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Submitted by Rearden 522d ago | news

DICE developer questions Ubisoft on “day one online multiplayer”

BF4Central: "Has DICE forgotten how awful the Battlefield 4 launch was?" (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Ubisoft, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

nX  +   522d ago
That's not the first time we see such unnecessary comments from DICE, they should just stfu and develop some good games instead of trolling other developers.
dcj0524  +   522d ago
They do.
CJDUNCAN  +   522d ago
*Make good games that actually work

BF3, MoH, MoH WF, BF4..yeah, let's not bring this up dice....
vallencer  +   522d ago

They didn't make MOH WF that was danger close. They also only made the multi player for MOH which was actually pretty solid. Battlefield 3 was playable when it launched even If the search for games function didn't work well. Their only game that's really had problems was battlefield 4 and I equate that to having to develop 4 games essentially. 2 last gen and 2 current gen. They really aren't a bad developer. In fact they are one of the best.
DeadRabbits  +   521d ago
They Did.
nX  +   521d ago
^Even if BF4 would've been playable at launch, the single player was mediocre and the launch MP maps were terrible. And don't forget that lots of people had their campaign progress reset a couple of times. The last DICE game I would call "great" was BFBC2, everything after that was a letdown. The point is, they are certainly not in the position to give out these kind of advices.
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LogicalReason   521d ago | Spam
famoussasjohn  +   521d ago
Normal DICE doesn't develop good games anymore.
DICE LA was left with a broken game and has been taking charge in fixing the game with CTE and actually implementing features the fans have wanted. I give props to DICE LA, not the actual DICE team that released the game.
dcj0524  +   521d ago
No. They do.Random Pinball and racing games, BF1942,Vietnam,2142,Bad Company,Mirror's Edge, 1943,Battlefield Heroes,Bad Company 2,Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. Only the the last 2 had significant bugs. At their current fixed state however they are "Good".
Kleptic  +   521d ago

but...Danger close is now Dice LA...and thats kind of why the notion of 'DICE' as any real development entity is pointless...

DICE is any given number of EA employees at any given time...big battlefield game coming?...about 300 or so employees all of a sudden are given new business cards...the game launches...and about 275 of them are then moved on to something else, and given new business cards again...

then a BF spin off?...not important enough to put the marketing term 'dice' on its labeled development is by another lesser known team...but don't fall for it...90% of the people behind the scenes are the same...its only the public figures with the team that get swapped around...

there is no 'dice' any more...EA doesn't work like that...
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XtraTrstrL  +   522d ago
I stopped caring about DICE when they went the COD route with BF3 and beyond. From starting to charge for map packs, to Premiums and force feeding us ads for nonstop $DLC$, they're idiots. The only reason I was starting to go to BF, starting with BC2 was because map packs were free and I knew I'd always have people to play with - BECAUSE THE COMMUNITY WOULDN'T BE SPLIT UP. I know it's gotta have been EA's decision, still though, corny. Cuz EA allows PvZ to give map packs free, and make money off other non-interruptive $DLC$. I stopped playing BF after 3 though, I don't want it to be like COD where after the 2nd map pack I can no longer find Kill Confirmed matches after 11pm+ because I chose to not pay a WOW-like subscription just to stay allowed in most competitive mp games.
ramiuk1  +   521d ago
how can they comment,they only just bf4 working right after 1st year almost
HumanatPlay  +   521d ago
Talking about rolling the "DICE"...*cricket applause*
Rimgal  +   522d ago
Dice has some balls talking about Ubisoft. We all remember Battlefield 4

So please Alan Kertz stop embarrassing yourself and stfu.
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princejb134  +   522d ago
Bf3 was buggy as hell also.
Is good bye to the battlefield franchise for me
Mikelarry  +   522d ago
of all the developers to to talk about deliver on day one online buhahahahaha. pot meet kettle
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Septic  +   522d ago
Lol day one? For about 3 + months since launch, BF4 was a mess.
Minute Man 721  +   522d ago
10 months later and it's still a mess
boing1  +   522d ago
They didn't forget how hard is to deliver working multiplayer on that scale, hence the comment.
Rebel_Scum  +   522d ago
My thoughts exactly.
Rebel_Scum  +   522d ago
lol at someone disagreeing they are my thoughts, exactly.
Legion21  +   521d ago
And people can disagree with your thoughts.
Rebel_Scum  +   522d ago
Article says: "Of all the game developers in the world, DICE should be the last ones to ever question another developer on day one multiplayer or on launch stability. "

I think DICE would be quite qualified to answer that question given issues they have encountered in the past. They would know full well how difficult it can be.
Septic  +   522d ago
True say. That is one way to look at it actually.
iceman06  +   522d ago
Actually, I was thinking the same thing. Not defending DICE and the way they handled BF4, but really looking at how difficult it's going to be to get the game up and running. This is yet another example of how social media can be perceived in different ways. Some might see it was trolling, while others see it as a genuine cause for concern.
jtenma  +   522d ago
This "article" blows things way out of proportion.

