Is League Of Legends Trying To Shed Its Comic Book-Style Skin?

For a long time now Riot's been introducing reskins for lots of old characters to freshen up gameplay and take the graphical image of an average League of Legends game to a new level. It's been done with lots of champions like Twitch and Karthus and Heimerdinger, and if you take the time to notice it, there's also a major quality difference between Riot's latest skins and its old ones, the question being proposed here is that, is Riot trying to bring better game up against Dota 2 and Strife, or is it just making better use of its extra income

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The "art" of the game is improving quite a bit, im very happy about that :)

Ol_Boy1141d ago

I'm liking the direction the art style is heading. Looks better in my opinion.

DiscoKid1141d ago

Comic book style? The old models were just outdated textures.