Play Star Citizen and Arena Commander free until 5 Septemer

A handy code that grants you access to Star Citizen for a few days for free.

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NovusTerminus1386d ago

Cool, downloading now! Wanted to try out this game for a while now.

Thanks for the post!

camel_toad1386d ago

Yes thanks for the post indeed! Downloading it now...

traumadisaster1386d ago

Thanks is an understatement, I'm not joking I just played this and the gfx are at another level that I have ever seen in a game. I game at 4k and walking around the hanger, the level was like cgi, I have never seen textures like this. 3 times I said that's real. I have every new game crysis3 etc, star citizen is at another level. Maybe cause I haven't followed this game at all but I'm in shock.

joab7771386d ago

This should hit 1000 degrees. Damn I wish I had a PC to run this.

snowb4201386d ago

Sigh... Downloaded the launcher and can't sign in. Really wanted to try this.

Apophiss20041386d ago

When you enter the code press Enter instead of the Apply Code Button.

snowb4201386d ago

Unfortunately, that didn't fix my issue. Thanks though.

WeAreLegion1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Heads up to those installing:

Make sure you don't accidentally install the Bing Toolbar. I hate when they pull that crap. -_-

Can't wait to play this!

NovusTerminus1386d ago

Too late! Now I gotta get rid of it... sometime, to lazy right now.

sourav931386d ago

Replying to your comment below, my 2600k is currently clocked at 4.5 GHz, so it probably performs a bit better than your i5. But even still, Arena Commander doesn't run too well. But here's hoping its just an alpha issue, and the final game will be properly optimised.

xtremexx1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )


i looked at the requirements and thought to my self, thank god i bought a gaming computer, then i released it said "Minimum Requirements" FML -__-

sourav931386d ago

I know what you mean. Arena Commander runs like ass on my rig, which sports a gtx 770 and a i7-2600k...*sigh*

xtremexx1386d ago

i have a gtx 770 too, waiting for the 800/900 series.

WeAreLegion1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Seriously? My i5 is only slightly higher in benchmark tests than that 2600k. I'm worried now. :/ It runs everything I've thrown at it on the highest possible settings. (780 is part of it)

Twinblade1386d ago

Looks like I wont be able to play it. Lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.