The Escapist Co-Founder Speaks Out: Game Culture Doesn’t Need To Die

Escapist “We do not believe that gamer culture needs to die because non-gamers play games anymore than we believe gearhead culture needs to die because non-gearheads drive cars or foodie culture needs to die because non-foodies eat.”

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tablecloth1359d ago

Never thought it would have gone so far.

Mr Pumblechook1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

It's crazy that some people want to bury the term 'gamer' because they think the word has become sullied and means hateful/nerdy/loser/other pejorative.

The people trying to do this are egotistical known writers on websites who drunk on their own 'fame' are trying to prove their influence on all the gaming communities. However there isn't an alternative word and The Escapist's founder has done good to speak up.

tablecloth1359d ago

Yes, this remind me of Bill O'Reilly talking about "drugs" utopia Amsterdam ( where I'm from ).
Then I'm wondering, which game site is Fox News and which editor or spokesperson is Bill O'Reilly?

T2X1359d ago

OK. I believe in our society we are just perpetuating the culture of people looking to be insulted by something. It's idiotic. I enjoy playing games and always have since their inception. Never once did I ever have to run around painting myself as a "Gamer" to anyone. Ever, for any reason. People that do are usually younger kids looking for their own unique identity. As a professional adult, I personally know plenty of other adults with kids and jobs and they very rarely refer to themselves as "gamers" any more commonly than anyone refers to themselves as "readers" or "Movie buff" etc. These articles are written by hacks and amateur bloggers for clickbait. In their minds, I'm sure they are "Raising awareness of very important social and political injustices" LOL! Guess what? Their games and their not that important.

Spotie1359d ago

Of course it doesn't need to die. It could do with some cleaning up, though.

Particularly, all these people trying to paint gaming as something it's not, or make it into something it's not, need to go. The overblown claims of sexism, the demands for things games shouldn't be trying to deliver, the sensationalist headlines and conclusion-jumping, the ill-informed opinion pieces and intentional misinformation. Gaming was far better without all this stuff, for sure.

But the need for it to die? Yeah, that doesn't exist.