PES understands football more than FIFA, says dev

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will offer a better understanding of football compared to FIFA 15, according to European brand manager Adam Bhatti.

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Am-No-Hero1363d ago

No doubt but fix ur damn AI specially " Goalkeeper "

Baka-akaB1363d ago

Well they did from most reports

3-4-51363d ago

PES 2014 for PC was the most realistic representaion of Soccer/football to date.

Baka-akaB1363d ago

Wut ? it was a mediocre game even with pcs being powerful enough at a good framerates and better graphics .

Sure mods added tons of missing things and fixed some stuff . But it didnt make up for the barebone nature of the game , with missing modes , some mode missing content they used to have , the awful and actually worse than previous years IA , especially for defenders , Goalkeepers and referees , despite nice touches like PES ID .

I'm very negative these days , but i'm still a pes fan through and through . Fifa only got nicer and is winning by default , not actually "great" imo .

But 14 was a disgrace and a unfinished game on all platform , despite a actually top notch engine and some interesting ideas

nades_all_night1363d ago

I completely agree with Mr Bhatti. I just hope it plays as well as it looks.

stavrami-mk21363d ago

well get it on the vita then :-)

1nsomniac1363d ago

Is it coming out on the vita? serious question.

stavrami-mk21363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

not that I've seen ,just hoping so i think it would play well on the vita. fifa does but they just reskin it yearly and I'm not a fifa fan either.

1nsomniac1363d ago

Hope it does I'd definitely pick it up on the Vita. Like you said, I think it would work well on the vita.

DanZeeMan1363d ago

So that's why you skipped 2014

"To understand"

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The story is too old to be commented.