The guy simply says he is "worried" after mentioning he loved the game. He is obviously a worried fan.

On top of that, that is his personal twitter where he says "my thoughts are my own". How did this turn into a dice vs ubi article?
GreenUp  +   522d ago
It's been 308 days and the GD netcode still isn't fixed in Battlefield 4. DICE SE shouldn't even peep a word about anything online-video game related.
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daBUSHwhaka  +   522d ago
These guys at DICE should be taking a page out of other developers books.There a fu##ing embarrassment after the state of BF4.The game still smells of tramp pish.Worry about your own games in development and pray that some of the scars that you have left can heal with the gaming community.Moron.
mcarsehat  +   522d ago
It doesn't sound spiteful, it just sounds like a warning. "Hey, we never got day one online working properly. Watch out Ubisoft, remember what happened to us."

I hate Battlefield, always have but even i know he's warning them.

People are against it because Hardline isn't different enough to entertain them.
Harmonizer  +   522d ago
A person makes a personal Tweet and suddenly the internet rages over DICE asking Ubisoft (which never actually happened) if it can deliver?

Internet...Y U Do Dis ?
swishersweets20031  +   521d ago
Unprofessional ass hats at Dice. They should worry about their own POS of a game called Bf4 instead of wasting time on twitter.
mochachino  +   521d ago
Yeah BF4 had the second worst functioning online MP I've ever experienced. Half the time you couldn't even get online. Even today, I still get that can't connect to EA servers sometimes.

The worst online MP launch had to be Gears 2 though...I think it was so bad that it damaged the brand.
Bubbamilk  +   521d ago
Dice actually apologized. That's more than ubisoft has ever done.

Sure it took em 9 months but with me a little humility goes a long way. Oh and I just past 200 hours on BF 4 so buggy or not it was a really fun game. That's more time than I have put into every ubisoft game combined and I own a lot. I'd say dice is the only one that can say this cause ubisoft is the new EA, and the BF4 things was kinda blown out of proportion. I bought a ps4 at launch and before Christmas I was playing online with minimal issues.

So in the end I would gladly take a fun game that's a little glitchy over a bland rehash that is still glitchy. (Assassins creed 3) come on how could anyone defend ubisoft with that one? I actually didn't finish the game because I got stuck in a rock. In between a rock and a tree to be exact. It didn't stop there either. That game was strait up unfinished and it lacked the main reason that we play games. FUN. If it was fun I would have found a way out of that rock and finished the game
danny818  +   521d ago
lol bf4 is still broken
Speak_da_Truth  +   521d ago
LOL WTF??? is this shit??? You should ask yourself is BF4 is finally stable?? not worrying about other publishers games LOL Day 1 STFU!!!!!
KontryBoy706  +   521d ago
They are just salty BF4 was a sloppy f'd up mess at launch on PC. Definitely lost some respect as a dev they once had. You know it's bad when your old game, BF3, STILL plays better, more stable and more fluid than your new game, BF4.
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BongSmack  +   521d ago
An older game logically SHOULD be more stable than a new one.
KontryBoy706  +   519d ago
not necessarily on PC. Hardware and technology moves at a faster pace. A game released to the public that costs money should be stable. New or not. No excuses. If it ain't ready... don't release it.
csreynolds  +   521d ago
Ho ho! Oh, the irony Alan...

Launch a game that works on day one - or day one hundred, even - before you start taking shots at other developers, DICE.
BongSmack  +   521d ago
What shot did he take?
mediate-this  +   521d ago
Why don't people read the article, the guy is a fan of the game and to is only asking uni to heed advice, because of what did has gone through.
BongSmack  +   521d ago
Wow. WTF is everyones problem? A person who works for a company that made a game who's multiplayer didn't work on launch is concerned that a developer may release a game who's multiplayer doesn't work properly at launch. How is this far fetched? Someone experiences something then is worried that it could be repeated by someone else. It makes PERFECT FUCKING SENSE.

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