PS4 Update 2.0 Will Bring Themes to the Console

Joel Taveras writes, "PlayStation fans looking to bring themes to their PS4, can now look forward to the upcoming 2.0 update."

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THC CELL1300d ago

Loads will be happy now lol

LackTrue4K1300d ago

I really realy miss my PlayStation 3 theme!!!

(dynamic Killzone 3 theme)

Bhuahahaha1300d ago

heheh im still using this badass darksoul theme in myps3 hopefully ill be able to transfer it to the ps4

pedrof931300d ago Show
Major_Glitch1299d ago

@pedro The only way "PS became Xbox" is if Sony produced the technically INFERIOR console, had fewer first-party studios, was last place in sales...again, etc...Fact.
FOR THE LAST TIME, enjoy whatever console you want, but stop deluding yourselves.

Forn1299d ago

Heavy Rain theme for me, always loved that one.

XBLSkull1299d ago

Don't care about themes, how bout we get that media functionality?

Minimox161299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

The one raining in the dark alley? :D that was my of my fav, that and the White Knight Chronicles dynamics, flower and the fullmetal alchemist brotherhood :P

SmielmaN1299d ago

I really miss themes as well and have wanted them since launch. I'll be quite happy when we start seeing some badass themes again. I'm super happy about this

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Mikelarry1300d ago

hopefully we can transfer themes from ps3

P_Bomb1300d ago

Hopefully we can transfer paid avatars too. Have em show up in our ps4/SEN download history so we can change them without a ps3.

Miss photo albums too, saving my own custom wallpapers :/

Born2Game831300d ago

I would like that too, but I don't see how it's going to work. Given both machines work on totally different architecture and os.

P_Bomb1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

All the ps3's default Avatars are already on ps4, so there shouldn't be a tech issue. We know they work, just a matter of flipping the proverbial switch for the paid ones.

I imagine they'd have to be made available on the ps4 iteration of the store first. They don't have any paid avatars for sale yet. Perhaps it'd be similar to how they can tell I bought flower on ps3, thus making the ps4 upgrade available for free.

Custom backgrounds I imagine will happen eventually, especially since we can already save screenshots, and the ps3 did it with ease. Here's hoping

OpenGL1299d ago

@ P_Bomb

There's a big difference between icons that are stored as .pngs being supported on the PS4 and a dynamic theme designed for the PS3 XMB working on the PS4. I wouldn't expect the PS3 dynamic themes to work on PS4. That's okay though, dynamic themes made for the PS4 will probably look better than the PS3 ones anyway.

Prime1571299d ago


Through the PlayStation app on a cell phone you can put any picture on there... I haven't experimented with it too much, but if that avatar saved on your ps3, maybe you could put it on a flash drive? Then xfer to cpu then to phone, then upload?

Just a thought as I don't know.

P_Bomb1299d ago

Yeah, that phone app is great for uploading pics to your profile. Love it. Only drawback is only friends that accept 'real name requests' will see it, so the majority of my friend list won't. But I have two PS3s anyways, so I'll just keep changing them on there in the meantime as the paid/ps+ avatars do show up on my ps4 profile that way.

Something tells me you might be right about old ps3 themes not being transferable to ps4. The xmb icons are different for one, as is the layout. Might conflict

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MuhammadJA1299d ago

I don't want to sound like a troll or anything, but isn't Sony milking these features for future updates? Like themes, mp3 support, pausing downloads, etc...

The_KELRaTH1299d ago

No mention of a user theme creator so I guess it's all about getting a few more beans out of our pockets.

DeadRabbits1300d ago

I never once doubted Kaz & Co!

Ares84HU1299d ago

Never huh?

Funny enough this should have been a standard feature from day 1. The PS3 had this for years.

The way I see things is if you build something new (PS4), you don't take away good features that the previous version (PS3) had. You got something good that the people like, build on it.

I'm glad that we are getting this too but I would have been happier with a audio and video player much more. That is also something the PS3 has and the PS4 should have had from day 1.

Maybe I expect too much.....

porkChop1300d ago

It's about time. Both the Vita and the PS4 should have had themes at launch.

Sharius1300d ago

dynamic theme is f***ing awsome

Rob_Ko1300d ago

yes, I want Uncharted theme like I used to have on PS3