Nintendo doesn’t think Mario Maker will negatively impact sales of the main games

NE: Mario Maker is unique in that it will allow players to create their own Mario levels for the first time. This led EDGE to ask Nintendo producer Takashi Tezuka in its latest issue if he believes the Wii U game could harm sales of future Mario titles."

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Shnazzyone693d ago

Seriously doubtful it ever would. For one it's the conventional 2d mario, even if they recreated all the VC titles it would not feel the same. Also, providing the next mario is 3d or 3dland style. 2d fan made mario levels simply cannot compete.

However I hope this will help nintendo to get new Ideas on what to do with the basic 2-d mario formula by seeing what fans do with all the tools.

Vegamyster693d ago

Last i heard they're still "considering" online sharing which is very silly, the main appeal of this type of game is making levels so others can play them and not yourself. If they end up saying no then all interest in this game is lost to me, emulators have had custom levels online for years for SMW.

Gemmol693d ago

dont spread false info, they are sharing online

Vegamyster693d ago

@Gemmol It wasn't my intention, i said last i heard.

Starbucks_Fan693d ago

Why would it? Especially future 3D Mario games.

Geekman693d ago

"Super Mario 128!" Actually, no, that names terrible. "Super Mario 64 2."

Scatpants693d ago

It does illustrate how easy it was to make all of those New Super Mario Bros. games. They probably made them in 2 weeks.

Summons75693d ago

I think your over assuming it's simplicity. Sure it going to be tons of fun quickly building the trolliest levels but NSMB levels require a lot of thought and balance. I can easily see people spending weeks tweaking just one level to make it perfect like in Little Big Planet or Far Cry's map editor.

Scatpants693d ago

Im guessing 1 person can design a level in 1 week. They probably have at least 10 people designing levels that would be 10 levels a week. Even if it took twice as long as that they could still throw one together quickly.

shaw98693d ago

Although the new super mario bros games have the same look, they actually make a whole new engine for it. They had to program this so you could edit with simple objects already created.

Kalebninja693d ago (Edited 693d ago )

this is them saying they wont be making side scroller Mario games anymore so have fun with this. :3 and that I will