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Submitted by JoelT 527d ago | news

PS4 Update 2.0 Will Bring Themes to the Console

Joel Taveras writes, "PlayStation fans looking to bring themes to their PS4, can now look forward to the upcoming 2.0 update." (PS4)

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THC CELL  +   527d ago
Loads will be happy now lol
onyoursistersback  +   527d ago
I really realy miss my PlayStation 3 theme!!!

(dynamic Killzone 3 theme)
Bhuahahaha  +   527d ago
heheh im still using this badass darksoul theme in myps3 hopefully ill be able to transfer it to the ps4
pedrof93   527d ago | Trolling | show
Major_Glitch  +   526d ago
@pedro The only way "PS became Xbox" is if Sony produced the technically INFERIOR console, had fewer first-party studios, was last place in sales...again, etc...Fact.
FOR THE LAST TIME, enjoy whatever console you want, but stop deluding yourselves.
Forn  +   526d ago
Heavy Rain theme for me, always loved that one.
XBLSkull  +   526d ago
Don't care about themes, how bout we get that media functionality?
Minimox16  +   526d ago
The one raining in the dark alley? :D that was my of my fav, that and the White Knight Chronicles dynamics, flower and the fullmetal alchemist brotherhood :P
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SmielmaN  +   526d ago
I really miss themes as well and have wanted them since launch. I'll be quite happy when we start seeing some badass themes again. I'm super happy about this
Mikelarry  +   527d ago
hopefully we can transfer themes from ps3
P_Bomb  +   527d ago
Hopefully we can transfer paid avatars too. Have em show up in our ps4/SEN download history so we can change them without a ps3.

Miss photo albums too, saving my own custom wallpapers :/
Born2Game83  +   527d ago
I would like that too, but I don't see how it's going to work. Given both machines work on totally different architecture and os.
P_Bomb  +   527d ago
All the ps3's default Avatars are already on ps4, so there shouldn't be a tech issue. We know they work, just a matter of flipping the proverbial switch for the paid ones.

I imagine they'd have to be made available on the ps4 iteration of the store first. They don't have any paid avatars for sale yet. Perhaps it'd be similar to how they can tell I bought flower on ps3, thus making the ps4 upgrade available for free.

Custom backgrounds I imagine will happen eventually, especially since we can already save screenshots, and the ps3 did it with ease. Here's hoping
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OpenGL  +   526d ago
@ P_Bomb

There's a big difference between icons that are stored as .pngs being supported on the PS4 and a dynamic theme designed for the PS3 XMB working on the PS4. I wouldn't expect the PS3 dynamic themes to work on PS4. That's okay though, dynamic themes made for the PS4 will probably look better than the PS3 ones anyway.
Prime157  +   526d ago

Through the PlayStation app on a cell phone you can put any picture on there... I haven't experimented with it too much, but if that avatar saved on your ps3, maybe you could put it on a flash drive? Then xfer to cpu then to phone, then upload?

Just a thought as I don't know.
P_Bomb  +   526d ago
Yeah, that phone app is great for uploading pics to your profile. Love it. Only drawback is only friends that accept 'real name requests' will see it, so the majority of my friend list won't. But I have two PS3s anyways, so I'll just keep changing them on there in the meantime as the paid/ps+ avatars do show up on my ps4 profile that way.

Something tells me you might be right about old ps3 themes not being transferable to ps4. The xmb icons are different for one, as is the layout. Might conflict
MuhammadJA  +   526d ago
I don't want to sound like a troll or anything, but isn't Sony milking these features for future updates? Like themes, mp3 support, pausing downloads, etc...
The_KELRaTH  +   526d ago
No mention of a user theme creator so I guess it's all about getting a few more beans out of our pockets.
FanboyKilla   526d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
GamersHeaven  +   527d ago
DeadRabbits  +   527d ago
I never once doubted Kaz & Co!
Ares84HU  +   526d ago
Never huh?

Funny enough this should have been a standard feature from day 1. The PS3 had this for years.

The way I see things is if you build something new (PS4), you don't take away good features that the previous version (PS3) had. You got something good that the people like, build on it.

I'm glad that we are getting this too but I would have been happier with a audio and video player much more. That is also something the PS3 has and the PS4 should have had from day 1.

Maybe I expect too much.....
porkChop  +   527d ago
It's about time. Both the Vita and the PS4 should have had themes at launch.
Sharius  +   527d ago
dynamic theme is f***ing awsome
Rob_Ko  +   527d ago
yes, I want Uncharted theme like I used to have on PS3
Budobear  +   527d ago
Now we just need folders to organise the home page and all will be groovy.
Why o why  +   527d ago
Trust me.... that line on icons lining up is getting ridiculous...... lack of foresight on that aspect. Like you and many others, I hope they fix that soon.
BitbyDeath  +   527d ago
And Music/Video/Image support
Dontworrybhappy  +   526d ago
Don't lie to me again please! I hope they have a TLOU theme. Also I hope themes come out for X1 soon as well. I'd love to have a Master Chief theme in time for MCC
zsquaresoff  +   527d ago
Finally. The update we've all been waiting for.
Ninver  +   527d ago
Not quite. It's a nice feature but media playback capabilities are more important tbh.
zsquaresoff  +   527d ago
I have a Google Chromecast so media playback and youtube viewing on Tv is not a problem for me.

