DICE developer questions Ubisoft on “day one online multiplayer”

BF4Central: "Has DICE forgotten how awful the Battlefield 4 launch was?"

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nX1145d ago

That's not the first time we see such unnecessary comments from DICE, they should just stfu and develop some good games instead of trolling other developers.

CJDUNCAN1144d ago

*Make good games that actually work

BF3, MoH, MoH WF, BF4..yeah, let's not bring this up dice....

vallencer1144d ago


They didn't make MOH WF that was danger close. They also only made the multi player for MOH which was actually pretty solid. Battlefield 3 was playable when it launched even If the search for games function didn't work well. Their only game that's really had problems was battlefield 4 and I equate that to having to develop 4 games essentially. 2 last gen and 2 current gen. They really aren't a bad developer. In fact they are one of the best.

nX1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

^Even if BF4 would've been playable at launch, the single player was mediocre and the launch MP maps were terrible. And don't forget that lots of people had their campaign progress reset a couple of times. The last DICE game I would call "great" was BFBC2, everything after that was a letdown. The point is, they are certainly not in the position to give out these kind of advices.

1144d ago
famoussasjohn1144d ago

Normal DICE doesn't develop good games anymore.
DICE LA was left with a broken game and has been taking charge in fixing the game with CTE and actually implementing features the fans have wanted. I give props to DICE LA, not the actual DICE team that released the game.

dcj05241144d ago

No. They do.Random Pinball and racing games, BF1942,Vietnam,2142,Bad Company,Mirror's Edge, 1943,Battlefield Heroes,Bad Company 2,Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. Only the the last 2 had significant bugs. At their current fixed state however they are "Good".

Kleptic1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )


but...Danger close is now Dice LA...and thats kind of why the notion of 'DICE' as any real development entity is pointless...

DICE is any given number of EA employees at any given time...big battlefield game coming?...about 300 or so employees all of a sudden are given new business cards...the game launches...and about 275 of them are then moved on to something else, and given new business cards again...

then a BF spin off?...not important enough to put the marketing term 'dice' on its labeled development is by another lesser known team...but don't fall for it...90% of the people behind the scenes are the same...its only the public figures with the team that get swapped around...

there is no 'dice' any more...EA doesn't work like that...

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XtraTrstrL1144d ago

I stopped caring about DICE when they went the COD route with BF3 and beyond. From starting to charge for map packs, to Premiums and force feeding us ads for nonstop $DLC$, they're idiots. The only reason I was starting to go to BF, starting with BC2 was because map packs were free and I knew I'd always have people to play with - BECAUSE THE COMMUNITY WOULDN'T BE SPLIT UP. I know it's gotta have been EA's decision, still though, corny. Cuz EA allows PvZ to give map packs free, and make money off other non-interruptive $DLC$. I stopped playing BF after 3 though, I don't want it to be like COD where after the 2nd map pack I can no longer find Kill Confirmed matches after 11pm+ because I chose to not pay a WOW-like subscription just to stay allowed in most competitive mp games.

ramiuk11144d ago

how can they comment,they only just bf4 working right after 1st year almost

HumanatPlay1144d ago

Talking about rolling the "DICE"...*cricket applause*

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Rimgal1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Dice has some balls talking about Ubisoft. We all remember Battlefield 4

So please Alan Kertz stop embarrassing yourself and stfu.

princejb1341144d ago

Bf3 was buggy as hell also.
Is good bye to the battlefield franchise for me

Mikelarry1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

of all the developers to to talk about deliver on day one online buhahahahaha. pot meet kettle

Septic1144d ago

Lol day one? For about 3 + months since launch, BF4 was a mess.

Minute Man 7211144d ago

10 months later and it's still a mess

boing11144d ago

They didn't forget how hard is to deliver working multiplayer on that scale, hence the comment.

Rebel_Scum1144d ago

lol at someone disagreeing they are my thoughts, exactly.

Legion211144d ago

And people can disagree with your thoughts.

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