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Submitted by Abriael 529d ago | news

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Will Be Released on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 & PC; Key Art Revealed

Capcom unveiled Resident Evil Revelations 2 at Sony’s press conference today, and now they sent in a press release revealing the platforms on which the game will be published, alongside the key art. (PC, PS3, PS4, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

DarkOcelet  +   529d ago
So we get two Resident evil in 2015 thats awesome , now lets see Claire or Barry or maybe Billy and Rebecca team up again that would be awesome .
BigBosss  +   529d ago
I have faith in you Capcom. Don't let us down please.
-Foxtrot  +   529d ago
They will...I'm sorry but it could be an alright game but I think we'll big it up by "hoping" they'll return to it's roots when at the end it will be nothing but exaggerated always.

Anyway it will be more horror focused then RE6, you can't get as bad as that.
ps360s  +   529d ago
Resident Evil Revelations was a good game and was horror
-Foxtrot  +   529d ago

It was an "alright" game for it being horror

Still wasn't quite there...we think it was better then it was mainly because of the fact Capcom has refused to do horror correctly for years.
Dirtnapstor  +   528d ago
I rented Revelations...sucked. Same tired drudging formula. I expect more of the same.
Twiggy  +   529d ago
PS3 and 360 also.. bugger :/
tigertron  +   529d ago
Yeah it sucks that it's cross-gen.

Still, the first Revelations was the best RE since 4 so hopefully 2 will be just as good or better because 5 and 6 were bad.
Twiggy  +   528d ago
5 had potential, lacked horror and punishment, 6 however was an all around shamble.

Wasn't super happy to hear the cross gen aspect of Revelations 2, but I'd much prefer that than another 3DS port haha!
ikarodemon  +   529d ago
No 3DS? This is a shame!
Feriku  +   529d ago
So the sequel to a 3DS game... isn't coming out on 3DS? :/
yewles1  +   529d ago
OR the Wii U...
badboyz09  +   528d ago
What is Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2??? School me lol.
mcstorm  +   529d ago
I know I was hoping it was on the 3DS or WiiU as I loved the 1st game on the 3DS. Looks like ill have to get it on the xbox one this time then as I loved the 1st as for me it was the best res game since 4 I did not like 5 or 6.
badz149  +   529d ago
3DS? and Capcom is like "here's a huge middle finger for you!"
Mikefizzled  +   528d ago
Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney argue pretty well against that.
CMackthe3rd  +   528d ago
I was half-expecting to see a release on "new" 3DS. Still crossing my fingers on that :/
user5669510  +   528d ago
Capcom always give their fans the middle finger. People just ignore it.
JohnApocalypse  +   529d ago
PLEASE have a laser sight
akaFullMetal  +   529d ago
Kinda weird not releasing the sequel on the nintendo platforms since that is where you could only play the first one. This is a weird changing platforms. I haven't played the first one, are the rereleasing that for ps4, and Xbox one?
They eventually released the first one on the PS3, 360, Wii U, and I'm fairly certain the PC, at a later point. It probably appealed more to that market, and they might have reckoned that they could make use of the better hardware. Haven't gotten around to playing it, but I heard it was pretty good.
Ashunderfire86  +   529d ago
Damn nothing 3rd party is coming on the Wii U? What a frustration to Nintendo fans man. None of these developers are even trying to take full advantage to the Wii U controller. Nintendo need to make more games that fully take more advantage over the controller, and the system. Nintendo need to start focusing on the hardcore audience more. I will be getting this Resident Evil on either PS4 or X1. Sad for Nintendo platforms though.
TongkatAli  +   529d ago
It is what it is 3DS owners, the huge install base is just like the Wii, for show and not much else.
InTheLab  +   529d ago
Mostly children own a 3ds and 2ds. It is the reason why an install base of 44M+ equals less than 800k sales for a game made specifically for the 3ds.
HumanAfterAll  +   529d ago
That teaser trailer was pretty good and the music was just…. gah cave me chills. I love the Revelations theme and the twisted version is great!

Can't wait for this!
MuhammadJA  +   529d ago
I hope they integrate walking and shooting at the same time. Walking and reloading wasn't enough.
Bubbamilk  +   529d ago
So capcom I understand money is tight, and we just aren't the same company anymore, but what u have to do is simple. Just take this title and remove the revelations part and u have gold.

This announcement is like bronze, and although I'm happy about resident evil 1 I feel like I shouldn't be. It's like a nasty lump of coal that has sat in the rain until the packaging got stuck to it. I've purchased RE1 3 times (it's not even my favorite RE) and you still ask me to buy it a 4th time.

This is generating hype, but not gold hype. Not the hype that makes u take out a loan just for a video game. U want that hype. Not medium hype with medium risk and medium financials. Just remake resident evil 2 and blow the roof off this place please. It's right under your nose and u know we have been asking for it so please capcom. Please put money in your pocket and be successful and come back to us.

But don't come back without the remake we really want in your hands. Do it!!!!
jmguy100  +   529d ago
no wii u or 3ds... shame
DivineAssault  +   528d ago
most wii u & 3ds owners dont want games like this unfortunately.. I loved it on 3DS but i dont want to attach a CPP to play this.. Nor am i buying the "new 3ds" so i guess its going on PS4 for me
VTKC  +   528d ago
bring back the run button!

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