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PS4 System Software Update 1.76 Released Today, Improves System Stability

"Sony’s PlayStation 4 has just received another update, that once again promises to add a tad more stability to some features available on the consoles. This time the update is a bit heavy, having almost 200 MB — so we can expect for some real improvements." (PS4, Tag Invalid)

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Am-No-Hero  +   362d ago
its ok

waiting for 1.80 then 2.00

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globeofgamers  +   362d ago
I think everyone is waiting for 2.00! :) Can't wait to have custom themes, instead of the boring blue standard one.
Vitalogy  +   362d ago
Yeah I like blue but after a long time it gets annoying watching at the same thing over and over.

Also, I don't get all these "system stability improvements" via Fw updates. Don't get me wrong I'm all in for having a stable system but in my view its weird all these updates, why don't the system stability get fixed with one update only?
_NotoriousJaee  +   362d ago
just want my friends list to load :(
arkard  +   362d ago
@vitalogy these are things like discovered backdoor that make the system vulnerable to hackers, or when they discover a way to lessen the UI demand on system resources. They release multiple because they fix them as they come, if they waited to launch one big one they would never release it.
SolidStoner  +   362d ago
I would like to see registration updates.. Many countries still dont have even a basic country flag option.. we have to use fake accounts, with fake everything.. and I live in Europe.. (all Baltics have no support from Sony..) and list goes on..
ramiuk1  +   362d ago
more interested in folders to declutter my dash so i could see the background
Patrick_pk44  +   362d ago
@Vitalogy Because there is always more room for improvement. Developers claim they max out the power of a console, but then through further researching they uncover more, this is the same thing.
donthate  +   362d ago
Another great feature, stability!

Obviously there hasn't been a major stability issue, so why keep rolling out unnecessary updates.

I am itching for something new as this is getting stale.
guitarded77  +   362d ago
2.0 or GTFO!!!
DVAcme  +   362d ago
@Vitalogy My guess is that each update improves stability as new games are added, since new games will add new data the system needs to process, and game patches might fix features within the game but not without. Also, features like PSN and Playstation Now also use system resources in ways that can affect stability. The fact that the system also disallows network features until new updates are added also makes me think there's anti-piracy measures involved too.

Personally, I'm glad we get updates so often and in such an unobtrussive way, and my PS4's been running top notch since the day I bought it.
Summons75  +   362d ago
When is video playback via external hard drives coming? I remember seeing soon but I Dont know when.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   362d ago
When Sony cares. Can be from now until half a year later or beyond. Remember how long it took them to add wireless headset support after their announcement they would include it "soon"?
Loktai  +   362d ago
It seems right now they have a focus on specific gaming stability and focusing on it as a gaming machine first and a media playback device second.
Death  +   362d ago
System stability has been in progress for close to a year now. Media playback in both consoles should have shipped day 1. Nothing needed to be redone, it worked perfectly fine on the PS3 and 360. Saying they are focused on gaming first is getting old. Both systems should have been stable and had the same feature set from last gen before launch.
dantesparda  +   362d ago
I agree with Death
Muzikguy  +   362d ago
I like updates. I hope 2.0 isn't too far off!
FanboyKilla  +   362d ago
Lmfao another update that i cant see or feel. Looks good on n4g though. Smh
reko  +   362d ago
how do you feel an update? what a dumbass lol
Remy_Chaos  +   362d ago
You see this is why you have one bubble... because of stupid comments like these.

(edit - not aimed at you reko)
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system22  +   361d ago
Pretend this is a situation where you aren't being a dick and think of ways you could " feel" an update... Maybe in more of a less literal sense since your apparently smart enough to understand somebody alluding to something beyond its literal interpretation. Performance is one of those things... You "feel" a performance increase. Things can "feel" faster or slower. The UI/nav can "feel" more or less intuitive.
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VealParmHero  +   362d ago
i just want those dynamic themes
system22  +   361d ago
Those definitely piqued my interest. Very clever.
Killzoner99  +   362d ago
Sonys giving us everything we're asking for. Games and security. This shows that they are listening and they're nailing it.
Gamer1982  +   362d ago
Why not just work on 2.00 more than these smaller increments and get it out sooner?? Would make more sense. It's like advertising your sequel for your game with an enhanced engine etc then releasing your game. People want the sequel.
KwietStorm  +   362d ago
Alternatively, why not lay the ground work first, when you have a big new floor being built, rather than throw it on top, just because people want it.
Death  +   362d ago
Alternatively, they shipped the roof and are sending 2x4's monthly to help prop it up off the floor.

I don't see anyone asking for something crazy, just the features that worked will for the past 5-7 years. You know, the things people expected on day 1. I don't understand the apologists that make it sound like media playback is some crazy cutting edge technology and all the focus has been on turning a console into a gaming device which has never been done before now.

