Sir, your intelligent AI character is acting stupid

Non-playable characters have come a long way with their AI intelligence. As the gaming industry has expanded on everything, developers have been able to make characters seem more real over the years, however, a lot of times characters in games are missing something. NPCs are often copied and pasted from one another in most open world games. Not only that, but they tend to make in-game decisions that are totally idiotic. It’s time for the AI in NPCs to be brought to the next level, not just intelligent, but humanized and having more character.

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MRMagoo1231197d ago

It's a really nice thought and I like the ideas but games take far too long as is and keep getting delayed, trying to make more individual npcs in a game and fleshing them out would add way more time to development imo.

XtraTrstrL1197d ago

That's why they need some middleware company or something that focuses just on this and makes indepth procedural AI scripts for stuff. It has to be done soon, because the idiotic nature of NPCs just becomes more and more noticeable with every upgrade in graphic fidelity. AI definitely isn't scaling up at the same speed as the visuals. Everyone doing their own isn't ideal, with how hard it is, devs need a strong, flexible AI middleware they can just purchase for their game engines.

MRMagoo1231197d ago

Yeh but imagine what kinda engine it would take for it to be universal, there are so many different genres of games with so many different kinds of npcs, the engine would take years on years to dev I suspect.

FlyingFoxy1197d ago

It would probably be a lot more sensible to develop robot A.I that can sit at the computer for hours on end with little/no breaks, and develop A.I itself instead of getting humans to work on it.

Not only that but they could use them to cure diseases and make discoveries for us at a super fast rate compared to humans. I really think that is a possibility, too bad tech like that is advancing so slow and governments are (mostly) interested in wasting money on war instead.

one2thr1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

But do you understand the vast amount of coding hours a group let alone a person would have to figuratively dump into a robot project that can write scripts so that NPC's can act more advance than what is available now?...

Pffft totally not worth it...

sonic9891197d ago

Totally uninterested but I agree on the war point.
Humans cant be replaced they will always be superior.

DanteVFenris6661197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

i know ill get disagrees, but no AI is smart. Im a coder ive coded my own AI. If you see what actually makes the creater appear intelligent its nothing more then smoke and mirrors most AI, and it has for the past 30 years hasnt gone much farther then
for(player in view)
basically thats pretty much almost every AI made in a nutshell. Sure they may animate more smartly and some AI may follow instead of attacking. But AI really hasnt advanced at all, and you especially know this if youve made your own as you compare it to games. Where you notice the AI isnt all that complicated. For example a big hit game the last of us, ellie, who is a follow character does nothing more intelligent then follow the player. It just appears smarter because its talking from a set script. Thats not smarter, its just emitting a sound now just like how when you shoot a gun it emits a sound.

edit: also fighting games the AI generally appears to be smarter as the AI needs to be able to beat you, but its just using an algorithum mathematical forumaly to choose the best choices of attacks at ranges and certain set situations
do these certain attacks
kinda like that. Obvously there a tiny bit more complicated. but in a nutshell AI hasnt advanced at all in the last 2 decades at least. and thats been done sense the first mortal combat...

Vladplaya1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I don't think AI in games has improved that much AT ALL. I yet to see a single game where AI acts better than it did in Crysis 1, where they could navigate in complex terrain, take cover behind objects, and run away if they had to

That's for FPS game where AI is a huge factor in direct gameplay, RPGs can probably get away with more things when it comes to AI, and hence it pretty much haven't progressed from basic path-finding, to direct attack with X ability based on distance from the player, and that's about it.

As far as how NPCs talk and what they say and stuff, that just comes down to a lot of scripting. Which probably would not be too difficult to do with studio would hire separate developer just for that job, but I believe most of them simply decide to save money and go with minimum "good enough" approach. Hence all the brain dead NPCs we see in every RPG, and have been seen for years and years.

Sometime I feel like the only thing that really keeps improving in games lately is graphics, everything else is so similar to how it use to be 10 years ago, or in some cases even worse. Pretty sad.

paidadvertiser1196d ago

You're talking about what's stupid but you start off with 'AI intelligence?'

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