Metal Gear Solid 4: User screenshots (spoiler alert!)

Some user screenshots (no press screens) from MGS4 - thanks to a hidden screenshot function. Nice to see real in-game stuff.

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kazuma3838d ago

where do u see laughing octopus like that? on a white background?

Sheddi3838d ago

Yeah I wanna know that too

Tidus113838d ago

can u take screenshots online???

negative_03838d ago

During the Laughing Beauty part of the fight, you have to lay face up on the bed.

Peow3838d ago

Take a pic of any beauty after the first phase and just take a pic in first person with the camera, they'll pose for you.

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Sneaky Snake3838d ago

were can u get the Raiden's mask??

kazuma3838d ago

can't really help u mate, i just got it like by the end of act 3

poopsack3838d ago

in the mission briefing you can take control of the MK 2 and you need to shock either Sunny (for the closed mask) or naomi (for the open one) then when the briefing is over you will be notified.

Peow3838d ago

You don't shock 'em, just run into them. Also pull out the one thing with the R1 button, and hit the TV remote(In act 4), the TV will change from Campbell to that one model snake really likes.It's a slideshow too! ^^

xunderx3838d ago

dont kill any of the beauty and beasts(2nd death), just keep running around, finally, bb and snake go to a white backround where shez still chasing snake, you will have 2 min(exp time).

kazuma3838d ago

lol so u just keep running? thanks a lot

TheExecutive3838d ago

how do you take pictures?

drdre743838d ago

I think you put in another controller and use R1 or R2 to do screen shots.

Julie3837d ago

To take pics from the Snake's view you use the controller on the port 1, and to take pics behind snake, you use a controller on the port 2, so, if you have a friend who can play the photographer, you can make really awesome photos. On both modes you use R1 to take the photo and you switch between camera1 and 2 with circle :3

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