To all of you that say "the focus is on gaming", we get it. What you are missing is gaming was established in the 70's. We are past that now and want to see out shiny new $400-$500 consoles atleast do what they did since the mid 2000's.
KwietStorm  +   362d ago

I'm only referring to 2.0, in response to Gamer1982. You're preaching to the choir.
JetsFool3500  +   362d ago
No because if they rush it it'll come out buggy then you'll be b*tchin how the patch made the ps4 laggy & buggy
TimeSkipLuffy  +   362d ago
It is not unusual that even smaller updates from Sony can cause quite some trouble here and there from time to time...
kneon  +   362d ago
On large software projects it's often the case that the people doing the maintenance are not the same people that develop new features. So they can do both.
Agent_hitman  +   362d ago
Is there a chance that Sony would release a firmware that could max the clockspeed of the PS4 from 1.7 to 2.75Ghz?, I believe that's the max clock of the Jaguar CPU based on A10 architecture.. I can only hope.. We have long way to go before the current gen ends.. Just like X360 and Ps3.
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lemoncake  +   362d ago
The box doesn't have the cooling for such a speed increase.
Loktai  +   362d ago
Very true, but maybe....Maybe something slight. I Dont think anyone would notice much difference anyway.

The PS4 has a separate chip that it uses while streaming or recording game video and correct me if Im wrong but stuff like music unlimited in the background/integrated into the dashboard also uses that 256mb of memory and the small processor. This may be why they can get the same or better results out of a CPU that has a maximum clock that is slightly lower (as far as we know). Of course that could change with a firmware update and they may never even TELL us given that they've never said much else for sure.
Loktai  +   362d ago
Sorry, I Meant 256megabits when I Said, not 256 megabytes. Just to be clear.
ScottyHoss  +   362d ago

It's a great idea and all, but I don't think devs would want to optimize for both unless demand kicks up for higher quality at the mid/end of the generation.
purp13m0nk3y  +   362d ago
That is completely irrelevant. The CPU cores clock dynamically, dependent on load (both thermal and computational) and can achieve much higher peak speeds than 1.6 or even 2ghz.

Developers need to balance efficient use of available computational throughput while still staying within the envelope of thermal load the PS4 is capable of disapating.

Some tasks are better suited to multicore processing while other tasks are better suited to a single core. Obviously the single core processes will benefit greatly from a increase in clock speed while multi threaded processes, not as much.

Therefore the PS4 will be constantly adjusting the clocks of each core to suit the task being processed, this happens dynamically, possibly hundreds of times a second.

No one (not even MS and Sony) have been forthcoming with information on peak theoretical clock speeds. And honestly it's actually kind of irrelevant if trying to compare performance of each system. As peak theoretical clocks are never maintain for long periods.
C-H-E-F  +   362d ago
I believe the system will be fully unlocked around year 5/6 like the playstation 3
neoandrew  +   362d ago
You are wrong, ps4 cpu is at 1.6, m$ has set it in xone at 1.75.

But if m$ can, sony can too, i think both consoles can use 2 ghz in future, probably they will release more ram for games in time.
SSJBen  +   362d ago
You understand that the Xbone has significantly beefier cooling than the PS4, right?

175mhz isn't going to help performance much, so why bother?

Also, none of this should matter to you gamers either.
Ravenor  +   362d ago
It doesn't work that way, these consoles are designed for a very specific thermal load. Fan speeds, vent placement, noise generation, these are all decisions that get made during the design process and they are all in service of cooling.

Microsoft has not increased the clockspeed of the Xbox One, you're referring to either the Kinect 10% which is GPU resources or the pre release bump for the CPU and GPU which was likely within their parameters for heat and noise. There is a reason that the power supply is separate on the Xbox One, they didn't do that just to annoy you.

Microsoft and Sony will never release "More Ram" neither console has a external slot and neither company is crazy enough to fracture their userbases that way.
neoandrew  +   361d ago

Nope, you are wrong, the same cpu that is clocked higher is better, maybe not much, depends on optimization, but, 1.75 is ALWAYS > 1.6.

So YES, it helps in performance, but not in resolution which is shader performance dependent and ps4 gpu is 50% more powerful.

But again, a weak pc cpu has 2 cores, but clocked 3,2 ghz, there are also powerful 4 core cpus with 3,2ghz or more and guest what, they work on box cooling, they are quiet.

Also the next gen consoles, doesn't require much less power than a good pc (not ultra one)

So it is a complete joke that they used 1,6 ghz CPU core...
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Chris_GTR1  +   362d ago
either way cpu doesnt matter for games , its the gpu that does the work
_NotoriousJaee  +   362d ago
if the optimization is correct.
Death  +   362d ago
That's like saying it doesn't matter how smart someone is as long as they are pretty.

