New Ys Announced for PS4 and PS Vita

It was announced that a new Ys game will be headed to PS4 and PS Vita in 2015.

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MightyNoX1359d ago

Sony dropping them JRPGs on us! Also Persona 5!!!!

Snookies121359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I know! So freaking excited! Disgaea 5, Ys PS4, and Persona 5? This alone makes me want to go and buy up a PS4 right now.

bouzebbal1359d ago

this is a good start!
Ys isn't a bad series it's at same level at Star Ocean for me. Definitely keeping an eye on this.

Snookies121359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

@abzdiine - Ys for me is now on a higher level than Final Fantasy. This coming from someone who considered Squaresoft the best developers in gaming, ever. SquareEnix has really dropped the ball since then, so now when I need a good JRPG I know I can look forward to Ys games. (Gotta say though, FFXV has my hopes high with Nomura heading it.) Sure, Ys isn't even on the same level as Squaresoft's masterpieces, but at least they're consistent. I have yet to be disappointed by an Ys game. That's all I'm really trying to say here, lol.

nX1359d ago

PS2 is back again :D
It's like the last 8 years never happened, where was this crazy support during the PS3 era?

bouzebbal1358d ago

every JRPG is on a higher level than FF nowadays. it's still below old squaresoft FF standards and that's why i put it in the same level as a Star Ocean, which is a very good JRPG series.

Next stop for Sony, a GRANDIA game! Please...

Bigpappy1358d ago

The Y's series was my favorite RPG series back in the day. It had real time combat and was the first, I know of, to have you return to previously visited towns and areas, and you could see the effects of what previous events did to those areas.
I wish X1 were doing better in the west so there maybe a chance of a port. As things are now, it is very unlikely. The series has never been on Xbox. Not even the very successful 360.

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Majin-vegeta1359d ago

This is barely the pre show.Wait until full show.
*crossses fingers*for TLOD 2

Enemy1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Lol hope you guys are happy now. I forgot who it was on this site that was doubting my claim about the RPG announcements coming in September.

Persona 5 made my life, and a new Ys is incredibly exciting.

jjonez181359d ago

Sony getting back to what makes them unique. Those JRPG roots.
TGS is shaping up to be more exciting than both E3 and Gamescom for PS fans.

Magicite1359d ago

Japan WILL fall!

vanity291358d ago

Persona 5! woke up to amazing news!!!

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Blastoise1359d ago

Memories of celceta rocked! Completed it twice. Will be getting this!

Snookies121359d ago

Have you checked out Ys Origin, or Ys Seven? Those were my two favorites of the franchise! I don't think I've ever been disappointed by an Ys game though. At the very least, they're always really enjoyable games.

slinky1234561359d ago

I loved Memories too. Had a great story I was not expecting. This looks like such a huge update too. Hopefully the Vita version won't be dumbed-down too much.

fullmetal1561359d ago

My heart was thumping just from watching this and the persona trailer but when that ps4 appeared i went crazy i even stripped lol

Hanso1358d ago

lol cant wait too :D
Loved Celceta but for Ys 8 im thinking buying the Ps4 version now. Probably 60 fps..hehehe

imXify1358d ago

They were right. We're making quite a fuss lmao.

Spotie1358d ago

B-b-but making a fuss is only a bad thing!

I may drop out of college again...

Relientk771359d ago

The PS4 is finally getting JRPGs

I am super excited!!!

TheGamez1001359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

lets hope most if not all these titles are hittin west, loved this show with all dem japgames! and this isnt even tgs... anyhow, was hoping this would also be for vita whooo love Ys games

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