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Tekken team reveals Summer Lesson schoolgirl tech demo for Project Morpheus

"The demo puts players in a virtual room with a virtual schoolgirl, who they can interact with in virtual reality. It’s all virtual. Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada is heading it up." (Katsuhiro Harada, Project Morpheus, PS4)

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GTgamer  +   230d ago
I know a Certain Group of people who are gonna love this :3 the game might as well come with some tissue and a year supply of lotion (•ิ_•ิ).
Septic  +   229d ago
Let's be honest...we all thought about this >.<
jordan8445  +   229d ago
You find kids attractive? Speak for yourself.
Septic  +   229d ago
Well not about perving on school girls. I mean FPS PORN. I can imagine quite a few 'oh that's not the MOVE controller' scenarios.
cleft5  +   229d ago
We all did, but only Japan would have the guts to release this as something other than pornography title. Love how unconcerned Japan is with the pro-idiot movement.
Spotie  +   229d ago
First of all, isn't a large continent of the gaming community comprised of teenage boys? Wouldn't it be strange if they DIDN'T find teenage girls attractive?

Second- and this may just be a US thing- but the teens are looking more and more like adults, while adult women are trying more and more to look life teens.

Third, "kid" is a relative term, as even at 29, some older folks out there will still see me as such. Furthermore, your resorting to such an "argument" is more an indicator of your own immaturity than anything else.

I could go on, but there should be no need.

As for the actual subject at hand, I'm curious to see if the tech demo is indicative of the actual project, or if it's just a show piece. If the latter, I wonder what their real project is gonna be like?
MRMagoo123  +   229d ago
By "certain group of people" you meant males in general right?
Dark11  +   229d ago
Well some males prefer real sex so..
ps360s  +   229d ago
Near 100% of Japanese men will love this you meant hehe

This will up the sales of ps4 and Morph to new heights! in Japan
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tablecloth  +   229d ago
What is this? I mean, just what is this?
Rachel_Alucard  +   229d ago
A good game developed by a good developer
tablecloth  +   228d ago
How so?
lazyboyblue  +   229d ago
Should have branded it as alone in the dark because that were most will be playing this.
Asuka  +   229d ago
...yeah i want this xD
Ironthighs  +   229d ago
Finally I get to have the wonderful experience of being locked in a room with a teenage girl while being forced to hear about her high school drama, failing grades, and which boys she thinks she loves. I especially can not wait for all the stupid questions she'll ask me nor can I wait for the idiotic, opinionated, ignorant garbage she'll feel like she can spew only to get angry at me for disagreeing with.

How do I sign?
LordStig  +   229d ago
huh, sounds like a real relationship, except you have a one off payment instead of having your money drained over a period of time.
Ironthighs  +   227d ago
My relationships aren't like that, but I don't date teenage girls.
BitbyDeath  +   229d ago
Would like to mark today as the death of the rift. It had a good run.

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