people that put FF13 on a high pedestal that it couldn't possibly live up to expectations...the same people who believe FF7 was the first and only FF. The devs and been slowly giving tidbits of info and it sounds great and what we saw looked great, I'm not worried because I'll go in with an open mind like I did with FF13 and probably love it. Kingdom Hearts is the one I'm worried about, they announced it after KH2 and that was while I was still in middle school...I'm out of college now and with all the needless spinoffs (aside from BBS and 3D) the story has become big and convoluted. Hopefully they can pull it together for the final act but the teaser we saw with "Key Guns" got me highly worried.
Irishguy95  +   528d ago
@ Summons, while I know what you're talking about, I detest FFXIII, I never thought it looked particularly good(besides the very first trailer). But I have consistantly been hyped for Versus(now FFXV).

If they are lying about what FFXV is then sure we should be scepticle. FFXIII generated hype BECAUSE it was FFXIII. FFXV is generating hype based on the info and trailers we've been given, for me at least. The FFXIII 'lovers' seem to dislike FFXV because its battle system is no longer turn based like most FF games. However, again, unless they are lying

This game should have everything in it that made FF good in the first place. I LOVE the FF franchise. I was never particularly pushed about the combat, however everything else I LOVE. FFXIII didn't have anything of that sort in it. Even though it didn't have that I still went in with an open mind because FFX also had less in it that the old ones and was still good.

FFXV however, for me, just looks to be improving on the FF Franchise as a whole.

Also, I believe SE have come to terms with this too in the last few years, hence the name change to FFXV. This is the game the SHOULD have been focusing on for the last 7 or so years. They only realized it recently though

Edit - Also, FFXV will never be put on a list, always a surprise/
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guitarded77  +   527d ago
SE is pretty retarded. They have everyone hanging on FFXV and KH3, but instead decide to announce a Dragon Quest hack and slash. It's like having a money printing press and using it to make North Korean currency.
TetsujinFranky  +   528d ago
Kingdom Hearts 3 not being shown was a given, considering they said that Final Fantasy XV was going to be released before it. Not even showing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD would really be disappointing, though
nunley33  +   528d ago
If they were to show FFXV it wouldn't be listed here, they will want some surprises still.
guitarded77  +   527d ago
I would agree. Sony, MS and the others do this. They have a list of games appearing, but save the big announcements.
3-4-5  +   528d ago
The "problem" is that KH 1.5 remix & 2.5 remix are ONLY on PS3.

That means in order to play all the games in order or play the entire series, you need to buy a PS3 & PS4 or already have a PS3 & buy a PS4.

The games look awesome and I'd love to play them, but they should seriously consider porting those to PS4.
CaptainSellers  +   528d ago
no FFXV? KH3? Type-0? I am disappoint

Better prepare myself for endless amounts of mobile shovelware crap
BillmadeAGate  +   528d ago
You never know, there's still 2 weeks until the show so anything can happen. Try being a little optimistic 😊
TheTwelve  +   528d ago
Optimism hurts when it comes to S-E
calis  +   528d ago
"Better prepare myself for endless amounts of mobile shovelware crap"

Don't forget FF13-13
Clown_Syndr0me  +   528d ago
Is KH 2.5 only last gen? Haven't played 1.5 yet, cant bring myself to it because the visuals look painful.
LAWSON72  +   528d ago
KH1.5 looks fantastic maybe you should get your eyes checked.
trickman888  +   528d ago
visuals look painful? GTFO troll
Clown_Syndr0me  +   528d ago
Hardly trolling, havent put it in yet. Look at the back of the case and it puts me off big time.

I tried to play Fallout 3 recently and couldnt as it was so blurry and old looking, im just too used to the PS4.
elninels  +   528d ago
KH 1.5 is total sex dude.
Psygnosis333  +   528d ago
Lol..mAn I play some old PSX classics games from time to time on emulator..that will be torment for you I guess
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   528d ago
Can't wait to see more Bravely Second
LAWSON72  +   528d ago
Same here I had no idea there was a planned sequel already. I still need to get the first.
Rockets12  +   528d ago
I think they announced sometime last year that the series would get a new game every year.
JodyCones  +   527d ago
Why are you getting dislikes?
Squall_23  +   528d ago
Dragon quest viii ?!! 1 year old game to show in Tgs ? WTF !!
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   528d ago
Inception  +   528d ago
"FF Type-0 is 80% complete"

Lol already think that was the typical BS of SE

80% complete but you can't bring a single playable demo to the show floor?! While Bloodborne, new game build from the ground up (unlike Type-0) that still (maybe) 50-60% complete but From Soft can provide a playable demo + a f*kin release date.

