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PS4’s Silent Hills P.T. Demo Downloaded 1+ Million Times

PT, the PlayStation 4’s demo for the upcoming Silent Hill game first revealed at Gamescom, has been downloaded over a million times, Sony revealed at its pre-TGS press conference. (P.T, PS4)

RosweeSon  +   212d ago
No UK demo?
Jdoki  +   212d ago
It's on the UK PS Store. It's a bit tricky to find (I don't think it comes up in a search).

I think I had to hunt it down in the Demos section. It's just listed as P.T. - no mention of Silent Hills.
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WitWolfy  +   212d ago
I can confirm this, just search P.T in the search bar.
RosweeSon  +   212d ago
Ah thank you so much, yeah couldn't find it through searching so just presumed it was a US exclusive, but thanks very much I'll go have a look around, I wouldn't mind checking it out at least, even if the full game is way off no doubt ;)
3 of those were me deleting it half way through.... lol
Jihaad_cpt  +   212d ago
The first time I played it I got so creeped out I deleted it. Second time as well....
sikandar201  +   212d ago
I'm super excited for this game! Demo was awesome... loved it!
DeadlyOreo  +   212d ago
To be fair I downloaded it twice. Scared the crap out of me so much the first time I deleted it off my hard drive, had to re-download.
GTgamer  +   212d ago
Hmmmmm Sony announcing how much P.T. was downloaded makes me think Silents hills might be a PSexclusive ಠ_ಠ
sikandar201  +   212d ago
yeah me too think So....
but there isn't any single platform announced yet.. so we might see it as multi-platform.
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GTgamer  +   212d ago
So true let's wait and see
HanzoHattori  +   212d ago
No surprise here. This demo was one of PS4's best this year.
kingvendrick  +   212d ago
@Roswee, its on the PS store under demos, or it was.

1+ million crikey thats a helluva lot of soiled underwear lol.
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Ninver  +   212d ago
In today's news: underwear sales skyrocket due to PT demo
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RosweeSon  +   212d ago
Thanks buddy ;) so it is haha thanks people I guess I should have just looked under demos instead of using the search ;) well they can make that 1,000,001 now ;) think I'll wait for this evening to check it out, nice and dark.
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kingvendrick  +   212d ago
Nice one, enjoy. Playing in the dark, braver man than me lol.
Ninver  +   212d ago
One can only imagine how well the full retail game will sell. The ps install base will be more than doubled.
Honest_gamer  +   212d ago
The demo was so scary, i shit myself easily at suspense horror lol, i did a lets play of it! check it out if you have some spare time :) https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Also got outlast and daylight gameplay series on the go for any who is interested, only been making videos for 2 weeks so quite new, any recommendations let me know :)

I tweeted kojima and konami saying turn this demo into the grudge game!!
DarXyde  +   212d ago
"PS4’s Silent Hills P.T. Demo Downloaded 1+ Million Times"

This just in, over 1 million PlayStation 4 owners were rushed to the hospital due to heart attacks and loss of bowel controls. Investigators suggest that a new interactive teaser, titled "P.T.", may be the culprit.

mogwaii  +   212d ago
Am i the only one worried that silent hills is using the fox engine which is developed with last gen in mind? The p.t demo was good but Im worried that outside of a corridor it wont quite stack up, lets hope thats not the case.
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CernaML  +   212d ago

Have you NOT played Metal Gear Solid V on the PS4?
mogwaii  +   212d ago
Yeah and it didnt look much better than the last gen versions in all honesty
CernaML  +   211d ago
Haha, you need to visit an ophthalmologist.
mt  +   212d ago
and 5% completed it. I know I didn't :p
Jdoki  +   212d ago
It would actually be really interesting to know the stats of how many finished it, and if people didn't, at what point did they stopped playing! :)
iistuii  +   212d ago
I finished it, got the phone ringing. But had to google it. I think it was a real cool scary teaser, but to actually get any idea what to do you had to be either very lucky or cheat.

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