Final Fantasy XV Changes Domain Just Before Sony’s TGS Press Conference: Is it Happening?

Final Fantasy XV has always been a bit of a mystery in the gaming industry. First announced eons ago as the PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII, then repurposed as current generation multiplatform for PS4 and Xbox One after ages of silence, followed by another year of silence.

Tomorrow Sony Japan will held it’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, and something just moved that could indicate an appearance of Square Enix’s late blooming JRPG.

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Abriael1331d ago

I don't think most fans have the energy to riot by now to be honest...

Eonjay1331d ago

I read about this on NeoGaf. Its interesting, buts its really hard to tell. They have to release the game eventually, so why not.

indyman771331d ago

I do! I still have rioting energy! When they FIRST announced this game, it was promised to be the traditional JRPG like FFVII. Which is why people became confused by the original title that included the letters 'vs' or versus. Versus reminded people of action, like versus mode in a fighting game(if they ignore the fact there are turn based vs games).

So my point is here is hoping for a full melodramatic, JRPG music having, Melodramatic console style Summon spell having, JRPG, that is not ashamed of the J in front of it. IF not then we riot!

Godmars2901331d ago

All I got left after all this time, for good or bad, is "meh".

Even if it reviews well I don't think I'll get excited for it unless it can honestly get my interest 10 minutes in.



levian1331d ago

Too true. The best I could manage is apathetic disappointment

UltraNova1330d ago


Yeah but remind me what FF game had anything interesting going on withing the first 10 mins? No I'm not talking about the opening cut-scenes, which btw are at least 10 min long. I should know I've played them all...

Yes yes I took what you said a bit literally but seriously the first hours in any FF game are slow and uninteresting (besides the cut-scenes introducing you to the story) until you find that special weapon/potion and start grinding to level up and take on those ridiculously hard enemies...

Point being you need to invest a lot of time in FF games in order to truly appreciate them, even the bad ones(FF12).

OT: I lost my excitement long long time ago for this and to be honest it will be one of a few games I plan playing that I will watch a lot of reviews before even considering getting it.

Danteh1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is for me one of the greatest mysteries in the gaming industry... I mean it's been such a long time in development that it's also a bit part of my history.

I remember hearing from it precisely the year I started university, on 2006. I was a 17 year old kid and extremely excited. Then a few years later an incredible trailer came out which only hyped me up more.

Almost 9 years later, I already finished my degree, even have a master, and soon to start working/PhD. How can a game take so long? Jeeezus xDDD

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DevilOgreFish1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

MrSwankSinatra - "
If not, then we RIOT!"

9 years later?

geddesmond1331d ago

If Sony announced that FF15 was now a PS4 exclusive I would completely forgive SE for that Tomb Raider announcement a few weeks back. Not because I want to exclude others from whats going to be an amazing experience but for MS and it's fans to know what it feels like when a series you love won't be coming to their platform and ya know what I really think there will be an exclusive announcement. If not the whole world then a japanese region exclusive.

Jeff2571331d ago

Personally I would much rather have Kingdom Hearts 3 be a PS4 exclusive than FF15.

MrSwankSinatra1331d ago

Yeah, but do Xbox fans love final fantasy? I mean let's be honest xbox has only ever gotten three ff games and none of them ever sold anywhere near what the Playstation versions sold.

k3rn3ll1331d ago

Yea but xbox wasn't even around for alot of those games. Some of which were hold overs of the SE and Sony deal during ps1 days. But yes there are people that love it there. As many? Probably not but alot of that could have been lack of users in japan. Question is does Sony have the cash to do it?

_-EDMIX-_1331d ago

MS fans didn't do anything. Don't let your hate for MS stupid practices hurt your fellow gamers.

Second. This game went from PS3 to PS4 and XONE likely because of one feature ALL 3 systems have in common. BLURAY! It has been stated by the developers that Bluray was the reason for the game even having such a large world and airships and likely why it was exclusive to PS3.

At the time, Sony was pretty much not money hatting many games and merely focusing on in house ips, so I feel FFXIII Versus was likely exclusive to PS3 due to the space on the disk (much like MGS4) and not due to a money hat.

This game has zero reason to be exclusive on XONE or PS4 as both have hdds and bluray and the game very much can work.

Though I feel them having the extra GPU power on PS4 clearly would make a better looking game, its likely this engine scales thus by default will look better on PS4 anyway.

In terms of being region exclusive. Its not really an "exclusive" as much as by default they can't sell it on XONE as MS systems really don't sell in Japan. Like almost none....legit 360 in Japan sold 1 million.....THE WHOLE GEN!

So it being announced in Japan, doesn't really matter as who would care in Japan? They don't buy XONE's or 360's, thus the only news they hear is FFXV coming.

Sony is right to not waste any damn time or money to money hat a game. Square isn't selling the IP, if anything it would be timed which does nothing for gamers or Sony.