Both consoles use an APU which combines the CPU and GPU into a single chip. They are also sharing memory which enables the GPU to take on some CPU functions. If the GPU was all you needed you would have incredibly pretty onscreen characters that couldn't move and had no A.I.
neoandrew  +   361d ago
Complete BS, if that were true, why they bothered with 8 core cpu, if cpu doesn't matter in games, then why not use a 2 core cpu, lol...
mochachino  +   362d ago
Some games already get the fans working pretty hard.
ramiuk1  +   362d ago
would need extra cooling imo and i think i read that to change clock speed higher it would pull to many watts and they would need a different type of power plug as would need a transformer psu like a pc to up the wattage i think i read.

link here
ipach  +   362d ago
that's a turbo clock that probably requires 3 of the 4 cores (per module) to be unused to spread the heat. i wouldn't be surprised if the ps4 (and xbox one) is already doing this actually.
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purp13m0nk3y  +   362d ago
Exactly. The clock speeds of these CPU's (based on bulldozer cores) are dynamic and constantly being adjusted based on thermal and computational load.

The numbers that Sony and MS bandy around (1.6ghz vs 1.75ghz ect) just PR fluff, and ultimately irrelevant.
BitbyDeath  +   362d ago
Probably for Destiny

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WildArmed  +   362d ago
Hope so, last thing anyone wants is stability issues with one of 2014's biggest game.

But still, Sony sure knows how to kill any support / hype behind their firmware upgrades.

You get 1 good one and then a dozen "unknowns". .
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Shazz  +   362d ago
Why they cant and haven't already added in friend notifications in these smaller stability updates baffles me, next gen and can even see who's coming on and off online.
BitbyDeath  +   362d ago
I hated that feature, hopefully it'll be optional if they include it again.
Moe-Gunz  +   362d ago
Hated this feature too. Most of the people I didn't care about. If we can customize it to alert us of certain people that will be better.
WildArmed  +   362d ago
I would love it if we could put it that way. I used it because I had about 10 friends I played w/ often, but because of those 10, you get 90 other people giving notifications when you could care less if they are online at this moment :O
vastolorde666  +   362d ago
After updating my system today I'll try to topple it while standing it on the edge of the tv stand..I'm pretty sure it won't fall after so many system stability updates.If it does I'll be suing sony for false information and getting the white destiny bundle....
On a serious note..sony keep up the good work and keep rolling up more updates with features asked by community rather than the one's you fill needed...give the community what they ask you and implement your ideas little by little..this way people will be happy to even support your new ideas...i know a bunch of dudes who curse each update since they dnt get their much awaited mp3 or dlna support..
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   362d ago
I wouldn't mind a dynamic Destiny theme.
WildArmed  +   362d ago
It'd be cool if they do a free one right on the day it releases. Just doing some free PR for bungie, they did get some exclusive content after all.
pornflakes  +   362d ago
The PS4 OS is really fast right now. You switch from game to the menu within one second.

I hope that dynamic themes wont cause drop in the speed.

Since i was an xbox and ps3 owner last gen i was really afraid of the OS but now i can say GZ to Sony, compared to the p3 ultra slow os/ synchronisation and so on, the ps4 is a huge step forward.
MasterCornholio  +   362d ago
When did you get a PS4?

I remember that in the past you constantly trashed the system.

Why the change of heart?

I'm just shocked that you said something positive about the system because you used to troll the PS4 nonstop like Lifeisgameok, Greenpowerz, Georgeenoob, TheKayle, Truefan1 and KNWS.


I agree with you that the OS is really fast. I was playing P.T last night and I was using a guide to help me beat it. I was amazed at how easy it was to switch from the browser and back to the game. I can't beat the dang demo though.
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iSuperSaiyanGod  +   362d ago
@master people & comments like yours right there is why there's so much arguments & drama in the comment are . Sometime let things go js
Ravenor  +   362d ago
He's trying to sniff out all the unbelievers, testing their resolve with his holy fire.
k3rn3ll  +   362d ago
Stability update? You don't say
endzeitkind  +   362d ago
i wont use dynamic theme even if the power for the menu is reserved.
Hanuman  +   362d ago
Lol, why?
WildArmed  +   362d ago
One of the reasons why my PS3 is still on default, saves on loading times. The XMB is still horribly slow, but what can you do?
LANCISTIG  +   362d ago
There is a dinamic theme if you buy destiny on ps3 digital version xD
TimeSkipLuffy  +   362d ago
I wish Sony would do a poll every three month about what should be included in the next big system update. That would reflect what most gamers want to see on their PS4.
WildArmed  +   362d ago
They kinda do already have that:

Sony knows what we want, it's just seeing how BADLY we want it.

