Attack On #Gamergate – The heck did we miss

"As gamers, it is interesting that we are no longer considered the core audience of these online publications that have built their existence on catering content that interests us as gamers. What’s even more interesting is that there is a belief that gamers, that is, people that play games as a hobby for a significant amount of time, should no longer be the target audience of game developers." - Attack On Gaming

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RexDD1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Amen to that. Screw sites like Kotaku. They lie, they're corrupted and they insult gamers. The gaming media industry seriously needs a cleanup. Fire all the corrupt and idiotic writers, keep the ones who actually report on games and not some SJW issue or "how gamers are misogynistic." Stop biting the hand that feeds you gaming media industry.

360ICE1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

The Kotaku writer was pretty much cleared of everything. He never reviewed Zoe Quinn's game or wrote any article about her or her projects.

And #Gamergate is by definition a SJW campaign.

Start biting the hand that feeds you, gaming media industry. The less you follow the money, and the more you follow actual journalistic values, the better.

The thing people should know is that there are no good sources in the case about Zoe Quinn. Even if it seems likely that an upset ex is speaking the truth - he's about the worst possible source you could ever get for anything. That would be one of the reasons why websites that know their journalism 101 were reluctant to pick it up.

001360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Actually it goes much deeper then that

GutZ311360d ago

There are tweets from Zoe herself talking about an affair, and trying to cover it up for her own job security.
Even if everything her Ex said was bull, there is still enough evidence to link her to at least 3 of the 5 named in the list.

360ICE1359d ago

One would still ask "Where's the positive coverage"? It doesn't mather how deep it runs if there's no end product.


No one is arguing that Zoe can't be connected to the writers. The Kotaku writer knew her for sure and they had a romantic relationship. It's just obvious that the writers didn't trade positive coverage for sex.

rainslacker1359d ago

Does that mean that Kotaku should be saying that gamers are no longer relevant? They have every right to defend themselves, and their staff if what you say is true. I would expect them to in fact.

However, they are in a prime position to be able to give both sides of the story. They are able to represent both sides of the story. They chose not to. Instead they call for their target audience to GTFO, and try to start a trend where developers just forget about their target audience. Thankfully, publishers aren't so stupid as to just ignore where the money is.

It's disheartening to think that a small fringe group in gaming gained so much control over the media, because Kotaku, Gamasutra, and Giantbomb are not small publications, but hold considerable influence over gaming. As such they should be held to a higher standard, but instead they dismiss an entire community in favor of seeming politically correct.

360ICE1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

They're actually not in a prime position to give both sides of the story, seeing how they're involved in the story themselves. They gave their side of the story, and even though it's a "side", it pretty much confirms without a doubt that their writer was not involved.

Kotaku do hold themselves to a higher standard when they reject to take part in this debate. In fact, they'd break every journalistic ethic ever, if they were to take part in this clusterf* of non-reliable sources. The only reason they had to respond was to protect their writers from false allegations, the same way a politician would be forced to respond if everyone thought fake rumours about them to be real.

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xer01360d ago

I don't even visit Kotaku or any site that I believe has a hint of corruption.

Like polygon.

sAVAge_bEaST1360d ago


Laugh in your Collective "Media" Face.

-feel the wrath of #TRUTH

-We do not forgive, we do not forget... expect us.

GamingBuddha091360d ago

Not to get too off topic but.....did anyone else read the first part of the title and think of the first opening to attack on titan. And in keeping with attack on titan, does it seem that the gamers are the scouting legion and that ZQ and her cronies are the titans?

OokuChicken1360d ago

The site is actually a pun on Attack On Titan, I think I remember reading it soemwhere on there.

LightDiego1360d ago

Great article and great site, really liked the note in the end of the article.
"Because we hate Kotaku" x1000.

mixelon1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

People need to realise blogs aren't freaking broadsheet papers. It's expected for their writers to have opinions and personal investment. Attacking journalists, bloggers. Whoever - you're still attacking people and at best calling them incompetent and at worst calling them immoral. Don't get surprised when they get cagey or upset, you're attacking their livelihood.

