UK was supposed to have 2 million PS3s in 2006?

UK retailer spills Sony's promises before the European Delay.... Even before the Blu-Ray drive problems, this was a very strange goal...

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rjkc4289d ago

mean come may i thought it will be out in march in the uk

THWIP4289d ago

When you're Sony, the international calendar ceases to exist. As far as THEY'RE concerned, the PS3 hasn't even been DELAYED in Europe....or AT ALL.

super bill4289d ago

us europeans dont want that keep delaying it sony nobody trusts you anymore.

rjkc4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

for yourself i cant wait to get it and i am from the uk and i know of people for flew to the states to buy it in fact 360 has only sold 2 million in the whole of europe so alot people in europe want it

THWIP4289d ago

...Europeans are pretty stupid. :o

rjkc4289d ago

saying americans are the people thats only is really buying the 360 if they hope to do much better they would have to match sony in japan and europe