10 Video Game Villains That Were Total Rubbish

This list takes a look at the absolute worst video game villains, that were simply too laughable, weird or pointless to stand up as a main antagonist. Please note that a few of these entries may contain minor spoilers, as they’re dealing with certain games’ (disappointing) final moments.

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guyman1358d ago

Im pretty sure there are FAR worse characters/villians in other games than Harry Flynn. I actually thought he had a lot of personality and added to the whole experience of uncharted 2. Dumb article.

thorstein1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I'm also done clicking on WhatCulture's 10+ click articles.

ATTN: WhatCulture. Here is how you make a list and (magically) make it fit on one page.


In fact, let's all read that article and approve it instead.

FarEastOrient1357d ago

It's a method to increase their view counts instead of proper formatting.

Army_of_Darkness1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I thought Harry was a good villain in uncharted 2 because I sincerely thought that he was a sneaky back stabbing son of a b*tch and wanted to shoot him in the face by the end of the game lol

TricksterArrow1357d ago

Talbot was already a worse villain than him. Arguably, Marlowe as well.

Knushwood Butt1356d ago

Yeah, Marlowe totally failed as a villain once you realised she was an idiot.

badz1491357d ago

No Bowser? For a scary looking dragon-like bastard that he is, all he does is kidnap a princess? And for what? He obviously not gonna eat her although it's the most obvious thing a vicious animal would do to a weak, helpless human being. He's not raping her too. (Although there's still a question on how he gonna 'do' it) so...ransom money? From a broke plumber bros who got nothing but coins they picked up along the way and by killing turtles? I don't think they have enough to pay up for a princess. Mushrooms, maybe? But he is obviously a carnivour so...there's no way he's going vegan!

So...why kidnap a princess when it's pointless? Tell me how that is not LAME!

-Foxtrot1358d ago

"And from there, we're in

Yeah, in like Flynn...right


In like Flynn

I don't get it

Just give me a boost"

Flynn was pretty good


However I think they should of kept him around. They already got rid of Eddie Raja so we should of saw him come back every now and then. Marlowe was the same in Uncharted 3, she was someone that should of gotten away to get revenge on Drake in the future.

I mean they could bring Eddie Raja back if they wanted, I suppose you could say as he fell, one of the descendants broke his fall and being badly injured he managed to find his way out of the one of the exits could of been near a boat and as he climbs in he sees Drake above jumping out of the room when he splits up with Elena to turn the power back on.

Could of made a great piece of single player DLC

Big_Game_Hunters1358d ago

Those are all horrible ideas, Imagine if Indiana jones had reoccuring villians.

-Foxtrot1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

They aren't really big villains though, they are basically side characters

Roman, Navarro, Lazarevic are the main villains. I could say Marlowe is but Talbot does most of the work.

Eddie is someone who has been in many situations with Drake in the past (Eye on Indra) and same goes with Harry.

"Imagine if Indiana jones had reoccurring villains"

This isn't Indiana Jones though, it's a game inspired by it, nothing more.

Ryuk_20071357d ago

Marlowe was ass and her death was anticlimactic. Lazarevic was fun tho. Running around like a mad man screaming DRAKE!!

Mikefizzled1357d ago

Hoyt from Far Cry 3. Other than the dark scene whilst playing cards he was entirely forgettable. So much so I had to search for his name.

bloodybutcher1357d ago

True, apart from Vaas, who was great and should've been more often in the game, i prefered Buck to Hoyt. Actually, everyone was more interesting, apart from'Jason and his friends. The most interesting one from the Jason bunch was his brother, and they killed him off at the start.

Knushwood Butt1356d ago

Yeah, should have killed them all off at the start, and instead you got to play as that mad drug dealer dude in the house above the cave.

Knushwood Butt1356d ago

Who? Was that the, 'real' baddie guy near the end? If so, yeah.

I didn't rate Vaas much myself but at least he was memorable.

Mikefizzled1356d ago

Hoyt was Vaas' boss. Less of an unhinged psychopath and more of an intelligent, cold and calculated shady type.

Rebel_Scum1357d ago

Dr. Robotnik, his contraptions were usually hot garbage. Especially Green Hill zone in Sonic 2.

He didn't learn his lessons very well.

mochachino1357d ago

Can someone ban this site from N4G, they're always releasing clickbait lists with only 1 item on each page. It's ridiculous.

Spotie1357d ago

We can vote the site down... But it does no good, it seems.

Rebel_Scum1357d ago

At least the written content is ok.

I wish we could ban the gamingsofar website for its ad ridden, poorly desgined CSS mess of a site that has articles that require up to 30 clicks to go through.

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