First Trailer for Resident Evil HD Remaster Released

Hardcore Gamer: "At Sony's pre-TGS press conference today, Capcom showed off the first ever trailer for their HD Remaster of Resident Evil. This is a remaster of a 2002's Gamecube remake, featuring beautiful high resolution visuals, multiple control schemes, and various other enhancements."

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JackOfAllBlades1326d ago

Yes! Yes! Can't wait to give it a go

DarkOcelet1326d ago

Day 1 . Been waiting 10 years or more for it .

PR_FROM_OHIO1326d ago

Really looking forward to playing this on my PS4!!!

Pozzle1326d ago

I'm so excited for this. I've only ever played the Gamecube version on my HD TV (which made the game look dark and murky as hell) so I can't wait to play it in all over again in HD glory!

zsquaresoff1326d ago

Played the original directors cut on Ps1. Couldn't finish it. Cant wait to play it again.

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The story is too old to be commented.