Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Announcement to Happen at Tokyo Game Show in 2 Weeks

Metal Gear Solid creator and director Hideo Kojima appeared at Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show presentation and announced there will be more news regarding his upcoming open-world stealth title, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, at TGS in 2 weeks’ time.

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Blackleg-sanji1388d ago

If that happens one of my holiday games are getting dropped asap

BX811388d ago

Yeah mg has a huge fan base. I personally could do with out it in place of the many other games coming out this holiday season. I still want to play the game but ground zeroes wasn't anything too special for me. I know they're not the same game but if zeroes is anything to go by I won't be missing out on too much

THE-COMMANDER1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I can't wait!

Believe it or not i'm still playing Ground Zeroes, i just can't get enough of Metal gear.

Hk85karlsson1388d ago

I've been quite tired of it since release, but a while back the MGS addiction started to grow again. IF we get a solid release date (2014) then Imma play it until it drops.

Blackleg-sanji1388d ago

I swear if the release date is early 2015 ima cry my wallet won't be able to handle it

DarXyde1388d ago

2015 is gonna be packed for every console! I hear you on that.

Sadly, I don't think it'll be released this year. Just seems too late of an announcement. Games releasing this year usually aren't announced in the last quarter--not to my knowledge anyway.

I would guess: (A) Exclusive content on PlayStation 4, (B) in-depth Vita connectivity bonuses, (C)Exclusivity to PlayStation 4 in Japan, (D) timed exclusivity in Japan, or (E) a release date. Maybe any combination of these.

Blackleg-sanji1388d ago

Most likely going to be A and E

XxGrim_Reaper05Xx1388d ago

Imagine if it's announced as a PC/PS exclusive... 8I

cfc781388d ago

Doubt it seen as Ground Zeroes was on Playstation/Xbox.

MasterCornholio1388d ago

Look what happened to Tomb Raider.

Maybe its a timed exclusive at the most however I believe it will probably be exclusive content or something similar.

LaFleur1388d ago

Can't wait! Give us a release date, Kojima!

ANIALATOR1361388d ago

Got to be a release date announcement here. It's been put off for too long

NinjaPovah1388d ago

Snake keep me waiting, hope I don't lose arm or leg when he comes

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