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Rumor: More Game Announcements Coming For Sony Consoles at Tokyo Game Show

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment hit heavily with plenty game announcements at its pre-Tokyo Game Show game conference, and many are wondering if there’s more to come.

According to industry insider Shinobi602 who has always been definitely reliable with what his sources tell him, there’s more to come at Tokyo Game Show proper for Sony’s consoles. (PS Vita, PS4)

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Hellsvacancy  +   362d ago | Well said
There's still hope for Ni No Kuni 2
Abriael  +   362d ago
I can say I would love that, even if I don't know who would do the art, since Studio Ghibli is on hiatus.
DarkOcelet  +   362d ago
Studio Ghibli are awesome , i hope we get a dark themed game from them someday . Their movies are unbelievably beautiful .
vishmarx  +   362d ago
first 2 diff cons and now this.sony needs to stahp.
at least give the competition a chance, youre destroying them
and we still have the godzilla sized announcement at tgs,if anyone remembers the tease from the famitsu guy
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abzdiine  +   362d ago
we still haven't seen level 5 and japan studio games i am sure they are making more than just bloodborne.. or did i miss an episode?

they aren't gonna hold a conference to say the same things.. there will obviously be a few surprises, but not many given how massive yesterday's conference was!
opoikl  +   362d ago
GT7 please!
UltraNova  +   361d ago
Any new Japanese IP form Sony would be most welcome!
AnotherProGamer  +   361d ago
Dark Cloud 3 first please!
LightDiego  +   361d ago
Ni no Kuni 2 or a new game from Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, or both, we need more games from this partnership.
TBONEJF  +   361d ago
they just ANNOUNCED GUNDAM!!! /\/\
theRell  +   362d ago
A reliable source says games will be announced at a conference. Only I see that as funny.
Abriael  +   362d ago
Tokyo Game Show = Not a conference.
theRell  +   362d ago
Call it what you want, still isn't news worthy.
Gamble20  +   361d ago
Doesn't that make it sound worse? "Insider says games will
Be announced at Tokyo GAME Show..."
OUROSMAG  +   362d ago
There is another conference on the 17th.
gokuking  +   361d ago
That is for the rest of Asia. Last year they held one too. It was just announcing game localizations in Korean, Chinese, etc. I wouldn't expect new games there.
Darkfist  +   362d ago
Abriael  +   362d ago
"Unfortunately, when asked if one of those new announcements will be about The Last Guardian, the answer was predictably negative."
ShadowWolf712  +   362d ago
They said Vita wouldn't get much focus either and yet...
jznrpg  +   361d ago
They also said themes weren't coming in 2.0 update
BitbyDeath  +   362d ago
Don't think you have to be an insider to make that prediction.
imt558  +   362d ago
Well, a few days before TGS ( on Sep. 17th - http://www.dualshockers.com... Sony will have a conference. Maybe there will announce new games. And new games also @TGS. Nice!

We will see soon.:)
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gokuking  +   361d ago
I wouldn't expect new game announcements from that presentation. It's aimed at the non-Japan regions of Asia. You'll see localizations in Korean, Chinese, etc. and local specific hardware news. They held the same kind of presentation last year.
BG11579  +   362d ago
Wait, with all the annoucements yesterday, I though that TGS had started yesterday.
MasterCornholio  +   362d ago
I thought so as well.

But you know what they say?

-puts in blue cape-


-kicks haters into well-
cell989  +   361d ago
Yeah I was under the impression that was TGS all those game announcements, and most were full fledged AAA games
Tetsdah  +   362d ago
Wow, even more announcements. Damn Sony is pulling strong and showing people that they always start slow, but once they start in motion, they accelerate to insane speeds. I hope this is the signal they're trying to revive Japanese console gaming and bringing much of the goodness here. Sony is swinging hard boy...
MSBAUSTX  +   361d ago
so many different athletic metaphors. I think you are saying Sony is doing a good job. Not sure though
Scark92  +   362d ago
Regardless, Sony really wants my money... xD
They are doing a good job securing it.
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jay2  +   362d ago
no brainer
5eriously  +   362d ago
Bring it on Sony. The more the better, smother the opposition!
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gokuking  +   361d ago
Sony can't "smother" iOS/Android. That's impossible. Sony won't "smother" 3DS because they don't like Vita. There isn't a competition between them and Microsoft in Japan because Microsoft doesn't care, and Nintendo is doing its own thing.
novurdim  +   361d ago
In the end the only one who loses is vita.
sanosukegtr123  +   362d ago
Just keep it coming.
Lilrizky  +   362d ago
You got to give it to Shinobi though. Everything he was saying leading up to E3 was true. horizon 2, master chief collection, bloodborne.. i sort of trust this guy, moreso than tidux
elninels  +   361d ago
Waaay more than tidux.

