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Beyond: Two Souls PS4 Trophies spotted

Further evidence has emerged pointing to a PlayStation 4 release of Beyond: Two Souls. (Beyond: Two Souls, PS4)

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Batnut00  +   360d ago
Aaaagh, of all the games for them to port, why Beyond? I would've preferred a spruced up improved Heavy Rain over Beyond.
vishmarx  +   360d ago
well its not like theyre snatching money from my pocket.
bt id rather they spent this time on new games instead of remastering old mediocre games.
for all we know its a graphics upgrade and graphics were the least of its problems... so i dunno what this will solve
BitbyDeath  +   360d ago
Yea, I wouldn't buy it again either.
At this point the only lastgen game I want a remaster of is Warhawk.

That would be a day 1 easy.

(Oh and maybe the Kingdom Hearts Remixes)
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Aghashie  +   360d ago
Now that u mention it, I wouldn't mind Warhawk. Miss that game.
Omar91  +   360d ago
OMG Aghashie your a genius.... A remastered warhawk for ps4... that would be amazing!
PLASTICA-MAN  +   360d ago
WTF? Was is already confrimed for trophies to be spotted? I know the game exists, but still we don't have a clear confirmation.

Oh, btw, about the deleted scenes: I hope they add the "REAL" deleted scenes.
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colonel179  +   360d ago
I believe Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 will come out on the PS4 (and Xbox One) at some point before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3.

SE already confirmed that they are releasing Type-0 on PS4 to help grow the install base, so they will definitely do the same for Kingdom Hearts.
Mr Pumblechook  +   360d ago
Warhawk? I'm hoping for a remastered version of Haze - who's with me?! ;)
jjonez18  +   360d ago
I would have liked QD to be making that Kara tech demo into an actual game instead.
Remy_Chaos  +   360d ago
I enjoyed the game but it definitely should not be getting remastered for the PS4. I would've preferred to have seen MAG get remade, it seemed like a fun game and I totally missed out cause at the time I was waving the green X flag. I don't understand why Sony would waste their time alongside Quantic Dream's.
hongthay  +   360d ago
Yeah, you really missed out. Having your own clan of 128 players working together on the big maps to bring the pain was always a lot of fun. I put well over 350 hours into that game. I wish it would have been popular enough to get a sequel. They had a really good command structure in game, too.
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Infamous298  +   360d ago
They could have ported heavy rain than this. I mean beyond two souls doesnt make sense porting it to the PS4 while heavy rain does.
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llxKonanxll  +   360d ago
I would've preferred a SOCOM 1-3 collection...
porkChop  +   360d ago
Would have much preferred a Quantic Dream Collection including BOTH Heavy Rain and Beyond. Both are great games, and neither sold as well as they should have. If it had to be one or the other than I would have preferred Heavy Rain as it's a better game overall compared to Beyond. Beyond had better graphics and controls, but everything else was superior in Heavy Rain.
Knushwood Butt  +   360d ago
I've hardly touched the PS3 version so will be passing on this.

Warhawk? I'd love to, if I had the time...
DualWielding  +   360d ago
Even though the game kinda sucks it makes lots of sense to bring it to PS4... it has amazing graphics, even the PS3 version beats almost everything on PS4 or Xbone, yah, the graphics are only possible because of the game having little to no gameplay...... but if you are at store and the PS4 demo station is playing beyond, it will truly be eye catching
WeAreLegion  +   360d ago
I don't understand the hate this game gets. I loved the story.
DeletedAcc  +   360d ago
People trust reviewers more than themselves as it looks

"uuh so bad game why are they doing this?"

Yeah sure mate u never played lol
averagejoe26  +   360d ago
Agreed. I love lots of gameplay...rpgs are my favorite genre but I loved beyond two souls. Story was incredibly emotional and captivating...something rarely seen in games nowadays...a wonderful experience...
NeoGamer232  +   360d ago
I see a few comments here about other games to remaster...

I cannot believe gamers are falling for this kind of mediocrity from publishers...


I am fine with remasters. But they should come near the middle and the end of the generation when hardware is tapped out and they can make the best remaster possible on this gen's hardware...

Remasters now are ridiculous. I am stunned that gamers are thinking this is good rather than yelling at publishers to bring new games.