Playstation themes is something i wanted on my Ps4 since day.

But i get your point.
FACTUAL evidence  +   526d ago
I have an iphone, mp3 player, ps3, amp, ect. Doesn't defeat the purpose of sony's ps4 not having a media player, but i get your point.
madworldps4  +   527d ago
I know it, it is a great feature and I hope to an amazing themes like Infamous SS OR Destiny theme that will be freaking awesome ...
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iiwii  +   526d ago
Destiny theme please!
FullmetalAlchemist  +   527d ago
I hope for another Fullmetal Alchemist theme for ps4
GreenUp  +   527d ago
Nice. But will users be able to make their own for free and let others use their themes if they wanted others to? I don't want to pay to use a theme...
Why o why  +   527d ago
Hopefully they will. I like that we have the option to make our own icons/avatars for our psn accounts. Lets hope sony continue giving us the freedom
GreenUp  +   527d ago
The PS3 had it. I doubt the PS4 will since we don't even have basic MP3 support that even the PS2 had...
Blackleg-sanji  +   527d ago
It's official the ps4 hype train isn't stopping anytime soon ps4 ftw
ChrisGTR1  +   527d ago
I thought they said they canceled this from 2.0 update?
Majin-vegeta  +   527d ago
Lol I know but dont always believe what they tell you.
captain_slow82  +   527d ago
the last of us dynamic theme please make it happen! :D
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that dancing cat needs to be in my ps4 background now D:<
marioJP87  +   527d ago
Awwwww shoot! That's what I talking about. Hopefully the OS won't get any slowdowns.
GTgamer  +   527d ago
Hey if the PS3 could handle it with fairly minimal slowdowns then it should be a Cake walk for PS4 so I don't think we have to worry about that.
iiwii  +   526d ago
Maybe they could use the idle cycles on the download handler chip to handle themes so that the OS doesn't have the overhead added to it?
vastolorde666  +   527d ago
Next gen keeps getting give me a ffv release date..
domford1981  +   527d ago
Ami I being stupid or does it not actually confirm that the themes will be in 2.0? They seem like 2 different statements, just don't want to get excited for no reason I suppose
ColeMacGrath  +   527d ago
They won't be announcing a feature for a later update while there's already an update that is coming soon (2.0) if that's what you mean.
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domford1981  +   527d ago
Sweet, IGN reported it too so seems fairly concrete

Disagrees? It was a question, what's to disagree?
dragon82  +   526d ago
It is official on the PS Blog so you can get excited.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   527d ago
Bloodborne dynamic theme please. That would be kind of creepy but really cool.
Phoenix76  +   527d ago
thexmanone  +   526d ago
My guess would be Xmas, PS4 seems to bet one every 6 months or so.
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ibrake4naps  +   527d ago
They should give awesome themes with game preorders!
WitWolfy  +   527d ago
Anything else we can expect from FW 2.00?
Gravity_DoGG  +   527d ago
Share play. hopefully media playback and some kind of photo studie
Travis3708  +   526d ago
The What's New menu is getting some changes..
Benchm4rk  +   527d ago
Thats awesome. Hurry up MS. Im sick of my plain black background
Septic  +   527d ago
Yeah it needs way more character. Funnily enough, my 360 background was a Halo 2 one :D
Benchm4rk  +   526d ago
Haha yeah mate I was the same but with the Halo 3 theme
XtraTrstrL  +   527d ago
Will it bring folders too? Also, we need DLNA already.
1nsomniac  +   527d ago
I don't want stupid themes. I want promised launch features. Get your priorities right Sony!
Spotie  +   526d ago
Which launch features were promised that you're waiting on?
1nsomniac  +   526d ago
I want priority features;

Suspend/resume (promised at launch).
Partial downloads/pre-play (promised at launch).
Folder organisation (common sense & lack of any pre thought).
Download queue options (again, lack of any pre thought at all).
DLNA/codec media playback (Xbox is now kicking Sony's ass in this department).
MP3 playback (for something as simple as this & yet has not been added is a little embarrassing)

You would think by the way Sony is handling this that its a team of 2-3 people working on these FW updates but in reality it's teams of hundreds, they should be pretty ashamed of themselves by now.
llxKonanxll  +   526d ago

What crawled out your ass this morning?

Everything will come in due time. You have the patience of a three year old.
BitbyDeath  +   526d ago
Partial downloads/pre-play (promised at launch).

That already exists, has since launch.
Ultibreaker  +   526d ago
nades_all_night  +   526d ago
Yes! This is huge. I loved creating wallpapers for the PS3. Now to continue that tradition with the PS4!
The_KELRaTH  +   526d ago
yup I'd much rather have a Theme creator than what is likely to happen.
stuff  +   526d ago
Themes are nice and I'm glad they are coming to PS4, but I have to wonder how much time do people actually spend focusing on a background. Cake is good, but I'm all about the icing.
Majin-vegeta  +   526d ago
Ok I have to ask where they got it's expected sometime in September??I member they said Fall.
johny5  +   526d ago
Please let them be quality themes this time, because god knows how shitty some of the dynamic themes for the PS3 were!
Xb1ps4  +   526d ago
About damn time! Xb1 needs to do this too...
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