GTA V’s Next-Gen Version Not Delayed, Rockstar Confirms

Release of Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC has not been delayed, Rockstar confirmed in response to recent rumors that surfaced the internet. When a concerned fan contacted Rockstar Support to seek clarification, the developer responded by assuring him that the rumor was not true.

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thorstein874d ago

...and his name is Rockstar.

CertifiedGamer874d ago

So some anonymous person calls rockstar and it is now a fact. You kids need to work on your judgement. The only reason why you guys should not it is delayed is because Rockstar said it in the PS4 conference, not because some anonymous said so.

RIP_Cell874d ago

if there's a delay Rockstar will announce it, the Rockstar support twitter guy doesn't know anymore than we do

_FantasmA_873d ago

Actually, there is undeniable evidence that Rockstar exists. But that other guy...

jay2874d ago

Couldn't care less about it, got it won't re-get it.

Doink874d ago

Then why you even comment?

HappyWithOneBubble874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

He has a right to comment just like you and everyone else. You act like you own this site.

Septic874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

^ He isn't attacking the other guy's right to comment though is he? He's asking the guy why he's bothering commenting if the guy didn't care at all as he says.

So no. He's not acting like he owns the site.

iSuperSaiyanGod874d ago

No point of even opening the artical then , let alone comenting

spacedelete874d ago

people who say they don't care usually care the most.

crimsonfox873d ago

Except my ex wife *breaks down in tears*

TheOnlyMastrx874d ago

We are absolutely different types of people. I got it on both Xbox 360 and PS3, and when I buy next gen consoles I will probably get it again on both, would get PC too but I don't have a good gaming PC yet.

lfc_4eva874d ago

Holy crap.

Why the hell would you want four versions of the same game?

hehehehehehehe. Don't know if you're hardcore or just a little crazy ;-)

Tru_Blu874d ago

If you got the money why not? I know a quite a few people that have BF4 on PC and PS4

TheOnlyMastrx873d ago

My family/friends play on different consoles, so I buy certain games on both Playstation and Xbox. I support both brands, while most of them can't afford to or just don't like one of the brands.

Also GTA Online is damn near perfect for what I like and I haven't even played half of everything they have in it so far. I love it :)

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ArtificiallyYours874d ago

Well that's good news either way.

GamingSinceThe80s874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

So........."It's not delayed till we say it's delayed"!

bloop874d ago

How can it be delayed anyway when it never had a release date :-/

Audiggity874d ago

R* confirmed 2014 during the announcement... people began rumor that it was slipping to 2015... hence the "delay" concerns.