Any connections to people being covered should always be clear, but otherwise? Don't like it? Don't visit the goddamn sites. They have no contract with you to provide the coverage you want.

Videogames, guys. This isn't the goddamn Gaza Strip. A level of civility and level-headed discussion (not even debate!) should be achievable.

And though I appreciate the article, the "death of an identity" posts are not actually saying the gamer is dead, or dying. Read those posts again when you've calmed down. They offer an extreme take, but an interesting one all the same. "Gamer" means a lot of different things to different people. The more abrasive and outwardly nasty "core" gamers get, the less anyone moderate would want to associate with them. That's all. Not many people wear "gamer" with pride anymore because of the actions of a vocal minority, as well as the ridiculous stereotypes portrait by the industry as a whole (looking at you EA and co). But if you actually read the posts and TRY to understand where they're coming from it makes sense, even if I/we don't agree with all the points.

Blues Cowboy1360d ago

...what? A moderate, well-reasoned opinion? Here?!

Awesome. Agree with all of that.

rainslacker1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

And when you use generalizations to attack an entire community that overall is not on board with what is happening to the women in question, we get defensive as well. It's fine if these people want to defend their position, but we have every right to defend ours as well.

We didn't start the loss of identity debate. It was the SJW that started to say that we were no longer relevant. Instead of attacking or ignoring the harassment they went after the entire community. Whether all the comments are an extreme exaggeration, it still is a rash generalization, and at no time among the major sites reporting this stuff, has our side been represented. At most, there is a short disclaimer how it's not everyone, but that disclaimer has always come with a "but".

The entire issue of ignoring you're core audience is an attack on the core audience because of the few harassers and trolls that are out there. So it isn't an extreme, it's an actual viable attack on the core audience.

Core gamers don't typically get nasty unless they are attacked by those that don't have any real stake in what we do. There will always be trolls and harassers, it's just the nature of the internet, but the core gamer community at large does not condone threats, even if they feel that the person receiving the threats is threatening them.

At no time have those with positive discourse or constructive debate had an answer provided to them. We're dismissed and marginalized as misogynist or terrible people(of varying degrees). That is not something that should be defended by the press which supposedly is there to represent us, and give us information that is of interest to us.

mixelon1359d ago

Both sides grossly generalised this "debate". Labelling the people you disagree with as SJWs and tarring them with one brush is no different to them saying "gamer" is a toxic term to them.

There can't be anything gained by bickering. "They" never said all gamers are bad.

The rot in the gamer scene is every bit as much of an issue as the media stuff. Just because their issues don't align with yours doesn't mean they're meritless or you've been marginalised.

rainslacker1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I agree. Both sides are grossly generalizing this debate, and inserting quite a bit of hyperbole as well. I use the label for lack of a better term, and to avoid having to over-qualify my statement. I obviously don't mean every person who has the same opinion as those which started the contention, but the extremist which are getting the most notice.

It's possible that many of the comments from the other end are the same way.

My point was though, that those extremist are having their point of view put out there, and the side of the moderate gamer(guess I'll call them that for clarification), is not being represented at all. The moderate gamer is being lumped into our own extremists. Because of this, the rot(as you put it), is having a direct influence on the gaming media, and could if this goes on long enough, have an effect on the moderate.

When we have several articles from well known sites calling for an end to gaming culture, it's very annoying. I see very little to no qualification in these articles over exactly who these authors are calling out. In some ways it seems they are calling out all gamers, and not the extremist fringe. It's like they expect us to be able to control the rot, when we have no control over them at all. Most people don't condone the extremists actions. Most recognize them for the trolls they are, and call them out on it as much as the other side does. But that doesn't get represented. And that's the problem.

On the other hand, the SJW, whether extremist or moderate) has the ability to control the rot. All they have to do is recognize these people for the trolls they are, and either delete the comments, or not respond to them. Instead they make a big deal about it to advance their cause. Instead, when anyone who would go out and put out this thought, or any dissenting thought of their own, they get labeled as things which they aren't. Eventually everything has come to a head, and the gaming community is fighting back, because we're tired of being marginalized as whiny little brats who's opinions are meaningless.