The Division dev: “We don’t want a linear, story-driven RPG”

Executive producer on Ubi’s upcoming Tom Clancy title, The Division, Fredrik Rundqvist, has told ArabicGamers that the team didn’t want a “linear, story-driven RPG”.

Rundqvist said that taking players “by the hand and lead[ing] you around to see different stuff” was not the priority and that the team was “trying to modernise it, energise it a little bit, but still stay true to the core elements of what people expect.”

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pierce1295d ago

Easier said than done, but hopefully Ubi have some good ideas. I'm not as excited about The Division as I was when it was announced, I need to see a lot more gameplay.

medman1295d ago

The longer they go without showing console gameplay, the more other great looking titles get announced and I find myself losing a bit of interest in The console gameplay already.

ScorpiusX1294d ago

Can't wait for this game, so much fun to be had .