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First Trailer for Resident Evil HD Remaster Released

Hardcore Gamer: "At Sony's pre-TGS press conference today, Capcom showed off the first ever trailer for their HD Remaster of Resident Evil. This is a remaster of a 2002's Gamecube remake, featuring beautiful high resolution visuals, multiple control schemes, and various other enhancements." (PC, PS3, PS4, Resident Evil, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Rowdius_Maximus  +   334d ago
Yes! Yes! Can't wait to give it a go
DarkOcelet  +   334d ago
Day 1 . Been waiting 10 years or more for it .
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   334d ago
Really looking forward to playing this on my PS4!!!
Pozzle  +   334d ago
I'm so excited for this. I've only ever played the Gamecube version on my HD TV (which made the game look dark and murky as hell) so I can't wait to play it in all over again in HD glory!
zsquaresoff  +   334d ago
Played the original directors cut on Ps1. Couldn't finish it. Cant wait to play it again.
Miss_Vixen  +   334d ago
Got a chance to play this back when it was released on the gamecube. One of the few remakes that were done well & did justice to the original game.

Looking forward to going through this again for nostalgic sake on the PS4.
Agent_hitman  +   334d ago
At first I thought that CAPCOM will remake this game completely, but then I guess that the company is saving money for future projects and instead they've just release a remastered version for current gen systems..

I have watched the trailer and I'd say that the graphics are still Gamecube level.. No improvements, whatsoever
DarkOcelet  +   334d ago
They never said a remake , they said an HD remaster thats all , and anyways i rather have this masterpiece untouched than it gets a full remake with god knows what changes they might bring .
T2X  +   334d ago
Obviously, you never played the original then.
hot4play  +   334d ago
You can tell from a barely 2-minute streamed trailer that's note even 1080p?

Stick to the Gamecube version then and we'll play it on our current gen systems.
UltraNova  +   333d ago
I still have the original ps1 directors cut disc and let me tell you back in 1996 when I played it the first time it was a generation defining moment...its was a game that respected you as a gamer you had to have patience, perseverance and had to use your brain to solve those puzzle and progress through the game. It had an unrivaled atmosphere even the visuals were top notch back then.

I have no doubt I will not enjoy this remaster as much but I will give it a try anyway.
hot4play  +   333d ago
@UltraNova ^

Hell yeah! It was the PS1 game that made me and my dad go out to buy a memory card! haha. I was 11 years old back then. RE1 really was a genre-defining game. Remember the moments when you had to find the Eagle and Wolf medals and insert them into the pool to reveal the secret lab? F*** good memories!

I played the original then the REAL director's cut (from Japan, Biohazard). That game had the uncensored videos and BETTER music than the US version.

Its kinda funny and sad that some people today find RE4 or RE6 to be the best in the series... :/
UltraNova  +   333d ago
I was 11 as well!! hahaah

Yeah I was always flamed when I said that RE4 was nothing compared to the original, glad to see someone who knows what I'm talking about!

I live in EU and I could never get my hands on the Japanese version until I lost interest :-(

Did you play any of the original Fatal Frame or Alone in the dark games?
hot4play  +   333d ago
I had Alone in the DarK One Eyed Jack's Revenge and thought it was crap, haha. Also had AitD: The New Nightmare and that was awesome! One of the better horror games, imo. Story, music, and backgrounds, and flashlight were amazing for its time! I thought that game partially inspired the RE remake.

Yup played Fatal Frame 1-3! But for some reason The Crimson Butterfly was the only one I managed to finish, lol :)
Sennacherib  +   334d ago
I'm quite amazed actually! Can't wait to play this again! better remastered then remade. God knows what they would have done to the game if that was the case.
dmonee  +   334d ago
Why not remake it using the newer re 5&6 controls? When are we going to get an re2 and 3 redux?
Sennacherib  +   334d ago
Lets see realistic here, if this game received a remake it would stuff things up.
dmonee  +   334d ago
True that. However, how come they keep trolling out re1 every 10 years and theyve never redux'd re2
Barry_Burton_84  +   334d ago
Looks brilliant, although the GameCube version still puts a lot of modern games to shame after 12 years; it really is a stunning-looking title, regardless of the fact it uses pre-rendered environments.

Still, I'd prefer Capcom give us a Resident Evil 2 remake in the style of the classic RE titles. Also, the fact it's not out on Wii U is atrocious considering it was a Nintendo-exclusive for over a decade.
TongkatAli  +   334d ago
Third party sales suck on the Wii U.
3xkrazy  +   334d ago
I think that Capcom remaking a remake of a remake at this point just proves that:

1) They're broke, so lets just milk.
2) They have lost all their talent.

I hope they take notes from Guillermo del Toro's Silent Hill.
Biohazard8860  +   334d ago
They are broke but there making a revelations 2 yeah i doubt it.
loganbdh  +   334d ago
Looks really refined....can't wait!
XXXL  +   334d ago
Can't wait to return to the mansion
Randostar  +   334d ago
Im really hoping this is only $40 or less, there is soooo many good games coming out next year im gonna be poorer than i already am.
vicristion  +   334d ago
I want Resident Evil 2&3 REMASTERED.
Resident Evil 1&2&3 are the BEST resident evil.
Melankolis  +   333d ago
Hope RE Zero will follow, many people haven't played this game since it was exclusive for Gamecube.

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