Brand New Project CARS Brands Hatch Exclusive PS4 Gameplay

Connected Digital World writes: We have some brand new exclusive gameplay from Project CARS featuring Brands Hatch.

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zeroskie1177d ago

Yeah, i was kind of surprised given how good the screenshots for the PC version look.

SynGamer1177d ago

Looks more like the video itself is compressed a bit. Even on 1080p, there are certain icons that shouldn't be jaggy in the video but are, leading me to believe there was some sort of issue with video compression/scale.

Evilsnuggle1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

This just YouTube . YouTube is horrible compressed video. I don't know why anyone would judge a games based on YouTube videos . I don't even watch videos on YouTube to see the graphics. Because of the quality of the videos on YouTube. You can only judge a game with direct capture videos not compressed video.

I only watch game play graphic videos on gamersyde.

Project Cars look awesome in these videos on gamersyde direct feed videos.

[email protected] [email protected]
Watch this game video . If you think Project Cars is ugly then you need your eyes checked.

Forn1176d ago

Those look much better, thanks. I'll probably end up picking both PCars and Driveclub up at launch.

KuroKazuma1177d ago

wow, the console version is ugly

hiredhelp1177d ago

Wow console version is ugly ... Im supporter of this project cars game slightly mad studios for PC.
That remark is a foolish one given I love my granturismo on playstation as much as the next GT fan i can tell you this look DAM GOOD.

Geekman1177d ago

*Reads comments*

*Watches video *

*Concludes theory that people care too much about graphics*

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The story is too old to be commented.