Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, and the State of Episodic Games

8CN: Telltale Games has gained a lot of attention recently, after winning several game of the year awards for the first season of their Walking Dead adventure game, they also just released the final installments in the second season of that same game and The Wolf Among Us. They've got episodic adventure games based on Borderlands and Game of Thrones coming out soon, as well. All of these titles being episodic, though, I think it's time to assess the effectiveness and current state of episodic games.

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gamernova1361d ago

In my opinion, all they need is real life choice. The walking dead delivered on it on the last season but I think that it should be available starting from episode 1. Of course it means a larger game to compensate for different paths and probably more expensive but to take the genre to the next level, I think it's worth it.