Either way we need relax on whatever any insider says. Their information may have been right, however these conferences are fluid and the content of one's showcase can change at a moments notice.
gokuking  +   361d ago
Tidux isn't legit. He said there would be Vita love at Gamescom. Vita was mentioned twice during that entire presentation and one of those times was it losing an exclusive.
Lilrizky  +   361d ago
Yeah i totally agree.

Shinobi is very careful in what he says though

But yes as you said, publishers can change their minds if they wish
DualWielding  +   362d ago
I really have no idea how could they top yesterday's show, they are more likely to screw up it up by coming with something more similar to E3 or Gamescon than yeserday's show
ShadowWolf712  +   362d ago
They already covered that stuff at the beginning of that show. Nor were those screw-ups.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   362d ago
There really was nothing for me to make me say WOW! Still waiting for the big announcements...
breakpad  +   362d ago
come on some good capcom games pls.....Mons Hun for Vita , dragons dogma 2 ,REsi 7 ,
HentaiMasterRace  +   361d ago
MSBAUSTX  +   361d ago
Monster Hunter for Vita would be cool. But with it releasing for 3DS next year and around the same time that new 3DS comes out, it probably will be a while before there is a Vita version.
Killzoner99  +   361d ago
How does Sony expect us to keep up with all this Greatness? Not that I'm complaining ,
reko  +   361d ago
Good Good... 😈
snarls200  +   361d ago
what was announced yesterday?
BitbyDeath  +   361d ago
44 games were shown, some of the big announcements included Disgaea 5, God Eater 2, Dragon Quest Heroes, Gundam, Earth Defense Force, and Persona 5.

Probably others big ones too but they stood out for me.
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S2Killinit  +   361d ago
Shenmue or Last Guardian, would blow me away.
pswilliams986  +   361d ago
I don't think they would have a separate conference and not show anything at all. It costs money for them to hold a press conference.

I think we'll see many of the games we already seen at Gamescom and E3 though. It will be the first time they were really pushed towards a Japanese audience. Yesterday games like Destiny, Assassin's Creed Unity, The Witcher 3, and Far Cry 4 were shown, so in their second conference I imagine they would show stuff like Dying Light, Batman Arkham Knight,Mortal Kombat X, Battlefield: Hardline, GTA V for PS4, Tekken 7 and The Evil Within. The first five games are ones that seem to be being marketed with Sony branding and are important tools to Sony at the moment. The remaining two are games that Japan is very interested in. The Evil Within is the most preordered PS4 game in Japan IIRC and Tekken is still a huge franchise.

Hopefully Square Enix will show Final Fantasy XV at least, possibly Kingdom Hearts 3 as well. Given that game's history of delays they really need to keep us updated on them.

If there are any new game announcements I could see them coming from WWS.
- Gran Turismo 7 is already confirmed and will most likely come out by holiday 2015, so maybe they can give it an official reveal
- TLG won't be shown
- Gravity Rush 2 was pretty much revealed last year. I think it will be on PS4 since TearAway and God Eater both moved to PS4
- Level-5 is rumored to be making a PS4 game. Since Sony recently renewed the Dark Chronicle trademark, it may be that
novurdim  +   361d ago
God Eater didn't move to PS4, it became multiplat, learn the difference. And Tearaway is a simple port with some glossing.
When many people repeat stupid nonsense enough times, it may become true. So I'd really like those people to stop spouting idiocy about GR2 before it's officially announced.
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DevilishSix  +   361d ago
Tearaway is not a simple port go do some research before you put the other foot in your mouth as well.
novurdim  +   361d ago
@DevilishSix I did, that's why I said with some glossing.
Twiggy  +   361d ago
Final Fantasy 15 release date please.
gokuking  +   361d ago
I guess it's time for them to take the ultimate poop on Vita owners and announce Gravity Rush's sequel ... exclusively for PS4. Sigh ...
CuddlyREDRUM  +   361d ago
More message board news from Dualshockers.
Kingdomcome247  +   361d ago
Sony is just putting their head down, and giving it to the opposition. The only thing I'm missing from Sony this gen is Kevin Butler.
Nicominoru  +   361d ago
So many titles I'd like to hear confirmed at TGS, Sony's last conference in Japan has really wet my appetite it felt like the console released all over again lol. There was a rumor going around about Devil May Cry 5 lol now I really doubt it, but it feels good to be able to speculate about what games could potentially be coming again and not have to worry about mentioning Ubisoft, EA or Activision in that same sentence. Gaming doesn't feel right without japan on board.
scottieleverne  +   361d ago
Rumor: More games for a gaming console. Not exactly a stretch.
Orionsangel  +   361d ago
The Last Guardian! I don't care either what was announced either. Corporations lie!
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eraisu  +   361d ago
MonHun 5 or valkyria Chronicles 4, i can die from happines on the spot

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