We got some of the things from the Share Blog passed too though, they used to have a section that showed which ones were actually acted on. I can't seem to find it anymore.
welly300  +   362d ago
Just want my ps4 to do what my ps3 can do.
one2thr  +   362d ago
But the PS3, "It only does everything"
bobdog626  +   362d ago
Hey just pick up a ps4 last nite I transferred my psn plus account but lost all my downloads on my ps3 is there a way 2 get it back very sad if not
OUROSMAG  +   362d ago
Any and everything you downloaded is in your account, but you won't see your PS3 DL on your PS4.
Dark_Overlord  +   362d ago
Did you try viewing your download list on the PS4? It will only show items valid for the PS4, you should still have your full DL list when you access your PS3 :)

Though at times I will admit I've had to log in to the PSN online store via PC and click 'Download to PS4' to get it to recognise I've brought certain games :/
mixelon  +   362d ago
Did you think the ps4 had any amount of backwards compatibility? The only downloads that will work are ones with cross-buy.. Which might well be none of them depending on your collection. :(
onyoursistersback  +   362d ago
Ya agree with Dark_Lord. Your purchase/download history is found there. When I got my PS4 I though I lost my purchase movie list. And they are there in your PSN purchase history.

I just hope Sony makes an update where I "CAN" install my movies to my hard drive. And not just steam them off there store. I plan on buying a second PS4 to install most my games list/movies in its hard drive. And take it to Mexico, where I have less Internet access.
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bobdog626  +   362d ago
Thanks guys I will check this out we got Bf4 The last of us Cod Transformer moon and more all on harddrive on ps3 I hope it all transferable I hope
Ravenor  +   362d ago
....They just explained that PS3 versions of games will NOT run on the PS4. They won't be transferable or downloadable, you will need your PS3 to run them. Unless you mean you lost the downloads on your PS3, but that's only really an issue if you've reached your max for activated devices...not even sure if they have that limit anymore.

I dunno I think my hunch about you thinking they were compatible is correct, they aren't.
WildArmed  +   362d ago
Your PS4 activation is separate from your PS3. You don't need to deactivate your PS3 to activate your PS4.

Keep both of them active, you can check your download list from here as well:

Sly-Lupin  +   362d ago
An update that does nothing.
That comes while my WLAN is being ornery.
194mb patch with an ETA of 16 hours.
And I'm paying for 15mbps d/l.

Fuck you, Mediacom.
pyrocloud7  +   362d ago
Snake how's your PS4 stability? "Solid"
RevXM  +   362d ago
Making Ps4 ready for the 2.0.
It is going to be good. Keep at it Sony. Ps4 still has some catching up after 2.0, but it is a decent step forward.
WildArmed  +   362d ago
An optimistic outlook on these stability updates, one that I should adopt. :)
smellslikeralph  +   362d ago
I'd rather have Sony put out a couple smaller stability patches first then just toss outa huge update without really laying the groundwork first..

I'd hate to have them throw out a big update that is buggy or just screws everything up
crs353  +   362d ago
Keep them coming!
incendy35  +   362d ago
Pretty exciting stuff here Sony! :|
ReLLiK  +   362d ago
Is anyone else having problems with Live from Playstation? Every time I try to stream a game for my friend to watch he says it freezes his playstation and he has to restart it. He said whenever he clicks on live from playstation none of the videos will load for him and then his system is totally unresponsive. It used to work for him, but now it does this. Hopefully some of these stability updates fix his issue.
Pricey  +   362d ago
Just installed, and things seem even smoother than before. This interface is seriously fast now, just need to organise my games easier.

Its not rose tinted glasses when I say if you build on crap you get crap. Continuous improvement of existing features is as important as new ones.
extravalue  +   362d ago
another stability update
Pricey  +   362d ago
well done, have a cookie
DEISELDOG83  +   362d ago
I personally believe that PS4 should have a flash drive so we are not (missing plugin)
Father__Merrin  +   362d ago
Tell you what.......

why can't you view your trophies offline? just simple things like this needs fixing
WildArmed  +   362d ago
Not to mention that while your PS3 bothers to update your trophies w/ PS+, PS4 is like nahh.. I'll be on Standby 24/7 but you better manually update yo trophies.
hcg4m3  +   362d ago
system stability... uh-huh

and still cannot see trophies offline... is it so hard to do for you, sony?
kx11  +   362d ago
does it decrease the aliasing in every PS4 game ?!

CaptainCamper  +   362d ago
Sony. If you could please be quick and make the PS4 able to do all the things the PS2 could do, that'd be fabulous.

Media streaming pl0x!
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   362d ago
still waiting for an option to turn off and on my mic... it's silly having to make a party chat just because i don't want to unplug my ps eye every single time :/
NeoGamer232  +   362d ago
Yawn. Another stability update...
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