Video game horrors no child's play

Psychologists and experts in the Eastern Cape are warning that frequent exposure of children to violent computer games can lead to night terrors, violent behaviour and nightmares.

While parents are spending hundreds of rands to have their children's psychological state evaluated, they could be preventing damage by just checking what their children are getting up to on the home computer.

One of the latest and most popular games, Grand Theft Auto Four , is described in a review as going "legit" because, although the player can "still blow up cop cars, run down innocent civilians, have sex with hookers, assist drug dealers and low-lifes and do many, many other bad deeds", the conundrum of lawlessness and lack of moral behaviour comes at a cost to main character Niko Bellic's soul.

Most other games allow the player to transcend into a virtual world where killing people is a norm.

Resident Evil Four, a video game on which the movie was based, is described by one reviewer as taking violence to "another level of gruesome".

Anther shocker, The Suffering, allows the gamer to murder children. The review reads: "This game is disturbing and high on the violence meter." The Brazilian government earlier this year imposed a ban on popular role-playing computer games Counter-Strike and Everquest claiming they incited violence and were "harmful to consumers' health".

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Odiah3834d ago

I know I dream about Resident Evil.

Violater3834d ago

look what it did to me
muhahahah muhahahah

DrWan3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

This topic has been well study with links to Night Terror and Nightmare.

You should not over stimulate your child (rough play) or let them watch horror or even over stimulating programs few hours before they go to bed. Young children do not have alot of other stuff to think about so these vivid images will tend to stick in their heads better.

Most adults would be too stress out to think about things like that after they have played the game or watched the movie, because they will have too much real life problems to worry about...or day to day mundane think about...what's for dinner tomorrow...

butterfinger3834d ago

as you sort of hinted at, it comes down to the parents as always. There will always be programs kids shouldn't watch, games they shouldn't play, etc, but it's up to the parents to control or censor what their kids do. There is a reason we have a ratings system for just about everything now a days, and that is to protect our children first and foremost. We can't blame the entertainment industry for producing things that are amazing to some but detrimental to others. You must control which group attains which items.