Sony Releases Beautiful Metal Gear Solid V and Dokodemo Issho PS4 HDD Covers in Both White and Black

Sony just announced the release, unfortunately only in Japan for now, of a new batch of HDD drive covers for the PlayStation 4.

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press-start1390d ago

looking nice cant wait to see more games get covers aswell

BX811390d ago

The white mg cover looks pretty sweet.

Dannycr1390d ago

I didn't know you could remove that! Smart bastards!!! These are going to sell like crazy!

Dirtnapstor1390d ago

Sweet! I really wish they'd released special editions from the get-go. Love to have one, but can't justify it now.

kazuma9991390d ago

U can remove the glossy part of the ps4 so ppl can just sell those like in the pictures :D

Omar911390d ago

How is that even fair?! Please tell me this isn't just for Japan..

BiggCMan1390d ago

Just get one imported from Japan, it's not that big a deal. It's only a piece of plastic and it fits on all PS4s so there is no type of interference by getting it from Japan. It's not like region locked games or anything. They are even fully in English as well. I might get 1 white MGS and 1 black one for myself some day.

Omar911390d ago

they are like above $100 bucks though... wayy to expensive.

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