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Sony Claims 78% Market Share for PS4 and PS3 in Japan; PS Vita 2000 Selling 1.6 Times Faster

During the pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference held this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Atsushi Morita gave some interesting information about the performance of PlayStation consoles in Japan. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

GTgamer  +   246d ago
And Next........ PSWorldDomination
italiangamer  +   246d ago
Its already here \m/
vishmarx  +   246d ago
nothing stops the train baby. they mean business.
theres another conference on the 17th for tgs
Blastoise  +   246d ago
They'll do even better if they have more awesome conferences like they did today!


Sorry guys todays conference rocked for both PS4 and Vita, suck it up
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MrSec84  +   246d ago
Seems like people can't take facts, I mean the disagrees just shows the butt hurt going on.

Sony killed it without having much in the way of exclusives up until recently.
With what they announced today in the way of games they're going to be going hard in Japan.

Soon Sony will own the Japanese market, particularly the home console market.
They already have the EU and US, these new exclusives will just push things up even higher.

Can't believe this isn't even their TGS conference, the way they announced this they could end up doing the same for their American and Europe divisions at any time to show off what those studios are up to.

Not that they really need to worry now until next year, they have so many awesome looking games releasing between now and the end of next year.

GT7 will likely be shown off soon, with a release date set for next year too.

PS4 is only going to sell faster next year.
I wouldn't be shocked if the platform's sold out through this holiday, through to the summer next year.

Won't be shocked if Sony sells through 35-40 million units by the end of 2015.
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epicgrinds  +   245d ago
I agree ps4 is crushing the world wide market. But the consloe is not beating Wii U in japan:
Wii U: 1.9mil in Japan
PS4: 600k + in japan
I am not even going to put up the 3ds vs vita numbers because we all know vita is not even close. Sad because the vita is such a powerfull system.
Sony "please understand" you must make Japanese games not make up Japanese sales figures to "win" in the land of the rising sun.
Have a great day.
Chrono  +   246d ago
Because it's 4 the players.
MrSec84  +   246d ago
Definitely, it was clear from the start, but today just made that painfully evident.
josephayal  +   246d ago
1.6M Faster
The Ps vita is selling like hotcakes
dcj0524  +   246d ago
For good reason. The line-up has been getting fantastic latley.
Vegamyster  +   245d ago
1.6x is a decent improvement but why is it sold out everywhere? I went into EB games on Saturday and they said to check back Monday and when i went online it was sold out at every EB Games, Best Buy, Future Shop, Walmart, the Source ect across my Province, seems odd to me.
HentaiMasterRace  +   245d ago
Ikr! I think Sony hasn't put any in stock yet. It's only selling from online offers atm.
DeadRabbits  +   246d ago
Ah its good to be back on N4G and seeing the PS4 still on Top!!!

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kratoz1209  +   246d ago
After that Conference...

Persona 5, Dragon Quest and YS
Was such an awesome reveal, especially Persona 5 on the ps4
Scark92  +   246d ago
I wonder if KH 2.5 will come to PS4?
My_ReturN  +   246d ago
lol it's like sony never bothered to look at a media create article. Combining the ps3 and ps4 sales against the wii u is absolutely ridiculous.
Hell, the LTD of the 3ds alone sold more than the ps3, ps4, and vita combined in japan.
ritsuka666  +   245d ago
Wait Sont didn’t figure PS4 is megaton flop in japan ?? ( selling below 5 k ) Oh man, my sides hurt with this PR BS of Sony. lol
Agent_hitman  +   246d ago
To be fair, both Ps4, Wii U and X1 are selling well and it benefits all the gamers around the world, not just japan. :)

Peace out
reko  +   246d ago
👑 hail ps
DCfan  +   246d ago
Sony totally won me this time. Disgaea 5, EDF and God Eater 2 is reason enough for me now.
Theyellowflash30  +   246d ago
? PR spin at its worst.

Exactly how did Sony get 78% of the "Home" market in Japan? Since when?

Here are the numbers 8th gen:
Wii U -1.9 million
PS4 -670 Thousand

7th Gen:
Wii - 12.7 million
PS3 - 10 million

3DS - 16 million
PS Vita - 3.1 million (133K for PS VitaTV

Nintendo's systems are beating Sony's system in every department of sales since the 7th gen in Japan. Sony seems to be ignoring the Wii in order to spin their numbers.
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OtakuDJK1NG  +   246d ago
Exactly two vs one but Wii U continues to outsell both. They must be talking PS3-4 vs Wii U
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kingdom18  +   245d ago
I stand by thinking they are comparing PS3 and PS4 to Wii U as the PS3 is still a viable platform, while Wii sales have slowed to a crawl and X360 are nonexistent, so why compare it to platforms that aren't competing. Also handhelds aren't part of the home console market so why bother?
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Theyellowflash30  +   245d ago
Why compare two consoles vs 1? The Wii U is outselling the PS3 and PS4 at the moment.

And the PS Vita is Sony's best selling device in Japan at the moment. I love how they left that out because the 3DS is crushing it in market share
breakpad  +   245d ago
the truth is that Sony has just crushed current competition with its overhelming support ...the only thing that can justify it, as MS and Nintendo have been completeley vanquished, is that they re expecting other competitors like Occulus or Samsung to appear
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