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Submitted by thetamer 456d ago | news

Bungie wants to make more Destiny games

Bungie community manager DeeJ, David Dague, has told ArabicGamers that Bungie “hope to have the right and the luxury to make many Destiny games.”

DeeJ said the beta showed that there had been 4.6 million players, with over six million Guardians created, with no particular class being the favourite. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

jay2  +   456d ago
good stuff, just don't turn it in to cod when it gets boring
3-4-5  +   456d ago
I like that that want to earn making more games and don't feel entitled to.
thetamer  +   456d ago
Yeah, let's hope it doesn't turn into CoD! Although I think Bungie will keep it fresh. I hope so anyway.
pierce  +   456d ago
I have high hopes for Destiny, very high hopes.
cra2yey3z  +   456d ago
Wants to... or already is...
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Drithe  +   456d ago
One more week... killing me .... cant breathe .... need to kill aliens and ... get ...sweet ....sweet ....loot.

End of line.
LoneWolf019  +   456d ago
Wasn't this already going to be 3 games over 10 years??
Vladplaya  +   456d ago
The game hasn't been released yet. Already plans to make it a cash cow.
ibrake4naps  +   456d ago
Make it support 1 player offline and I'm there!
castillo  +   456d ago
Okay , whatever floats their boat.
Jdoki  +   456d ago
It'll be interesting to see where Destiny goes...
voodoogts  +   456d ago
Destiny is pretty much like Halo. So for those that haven't played Halo, welcome to the wonderful world of HALO! Similar content, similar graphics and game play.
DanteVFenris666  +   456d ago
Oh great, does means bungee will milk it into the ground too? I've never liked bungee not even when there multiplat. They just don't make good games. Though halo3 split screen I have found memories of
Jdoki  +   456d ago
You didn't like Myth?!?

I have such good memories of Myth II Soulblighter, it was awesome. Probably in my top 20 games of all time.
Codewow  +   456d ago
They want to cash cow it, where is the PC version? Releasing it on PC would sell the game in droves as well. Some people would even buy it twice, or three times, not to mention all the free publicity from the PC streaming crowd. My guess is PC will pop up eventually just like GTA V. Bungie would be stupid to leave out such a major platform.
Illusive_Man  +   455d ago
And whenever that happens Microsoft needs to lock up some exclusive content.

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