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Submitted by incognito248 454d ago | opinion piece

All of My Favourite PS4 Games are Ports and Remasters

2013’s best games are 2014’s finest so far too. (Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition)

NatureOfLogic_  +   454d ago
Starting this month there's nothing but quality realeases until end of 2015 that we know of so far. Give it time. More interesting looking games are coming.
Scark92  +   454d ago
In my opinion, the PS4 launch line up is superior to that of PS2 and PS1 launch line ups arguably.
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C-H-E-F  +   453d ago
And ps3... Ps3 launch best game was def jam icon n stranglehold lol... There weren't any games on the ps3 until like year two/three I think people forget that. The ps4 by far has the best launch lineup for any console in the history of consoles imo.
joab777  +   454d ago
I don't have a problem w/ FF14, Diablo 3 and The Last of Us. I love them on my PS4.
miyamoto  +   454d ago
There is nothing wrong with remasters.
Like from cassette tapes to CD quality music. right?

I love high fidelity.

As a huge SNES gamer I was wowed with the Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger collections on PSOne and played the hell out of them again.
Remasters of SNES games like A link to the Past on GBA were awesome too.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were great surprises on PS3 as I was not able not play them on PS2.

Also, I loved the PS3 because of the Resident Evil remasters from the Wii because I did not have a Wii but I love RE games.
Isn't that great?

These remasters compel me to get the next gaming machines specially if the graphics are better and errors have been fixed and added bonus content.
ginsunuva  +   453d ago
What about a new game or a sequel where the graphics are also better?
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cyclindk  +   454d ago
I would have liked a Resistance-esque sci fi anlien shooter at launch, but overall much better than PS3 lineip at launch
incendy35  +   454d ago
Except Resogun, I love that game. Otherwise yeah, it is pretty sad.
TongkatAli  +   454d ago
I was playing Infamous Second Son today at my cousins house, not a port, fing awesome.
mayberry  +   454d ago
Too bad the writer doesn't like my personal fav on the PS4, Killzone SF is bad azz! It's not a port, it is designed and optimized for the PS4 and has "next-gen" graphics and performance to prove it too.
drpepperdude  +   454d ago
Infamous Second Son and The Last of Us were my top two. Most of the others I have played were indies which most of them are not that great in my opinion. Most indies look like classic games but fall way short in content and are repetitive after the first mission. Minecraft is on top of my indie list that interests me but it is not out yet on PS4. I'm sure Sony won't offer Minecraft on PS Plus even though all they offer these days are indies. I also played Watch Dogs which was kind of a disappointment much like Second Son was. Except Watch Dogs problem was the story and graphics while Second Son I only had a problem with the story.

I think the worst experience I have had with the PS4 is probably The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That is probably the biggest waste of money I have ever spent on a game and sense I have been buying all my games digital I am stuck with it. I swear this game looks like a PS2 game but in HD. Not only that it has the worst story I have ever experienced in a Spider-Man game so I didn't even finish it. I have read reviews that tried to say even though everything is bad it has great web swinging but I can't disagree more. It sucks really bad and why do they have to make it where it feels like you have lost your powers when their is not a building next to you and at a perfect height above you to web swing. Who cares about being realistic with how technically there has to be something for his web to attach to for him to web swing when he is a guy with magical spider powers. No joke there is nothing good about that game so don't buy it unless you just want to go check out Stan Lee in a comic book store.

Ok back on topic... I would gladly buy remakes for PS4 since developers don't know how to make good games anymore so why not play the great games of the past. But don't let most indie games fool you, though they look classic on the outside they are the same as this Spider-Man game on the inside.
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Dynasty2021  +   453d ago
I could have easily held off buying a PS4 until this month.

I have like 4 games.

Because PS4 has no games, and PS+ is a joke this year so far. I've downloaded one free game, Don't Starve.

Ooooooooh, the savings.

It's like £2 on Steam.
HanzoHattori  +   453d ago
There are 136 games currently available on the PlayStation 4. If the only games you find enjoyable are remakes and remasters, i'd say you seriously need to broaden your horizons.

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