UT3 Gears of War 'surprise' revealed

PalGN writes: "Back in April, Epic Games' Vice President Mark Rein stated that the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 would include a "Gears of War 2 related surprise". Speaking with TeamXbox, Rein has confirmed that the 360 UT3 disc will indeed feature exclusive Gears of War 2 video content.

"Yes there is a great video, narrated by CliffyB and Rod Fergusson, that gives a detailed overview of Gears 2 multiplayer and reveals some cool stuff. The video is exclusive to UT3 360," Rein told TeamXbox. "We think of it as a nice little bonus for the folks who buy UT3 360 which is an awesome multiplayer game in its own right."

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Breakfast3833d ago

This would be the only reason i would -rent- this game.

boodybandit3832d ago

You just know someone will get the game early, capture and post the content here for all to see.

Finch3832d ago

I was going to say the same thing boodybandit, but it most likely will end up on You Tube before the game is even released. By someone who got the game early!

Silogon3833d ago

I can't see this game doing big business on the xbox 360 now. Gears if on everyones mind and let's face it, it wasn't a blockbuster on pc or the ps3 or even combined.

Pain3832d ago

No body cares for UT anymore its been outdone by other FPS's that makes it 'meh' compared to other's.

oh but its going to Sell like made on RROD 2.... eh Bots?....

HeartlesskizZ3833d ago

now the game will sell better...

Dark_Vendetta3833d ago

Just wait 1 day after the release and you'll be able to watch it on the internet

Alexander Roy3833d ago

Exclusive video content? Seriously? GOTY for sure.
Honestly, why not make something really worthwhile and drop some GeOW characters into it? I mean the PS3 already has them, why not ship them with the XBox360 version since it probably won't have mods?

tweaker3833d ago

A beta or demo included with the game would've be much better. That exclusive video will be leaked the first day.

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The story is too old to be commented.