I don't mind the odd remaster... But, it is getting out of hand now.
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Palitera  +   360d ago
Money talks.

They barely spend a penny on it and, judging from the amount of remasters happening, they sell a lot.

But don't worry so much. As soon as the new consoles have a decent library (march 2015), the rereleases market will diminish.
NeoGamer232  +   360d ago
I am worried about it. I spent over $2,000 on buying a Wii U, a PS4, and 4 XB1's.

I didn't buy them to replay the same games I already bought. I bought them because they were going to have a bunch of better, badder ass, and bigger games.

All these re-masters are just telling me I was an idiot for buying the next gen consoles right off the bat.
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Palitera  +   360d ago
Well, I wasn't there at the start of the previous generations, but the usual talk is that it is always like this.

So I made the homework and listed the releases of the initial year of the previous gen. Well, it WAS better/more innovative than what we're getting now, but I think it will get better next year.

The present situation is different because now lots of studios (including ones that could eventually be great ones) are working on crap, like mobile or F2P, where they don't need the same high level of production, neither have the same investment/risk.

This is how AAA gaming is now. Fake release dates (aka delays), annual rehashes, content exclusive to blind purchases (aka preorders), overhyping, content watered down through DLC, microtransactions, free to grind crappy games (advertised like AAA, but they're on a lower tier) etc.

We have to #dealwithit or simply give up. In the best scenario, these schemes won't go anywhere for a while.
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kratoz1209  +   360d ago
Starhawk to the ps4 would be nice
younglj01  +   360d ago
Starhawk is so underrated....
Aghashie  +   360d ago
Beyond was an ok game and a great interactive movie. Playing Beyond again on PS4 is like upgrading ur old Terminator 2 movie from DVD to BluRay...

So, since I already watched that "movie" I think I'll pass.

Still, a good chance for those who miss the game on PS3.
icheerbothconsoles  +   360d ago
I wouldn't touch this game again with a ten foot pollack. Why does QD keep trying to reinvent the control wheel? I hated Heavy Rain's awkward bs controls and Beyond is an even bigger mess. Go back to the drawing board Cage and use a control scheme that we can all enjoy and quit wasting our time on old junk. Frickin' lazy developers out for an easy buck. The only one I've played worthwhile yet that was worth revisiting was Last of Us and I am looking forward to Halo redo but other than that......let's move the eff on already.
traumadisaster  +   360d ago
No one cares, don't buy it, I will buy release day. They are not lazy, someone else is for not following their how hard they really do work, do some homework. Enough people like their games so its gonna happen, negativity won't stop the train.
Dontworrybhappy  +   360d ago
Just beat Max Curse of Brotherhood. That game was awesome and adorable. Somebody combine those descriptive terms into awesomeness.
DualWielding  +   360d ago
If they somehow changed the game to offer an option to play it linearly it could actually make a big difference
Geekman  +   360d ago
Why am I not surprised? Is every game from the end of Last Gen gonna be remade? What's next, AC3 remastered?
Rob_Ko  +   360d ago
Never played Beyond (only Heavy Rain and that was awesome), so I'm happy.
KakashiHotake  +   360d ago
I think this remaster is being made for the same reason the Last of Us was. For PS4 owners that didn't own a PS3. I never got to play this game but it always looked interesting to me. So a remaster is right up my alley.
Angerfist  +   360d ago
Sorry. But with all their supposed first party power why is Sony releasing all these remasters? They put no effort in PS4, only because they have the lead. Yeah, disagree all you want. But PSN Outtages, only Driveclub as an exclusive this holiday, no system updates.
CerealKiller  +   360d ago
If publishers want to re-release their games they have the right to.
tigertron  +   360d ago
This game gets undeserved hate. If it's priced right with all the DLC I'll double dip.
Father__Merrin  +   360d ago
missed this on ps3, so a ps5 upscalled port is a good idea but only if it's a budget title like metro
prodg52  +   360d ago
I wonder if they'll incorporate the touchpad into the controls? I really enjoyed this game. One of the few recent games I actually played all the way to the end.
CerealKiller  +   360d ago
A lot of people missed out on this game right before the PS4 came out so it makes sense to offer it to a wider audience now IMO.

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