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Frugal Gaming | Masters of The Universe – The Return of the Space Sim

With Elite Dangerous around the corner and Star Citizen deep into development, PridedLlama looks at some alternative games in a genre about to see it's popularity rise from the ashes. (PC, PS4, Retro, Star Citizen, Xbox One)

Budobear  +   367d ago
'Forget your Xboxes and PS4's' says the writer......why?
I know they don't have the power to run Star Citizen very well but why shouldn't we hope for something similar on consoles. At the moment all we have is Strike suit Zero and as much as I like it I'd rather have something more......more like Colony Wars (I'd rather have X-wing but I can't ever see that happening)
PridedLlama  +   367d ago
I wrote it in the context that for me the PS4 and xbox don't represent the beginning of the next generation of video games. These games and this genre making a return does feel more like a next generation arriving especially for fans like me that have had to wait for so long for them to make a true comeback.
DeusEx-Machina  +   367d ago
Star Citizen is going to be glorious! The pre-alpha module "Arena Commander" is already amazing!

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