Beyond: Two Souls PS4 Trophies spotted

Further evidence has emerged pointing to a PlayStation 4 release of Beyond: Two Souls.

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Batnut00971d ago

Aaaagh, of all the games for them to port, why Beyond? I would've preferred a spruced up improved Heavy Rain over Beyond.

vishmarx971d ago

well its not like theyre snatching money from my pocket.
bt id rather they spent this time on new games instead of remastering old mediocre games.
for all we know its a graphics upgrade and graphics were the least of its problems... so i dunno what this will solve

BitbyDeath971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

Yea, I wouldn't buy it again either.
At this point the only lastgen game I want a remaster of is Warhawk.

That would be a day 1 easy.

(Oh and maybe the Kingdom Hearts Remixes)

Aghashie971d ago

Now that u mention it, I wouldn't mind Warhawk. Miss that game.

Omar91971d ago

OMG Aghashie your a genius.... A remastered warhawk for ps4... that would be amazing!

PLASTICA-MAN971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

WTF? Was is already confrimed for trophies to be spotted? I know the game exists, but still we don't have a clear confirmation.

Oh, btw, about the deleted scenes: I hope they add the "REAL" deleted scenes.

colonel179971d ago

I believe Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 will come out on the PS4 (and Xbox One) at some point before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3.

SE already confirmed that they are releasing Type-0 on PS4 to help grow the install base, so they will definitely do the same for Kingdom Hearts.

Mr Pumblechook971d ago

Warhawk? I'm hoping for a remastered version of Haze - who's with me?! ;)

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jjonez18971d ago

I would have liked QD to be making that Kara tech demo into an actual game instead.

Remy_Chaos971d ago

I enjoyed the game but it definitely should not be getting remastered for the PS4. I would've preferred to have seen MAG get remade, it seemed like a fun game and I totally missed out cause at the time I was waving the green X flag. I don't understand why Sony would waste their time alongside Quantic Dream's.

hongthay971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

Yeah, you really missed out. Having your own clan of 128 players working together on the big maps to bring the pain was always a lot of fun. I put well over 350 hours into that game. I wish it would have been popular enough to get a sequel. They had a really good command structure in game, too.

Infamous298971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

They could have ported heavy rain than this. I mean beyond two souls doesnt make sense porting it to the PS4 while heavy rain does.

llxKonanxll971d ago

I would've preferred a SOCOM 1-3 collection...

porkChop971d ago

Would have much preferred a Quantic Dream Collection including BOTH Heavy Rain and Beyond. Both are great games, and neither sold as well as they should have. If it had to be one or the other than I would have preferred Heavy Rain as it's a better game overall compared to Beyond. Beyond had better graphics and controls, but everything else was superior in Heavy Rain.

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The story is too old to be commented.