Gundam on PS4: Here’s The First Teaser Trailer Bringing Japan’s Most Beloved Mecha to Sony’s Console

This morning during Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia’s press conference Namco Bandai announced that a new Gundam Game will make its debut on PS4 in 2015.

While no further details were provided, a teaser trailer was shown.

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Enemy1031d ago

THIS will sell PS4s in Japan.

Godmars2901031d ago

Depending on what it actually is. Cause I doubt Gundam: Target in Sight moved many PS3s on launch day.

Dragon Warrior Heroes will do more good for the PS4.

Deadpool6161031d ago

I'd much rather forget Gundam: Target in Sight. That game was a step down from the great Gundam games in the Ps2 era.

pwnsause_returns1031d ago

oh gawd...dont even mention that game...

TBONEJF1030d ago

IT'S A GUNDAM ON PS4!!! AHHHHH! EXPLODES with sales!! haven't played Gundam since ON THE PS2

LeCreuset1031d ago

Import time. Unless they localize it... Bwahaha!

Nitrowolf21030d ago

lol doubt they will Localize it. They have a tendency not to localize a lot of gundam games now, unless it's a dynasty version

LeCreuset1030d ago

I know, buddy. I know. :(

Tony-Red-Grave1030d ago

I would name my first born exia if they localised Gundam VS full burst or Gundam battle operation.

elazz1031d ago

It will not end. And to be thinking that Sony hasn't showed their Japanese games yet (not until the 17th of September)

DemonChicken1031d ago

Awesome! Import day one, always had a thing for these games.

Now announce a macross game and I will $h!t bricks

Godmars2901030d ago

You'll likely have to import it.

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The story is too old to be commented.