5 Reasons Why You Should Buy FIFA 15 Right Now

It’s hard to believe September is just around the corner. It’s time to start gearing up for the FIFA season again, and what’s shaping up to be the most awesome installment in the EA FIFA series ever, FIFA 15!

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Aces171360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I should buy it right now, 23 days before it comes out?

brish1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

A site called fifa15 saying people should buy fifa15.

It's not news it's an ad from ea. This ad should have been rejected.

masterfox1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

this is why you shouldn't let fanboys write articles, it doesn't make any freaking sense.

Buy it now and play it on september 23 ?, daammnnn.

nfl1360d ago

Every years awesome. Thats all i hear. Everyone has different tastes and i dont preorder games because of this. If i try a game and i like the way it plays ill get it. If not ill get pes. If there both dud. Ill have to pass.

knifefight1360d ago

I can always trust the unbiased opinions of to tell me whether I should buy Fifa 15 or not.

nX1359d ago

Especially if you look back and see how every year the game plays almost exactly the same... with Fifa you're primarily paying for the license update, not for a completely new game experience. And I'm not supporting that anymore by buying it for the full price.

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The story is too old to be commented.