Sony Will Hold Another PlayStation Press Conference on September 17th

You just finished watching Sony Computer Entertainment’s press conference for the Japanese market, but during the event the new SCEJA President Atsushi Morita announced that the Asian branch of the house of PlayStation isn’t done yet.

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KakashiHotake1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Good God! Persona 5, Dragon Quest Heroes, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy IV, Silent Hills, Yakuza 0, Metal Gear Solid V, Grand Turismo 7, Disgaea 5, RE Revelations 2, etc. now yet another conference? Sony means business in Japan.

vishmarx1365d ago

Dear lord megatons wont end.

bouzebbal1365d ago

w......what? another conference?
have mercy on us Sony!

vishmarx1365d ago

the fact that after so much they still held off enough content to host another one right before tgs is just scary! for competitors i mean.

DeadRabbits1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

SONY should do a charity gig (Give a Console a Home) for other less fortunate consoles at this stage!

MightyNoX1365d ago

Sony ain't messing around. A conference for every season and every region.

Complete. World. Domination.

(On-topic: I expect to see some f2p games and Moba announcements since China/Taiwan/etc love that sort of thing)

ABizzel11364d ago

It will probably be some of the exclusives Sony Japan is working on (rumored to be working on 5 games), some 2nd party stuff (The Witness, Everybody's gone to Rapture, Zen type games etc...), and stage demos of the big 3rd party games they have and announced.

It's good they get the conference out of the way, so for the actual TGS show they can give fans nothing but hands on time, so they upgrade to the PS4 in masses, or buy a PS3 / PSV.

2015 is already owned by Sony, with the announcements they have in 2014 alone. Not to mention most of their first parties are still dead silent on the games they're making.

nX1364d ago

Sony's doing a great job currently, it's good to be a Playstation gamer :) You always have something to look forward to.

UltraNova1364d ago

Sony is really getting their Mojo back as they have at least 10 AAA 1st party games in production while they still have PStv, PSnow and project Morpheus in the works!

Mind-bending stuff...

Read this from a Dualshockers commenter by the name -Mrsec84-

"Gran Turismo 7 has been announced, likely releasing next year, but we haven't seen any gameplay.

Santa Monica have only teased about making a new game with their recent video showing off their new studio tour.

Sony Bend, London, Guerrilla Games and Media Molecule have new IPs in development.

Naughty Dog are working on something separate from Uncharted 4.

Guerrilla Cambridge are working on an existing IP.

Sucker Punch finished Infamous months ago and have enough staff to be well into production on their 2nd PS4 title.

Quantic Dream already announced that they have a new IP in the works for PS4, but nothing's known about it.

There are also smaller studios like Foster City, Firesprite (a new 1st party dev made up of old Liverpool Studio staff).

Insomniac are known to be working on Ratchet and Clank for PS4, so that's still got to be shown, happening this fall according to the PS Blog. "

Well I cant argue with that...One things for sure if you aint broke you will be! Darn it Sony!

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Blastoise1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

God Eater 2 Rage Burst, Senran Kagura, Y's, Fairy Fencer & Bloodborne too!

Lol everyone got a cheeky disagree. One user can't handle the megatons

Killzoner991364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Oh you know there's many butthurt fanboys of a certain console that will go unnamed. How can there not be right now. If you're not a Playstation gamer right now then I really feel sorry for you.
Long Live Play

nosferatuzodd1364d ago

You cant stop the unstoppable break the unbreakable beat the unbeatable.
A dynasty no not ming but play you go against the order1886 on the ground yoy wilk lay get it

kratoz12091365d ago

Dont forget YS,
So excited for that game

jznrpg1364d ago

I have loved Ys since Turbo Grafx 16 days, I can not wait for ps4 version.

thisismyaccount1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Sadly it´s just the P.C for the (rest) of Asian Market... like last years, there were no new ip announced? Just a Recap Show of e3, GC and TGS with some new informations about the China Market probably.

Ashraf891365d ago

Release the Krakeeennnnnn!! =)

ScaryMonkey1364d ago

How could you forget about Bloodborne?

sanosukegtr1231364d ago

Maybe I should move to Japan then.

Magicite1364d ago

Not just Japan, whole Asia and hopefully western localizations later.

ABeastNamedTariq1364d ago

Wait... Did they like talk about all that? I haven't been keeping up.

Syntax-Error1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

They will reveal THE LAST GUARDIAN and blow the world away then drop the mic and walk off stage. Thank you all for coming out....goodnight

Evilsnuggle1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Right!!! please Sony I tap out here take my money. Just leave me some gas money to get to work this week. So you can get my check next week. Mercy Sony for the love of God . You won already just please stop dropping them megaton on me.

I be like screaming when Sony be dropping them megaton ;) lol lol lol

Godmars2901364d ago

When did they show/talk about KH3 of FF4?

And what part of "pre" TGS event was not understood?

KwietStorm1364d ago

Where did you get GT7 from?

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GTgamer1365d ago

Damn Sony is the King of exclusives look how many games they announced at gamescom now they are announcing a bunch more for the Japanese market now if those games get localized I'll be one happy Camper Happy Broke Camper .......Happy.... But Broke (•ิ_•ิ).

ndub3171365d ago

And who said money cannot buy you happiness?

GTgamer1365d ago

An idiot I'll tell you that :D

Remy_Chaos1365d ago

Yet it has no games right???


Why o why1364d ago

Hey. . .For some people the 6 weeks between 2 games being released equals 'no games forever'

Didn't these toddlers learn anything from last gen. . . .smh

News of new titles is always a good thing. I'm just not sure why some believed Sony was going to fall off and become lazy like you know who did.

ndub3171365d ago

God Damn I can't sleep I'm so excited.

DarXyde1365d ago

How on earth could Sony have held back so much? This is really beginning to feel like the return to PlayStation 2 form.

Now I'm ultra hopeful for a Dark Cloud for some odd reason.

Infamous2981365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

That or Ni no kuni 2 !!

bouzebbal1365d ago

Or Dragon Quest..
wait.. what? i'm out!

dboyman1364d ago

Maybe Dragon Quest 8 for Vita :)

Biohazard88601365d ago

Show the last guardian, Kingdom hearts 3, or FF15 dammit! I am so serious atleast one of those would be awesome.

KakashiHotake1365d ago

Tokyo Game Show, just you wait. ;)