Russian Nintendo Site Says Nintendo Direct Possibly Coming Tomorrow

Russian Wii U website claims that they have insider information that a Nintendo Direct may air tomorrow evening. The site believes that it’s related to the new Nintendo 3DS XL which was unveiled last Friday. However, we do know that the device won’t be coming to the west until sometime next year.

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Metallox1390d ago

I don't believe it. Nintendo would have announced the Direct a bunch of days ago.

Big_Game_Hunters1390d ago

They've had directs announced hours before, not to mention the site says the direct will be announced tomorrow not that it will happen tomorrow.

DryBoneKoopa851390d ago

Read it again bud, the header says it will air tomorrow evening.

We will see. I hope so. Nintendo might clear up any missinterpitation that fans might of had in the Japan direct. Who knows we could get a new game announcement out of this as well.

I'm sure this is also to talk about the holiday launch lineup and Amiibo.

Dubaman1389d ago

Something is coming and what's really surprising is that it's about Bayonetta 2.

Drithe1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Putin for President! At least he will let his imaginary son play football, unlike that wussy Obama!

smashs1389d ago

Lol Usain people disagreeing, not surprised since living in a small buble.

ZeekQuattro1390d ago

I've read elsewhere that it is simply saying a Direct might be announced not that one will air.

HentaiMasterRace1390d ago

In mother russia, Nintendo direct you.

wonderfulmonkeyman1389d ago

If one does happen, it'll probably be another Smash direct.
We're coming up on the release date of Smash in Japan; there's certain to be one last big blowout of all the rest of the information they're willing to give on the game before it launches, during this month.

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