More Details On Red Hood and Robin in Arkham Knight

Though the promotional material so far has given us a good idea of what Red Hood will look like in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game, we can now be certain after Amazon have began listing Mattel action figures for the characters in their video-game likenesses. We also get the first proper look at Robin.

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Killzoner991296d ago

The Red Hood is the Joker in the comics so I bet they go in a similar direction with the game.

wscarborough141296d ago

Naw, *spoiler* Joker is dead. They'll probably introduce Jason Todd in this one.

CorndogBurglar1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

The Joker was the Red Hood BEFORE he became the Joker. Jason Todd (the 2nd Robin) is Red Hood now.

In fact, Joker has made fun of the way the new Red Hood's costume looks, saying that when he wore it, it was classy, more like a "flashy maitre'd than motorcycle fetish". I doubt he would stoop to that level when he so clearly feels like his version was superior.

Also, Joker is dead. I do have a feeling that his clone will be Arkham Knight though. Or some kind of hybrid created from Joker and Batman's DNA, considering Cadmus Labs was in the expansion.

wscarborough141296d ago

I knew that Joker was Red Hood, but Jason was Red Hood after him. Because Joker is dead, it has to be Jason.

hkgamer1296d ago

not a comic book fan or reader but watching the cartoon, i do like the idea of red hood being jason instead of joker.