Bungie wants to make more Destiny games

Bungie community manager DeeJ, David Dague, has told ArabicGamers that Bungie “hope to have the right and the luxury to make many Destiny games.”

DeeJ said the beta showed that there had been 4.6 million players, with over six million Guardians created, with no particular class being the favourite.

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jay21083d ago

good stuff, just don't turn it in to cod when it gets boring

3-4-51083d ago

I like that that want to earn making more games and don't feel entitled to.

thetamer1083d ago

Yeah, let's hope it doesn't turn into CoD! Although I think Bungie will keep it fresh. I hope so anyway.

pierce1083d ago

I have high hopes for Destiny, very high hopes.

Cra2yey31083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Wants to... or already is...

Drithe1083d ago

One more week... killing me .... cant breathe .... need to kill aliens and ... get ...sweet ....sweet ....loot.

End of line.

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The story is too old to be commented.