Rumor: More Game Announcements Coming For Sony Consoles at Tokyo Game Show

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment hit heavily with plenty game announcements at its pre-Tokyo Game Show game conference, and many are wondering if there’s more to come.

According to industry insider Shinobi602 who has always been definitely reliable with what his sources tell him, there’s more to come at Tokyo Game Show proper for Sony’s consoles.

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Hellsvacancy756d ago

There's still hope for Ni No Kuni 2

Abriael756d ago

I can say I would love that, even if I don't know who would do the art, since Studio Ghibli is on hiatus.

DarkOcelet756d ago

Studio Ghibli are awesome , i hope we get a dark themed game from them someday . Their movies are unbelievably beautiful .

vishmarx756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

first 2 diff cons and now needs to stahp.
at least give the competition a chance, youre destroying them
and we still have the godzilla sized announcement at tgs,if anyone remembers the tease from the famitsu guy

abzdiine756d ago

we still haven't seen level 5 and japan studio games i am sure they are making more than just bloodborne.. or did i miss an episode?

they aren't gonna hold a conference to say the same things.. there will obviously be a few surprises, but not many given how massive yesterday's conference was!

LightDiego756d ago

Ni no Kuni 2 or a new game from Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, or both, we need more games from this partnership.

theRell756d ago

A reliable source says games will be announced at a conference. Only I see that as funny.

Abriael756d ago

Tokyo Game Show = Not a conference.

theRell756d ago

Call it what you want, still isn't news worthy.

Gamble20756d ago

Doesn't that make it sound worse? "Insider says games will
Be announced at Tokyo GAME Show..."

OUROSMAG756d ago

There is another conference on the 17th.

gokuking756d ago

That is for the rest of Asia. Last year they held one too. It was just announcing game localizations in Korean, Chinese, etc. I wouldn't expect new games there.

Abriael756d ago

"Unfortunately, when asked if one of those new announcements will be about The Last Guardian, the answer was predictably negative."

ShadowWolf712756d ago

They said Vita wouldn't get much focus either and yet...

jznrpg756d ago

They also said themes weren't coming in 2.0 update

BitbyDeath756d ago

Don't think you have to be an insider to make that prediction.

imt558756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

Well, a few days before TGS ( on Sep. 17th - Sony will have a conference. Maybe there will announce new games. And new games also @TGS. Nice!

We will see soon.:)

gokuking756d ago

I wouldn't expect new game announcements from that presentation. It's aimed at the non-Japan regions of Asia. You'll see localizations in Korean, Chinese, etc. and local specific hardware news. They held the same kind of presentation last year.

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The story is too old to be commented.