No wonder SE keep losing their fans
Muzikguy  +   527d ago
How do they even figure these percentages is what I'd like to know. They're all made up bs. Just like when I hear 20% chance of rain but it rains all day. Square are definitely losing fans and they have nobody to blame but themselves. All last gen people were clamoring for more JRPGs, not what we got in FFXIII or it's sequels. I hope FFXV delivers.
rextraordinaire  +   528d ago
I believe they keep XV as a secret? Right? Right?

What do we know, maybe they thought the vs13 shattering logo was not enough of a surprise and they plan on playing the same trick again with the release date?

Hopeful or delusional... Your pick!
Inception  +   528d ago
I want to know how long SE can keep XV as a secret and make people excited for it. It 8 years and a lot of people already grew up and maybe forget it while they move on to other franchise.
elninels  +   528d ago
Everyone seems to forget that square is waiting for the install base to grow. FFXV isn't coming out till holiday 2015 earliest. I seem to recall them stating that an install base of 20mil is what they are waiting for. I do not recall whether they meant ps4 install base or ps4/xone.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   528d ago
Not official yet so we will see
Revengeance  +   528d ago
Couldn't help but notice Dragon Quest 8 was on that list. I was hoping it was a possible remaster but then I remembered they were bringing it to mobile. A damn shame. It's such a missed opportunity.
Bhuahahaha  +   528d ago
im only interested in bravely second and ff explorers
EXVirtual  +   528d ago
Well, SE hasn't announced their lineup themselves. There is still a spec of hope.
NxeonPwn  +   528d ago
Its called a surprise guys, does Sony announce the new games before they go to E3? No, Type 0, FFXV and KH3 will be at TGS.
Kalebninja  +   528d ago
My thoughts exactly. Heck it could be that sony is showing one off.
maximus1985  +   527d ago
thats what we thought on squares e3 event....fool me once
kingdom18  +   527d ago
Well they surprised us all with FF Type 0 I'm sure.
MegaSackman  +   528d ago
Just cancel the game already.
TheCagyDies  +   528d ago
FFXV will never be on the list, it will be a surprise.

Also, too many mobile games. Put those games on the Vita or 3DS.
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kingdom18  +   527d ago
Or both 3DS and Vita.
Mrmalvern  +   528d ago
"Square Enix is one of the companies that has yet to reveal its line-up officially" Still hoping for at least a trailer from FFXV
elda  +   528d ago
I guess S-E are sick of showing games off(teasing) that are a long way off.They are showing games off that are going to be released in the next year,possibly they'll show some FF-T-O at TGS knowing FF-FV & KH-3 will not be releasing between 2016-2018 maybe next year they'll start showing some FF-FV for a 2016 release date.
LightDiego  +   528d ago
Square-Enix, you are a terrible company, some people will hate the idea, but how i wish that franchises like Final Fantasy could go to developers like Level-5 or Monolith.
Twiggy  +   528d ago
All I want is FF15's release date and MGS5's release date.
arbitor365  +   527d ago
its been almost a year and a half since we got trailers for FFXV and KH3. did square just forget about their two biggest franchises? do they really have NOTHING to show or tell us about those games? is anyone actually working on these games?

are they trying to build up mystique and suspense? isnt that what theyve been doing with KH3 since 2005 and FFXV since 2007? they owe us trailers and info. you dont just show game footage one year, and then pretend like the games dont exist the next year. no other company treats their fans this way and shows this level of apathy towards their biggest franchises.
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Scrafty369  +   527d ago
Aqua is so cute.
richierich  +   527d ago
I cant put into words how annoyed I am after reading that FFXV wont be at TGS this year. Even a trailer would be something FFS!
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kingdom18  +   527d ago
I'm hoping for something on FF Type - 0 and maybe a new remastered game.

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