Fallout 3 Gamer Kills Everything In The Entire Game

Starting back in January 19th it has taken almost nine months for this to be completed. The video series has been posted to Many A True Nerds YouTube channel. The basic idea is in the title, starting from the very start of the game, the goal is to kill everything in the entire game!

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Hellsvacancy1178d ago

I hope Fallout 3 gets remastered, I would love to play it again, I couldn't handle the loading screens again on the PS3

DoomeDx1178d ago

Buy it for the PC if you have one. Mods will extend the games long activity by a billion times. Just like it did for me with Skyrim. No need for remasters when it comes to Bethesda.

Roccetarius1178d ago

If you take a look at the mods people have made, it's well beyond what Bethesa could think of.

Hellsvacancy1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

My laptop isn't powerful enough dude otherwise I would of done that years ago

There's tons of unwanted remasters being made, how about a remaster I want?

Can't wait for Fallout 4 but I think it at least 2 years away, i'll be happy playing a remastered version of Fallout 3 until then

nX1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Agree, I loved F3 at it's time but I hope they don't remaster it with that choppy gameplay and the tons of bugs but instead just focus on Fallout 4 instead.
I you want to play a remastered F3 simply get the cheap PC version, all unofficial patches and 10 of the best mods and you're set.

DarkOcelet1178d ago

How about we just get Fallout 4 ? Wouldnt that be better .

GarrusVakarian1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )


Roccetarius1178d ago

Fallout 4 with an engine that's actually new? That's too much to hope for. :P

mt1178d ago

I don't understand why people ask for the same game and not new game.

Magicite1178d ago

Bethesda games are to be played on PC, fact (but only after numerous patches and fixes.)

Mr Tretton1177d ago

With PC, everything gets remastered when you do an upgrade. :)

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scark921178d ago

I always wanted to do this in a Bethesda game! xD

Hanuman1178d ago

The Fallout from the nuke I detonated with Mr.Tenpenny should have killed most of the NPC's by now..

Father__Merrin1178d ago

loved FO 3 amd NV

simply amazing titles, I've got NV on pc now my god it's a world better than ps360 versions. 60fps also

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