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Far Cry 4 hoping to avoid PETA controversy, says dev

Far Cry 4 is hoping to avoid controversy from PETA as players in the game aren't forced to kill animals, according to creative director Alex Hutchinson. (Far Cry 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

OtakuDome  +   364d ago
Just ignore PETA, they try too hard. I still remember when they talked about Mario and the turtle jumping, then tried to play it off as a joke after the backlash.
CloudRap  +   364d ago
The SouthPark episode of PETA pretty much sums it up.
Yi-Long  +   364d ago
Exactly. Instead of giving in to the whiners by being 'politically correct' all the time, just tell and create the stories you want to make.

If that involves hunting animals. So be it. If that involves pretty girls with huge boobs in skimpy outfits, so be it. If that involves 'fatalities' or shooting little virtual children in the face with a shotgun, so be it.

Those who don't like it, don't buy it. Simple.
CloudRap  +   364d ago
Political Correctedness has ruined American Culture and promoted leftist values as well as the fact that you can only make fun of heterosexual white males anyone else is controversial.
ScottyHoss  +   360d ago
I think the public tends to overreact. What American culture do you speak of? It's possibly the most disliked nation in the world from its arrogance, maybe change from that is a good thing (just waiting for the disagrees to hit this comment)

However, I do agree that PETA shouldn't be involved with video games because let's be real, they're not real. They could be going after actual animal abuse like the dairy industry, or poaching, but is killing an elephant in far cry 4 really going to make me fly to India and shoot one in real life? Nope.
Tetsujin  +   364d ago
Let PETA complain all they want (don't give in to them of course); can't turn down free publicity and advertising.

On a more serious note, who cares if "digital" animals die? There's actual, real animals that need help, why not help them and not complain about something that has 0 effect on actual animals. I don't get people who are all up for "animal rights" when we as humans still have yet to get all our rights.
Testfire  +   364d ago
I don't know why devs give people like PETA any attention. Do they really think PETA can do anything or that PETA its their target audience anyway? So you're not forced to kill animals, but killing people is ok? I hate when politics gets in the way of video games.
Dirtnapstor  +   364d ago
Add to your list abortion...
Politics have no place in games. It's fantasy. Plenty of movies with disclaimers "no animals were hurt or injured...", do we really have to do the same for the virtual world?

People Eating Tasty Animals Ha!
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Cobra951  +   364d ago
^^ I missed your post. Mine (down below) went along the same lines. No one kills any real animals in any videogame, so enough with the politicking.
WeAreLegion  +   364d ago
PETA is the worst.
Perjoss  +   364d ago
why do you say that?
famoussasjohn  +   364d ago
They should focus about actual issues instead of video games that have animals in them.
ScottyHoss  +   360d ago
And that is why you only hear about PETA, because of the ads. There are better groups out there actually helping animals, many of them dual-cause organizations that help with human rights as well, but they get very little media attention, rely on very wealthy donors and aren't focused on the killing of virtual animals. But PETA causes us to stereotype them as ignorant, bossy know it all's. It's sad.
Lord_Sloth  +   364d ago
PETA's stupid anyways. I say make them mad just because.
bigtrucknd  +   364d ago
Yeah because the animals in the game have feelings.
Ozmoses  +   364d ago
Yeah because "Digital Animal Cruelty" is a crime and there are laws against it.

PETA just looking for money... They done lost all their donations to the ice bucket.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   364d ago
im going to kill all kinds of animals in this game, snipe them in the eye from far away, im going to skin them, im going to throw grenades to them, im going to run all kinds of vehicles into them, oh yeaaaa
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Somebody  +   364d ago
I've played Far Cry characters who fought mercenaries in the Pacific, war lords in Africa, pirates and drug dealers in another tropical islands and soon a civil war in Nepal. It's strange to play those brave characters when the studio that made those games is desperately trying to appease an animal rights organization.
Paprika  +   364d ago
Digital animals.... don't... feel pain....

If that's the case though, the FBI should be clamping down on Trevor from GTA v!
Omnisonne  +   364d ago
PETA should focus on actual animals being abused/mistreated by actual human beings. Same goes for any other activists of any sort subjecting games to ''controversies'

Its a digital, artificial world.. no harm is done to anyone or anything. Aside from the ones that see games as a second reality obviously
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like they have room to talk they kill 97 percent of the animals they so called saved at there shelters.
user3050031   364d ago | Spam
theshredded  +   364d ago
good luck with that
Cobra951  +   364d ago
You can't kill animals in any game. You can only pretend to kill them, like pretending to kill hundreds of people in shooters. It's fiction, fantasy--not reality. No real animals will be harmed in the playing of any game. PETA are a bunch of wackos anyway.
spartanlemur  +   364d ago
Wow seriously?

When did PETA become more important than I don't know... the people who actually BUY games???

I think gamers need a lobby group to counter groups like PETA when they start protecting virtual animals.
sevilha82  +   364d ago
e-p-ayeaH  +   364d ago
So there´s no hunting side missions...well that killed far cry 4 for me. the game is going to get boring fast.
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