TGS reveal could point to 2014 release for The Phantom Pain

With rumours persisting about an early release of The Phantom Pain, Hideo Kojima has lined up a "big announcement" ahead of the Tokyo Game Show.

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DarXyde1330d ago

"As late as 2016"?

There's no way that's possible. For the game to go from sunshine and rainbows perfect 2014 to worst case 2016 doesn't make sense as far as time window. Sounds like wild speculation to cover bases.

I'll say early 2015, but be pleasantly surprised if sooner.

bouzebbal1330d ago

this game will be released in end 2015 at the earliest. i will say April-July 2016 like most Konami releases

crxss1329d ago

i'd die if it was 2014.

ANIALATOR1361330d ago

I'd guess June 2015 if all goes well. Similar to the MGS4 release

LAWSON721330d ago

After that leak I think their is a great chance it is coming this year, though I already have to many games to buy

BX811330d ago

Yeah, I'm going to hold off till I get some of the other games but this game does look beautiful for an open world games. For the sake of it's fan base I would like to se it released soon.

LAWSON721330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Probably the same here, I will occupied with KH2.5 and Halo for a while, and from what I here the the MP is not what I wanted so may hold out for the PS4 version once I get a PS4 next year.

TheCagyDies1330d ago

all my money is on June 2015

PaleMoonDeath1330d ago

I think it's coming out this year, the leaks and gameplay footage all point to it almost being finished up, totally expecting a late 2014 announcement, if not early 2015.

mrmonk1330d ago

I hope it comes this year it will make me the happiest man alive getting my hopes up now shouldn't do that lol hopefully!!!!

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