You still get it on PS4 like you always would.

MORE PS4's wouldn't just sell based on HELLO MOST FF fans exist on PS systems based on sales of the series.

No reason to make it exclusive really for both parities.

Not many people buying a XONE for FFXV.

Ggame1331d ago

As I know right now is that Xbox fans never respect Final Fantasy as PS fans did. The series was born on PS system and its fans are, from their birth, still on it. Making exclusivity to PS system is worthwhile for both SE and Sony and could have made the series continue alive.

_-EDMIX-_1331d ago

@Ggame. Though the series origin is else where, its its mega hits where born on PS system a side from FFIV and FFVI.

The series only took a bad turn when Square wanted to make it multiplat even if it meant having to for go many features.

ie FFXIII being made on DVD was always a bad idea.

FFX and FFXII and FFXI where made on DVD, yet they where expecting greatness using the same space?

Well make many more disk.....too bad the FF game they made didn't really help that concept as it means it can't have a huge open world due to space limitations.

Being exclusive to me should only be warrented if some otehr sysetm lacks the specs to make it so.

ie FFVII made sense on PS1 due to N64 not having enough space to make what Square wanted.

They took a risk and made a game that could only be made on that system and it sold extremely well despite being on a unknown platform at the time.


They put design and creativity over profit.

Some times those bets work the best. FFXIII didn't help anyone as it sold poorly from BOTH install bases.

It technically speaking by DEFAULT should have sold better then FFX. In stead its sales are actually closer to X-2, an industry rpg joke...

Many MS fans who may have not known of the series might now forever be put off to it and even PS fans take a FF release with a grain of salt because of this stupid move.

FFXV excitement has more to due with that it was a FF game being made based on specs alone ie it was made on PS3 due to Bluray, its being made on PS4 and XONE for likely that same reason along with better specs.

That makes this game much more interesting to care about.

Let it be known, I have nothing against 360 fans, but I'm sure if your favorite series was getting nerfed because of another systems short comings, you would not want it getting ruined.

Mind you...I'm a bigger MGS fan and I'm fine with MGSV being on 360, why? Cause its not hindering development of the whole damn game JUST for the sake to be multiplat.

Like GTAV, MGSV will probably be in HDD install on 360 to make the game work.

FXIII didn't have that luxury and was pretty much gimped by design to work on many DVDs.

ie FFXIII Versus > FF XIII purely based on it was actually advancing the series and not nerfing it.

ie FFXIII doesn't have airships....FFXIII Versus did and does.

FFXIII was on many DVDs which limited content to be linear, FF XIII Versus was only on Bluray (still is too based on XONE has bluray) and it was open world with airships.

Is gimped vs advancement. not PS vs MS. We all want great games and I wouldn't want a FF ONLY on PS4 if it mean destroying the whole series to make it work. Id rather have it on the best vs garbage on worse.

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jrshankill1330d ago

meh, does anyone care anymore?

I don't mean to troll, it's just I think the series has hit a roadblock since FFX.

levian1330d ago

FFX was decent but I felt it started to go downhill with that game. The characters were all terrible except for maybe Yuna and Auron and it was insanely linear until near the very end. And it was the game that caused the death of the Overworld and Airship you could actually fly

Passenger1330d ago

Actually I am very interested in FF XV. But I feel you.. Nine years is an absurd long time to be hyped. Last year I giggled about the reveal trailer because I though (more a joke to myself) that FFXII VS is actually XV at the first teaser. But my hype has washed away due to long production. Meh, hope it´ll turn out fantastic ( not like the shitty XIII series) -.-

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Enemy1331d ago

Sony is throwing everything they've got into tomorrow and TGS. To go all out is the only play they've got left. Consoles are dying in Japan.

Versus XIII will pop up at one of, if not both, of Sony's conferences in September.

CocoWolfie1331d ago

i can see it happening, like they could push japan seriously huh :')

_-EDMIX-_1331d ago

Consoles are not dying in Japan.

Wii U is selling well their. Japan just takes time to get consoles. ie they don't really early adapt as much as other regions.

Also FF series being mainly a PS thing in Japan, they will likely buy PS4's merely to play the new FFXV, Kingdom Hearts 3 and what ever the next FF Square is working on.

(Many need to still remember that this game is after a port to a PS3 game, thus the team is likely a full feldge team)

Though I'm not sure how much of FFXV was done on PS3 (to my understanding they started doing the next gen versions I heard in 2012) so its likely that lots of their main staff might be already working on early stuff of the next FF.

lategamer1331d ago

Wii U is selling well in Japan? It's been almost 2 years (about 20ish months) since release in Japan, and it's sold less than 2 million.

PS3 has only sold 10 million.

PS4 less than 750,000 units.

Take into account that Xbox 360 and One don't sell that great either, so most consumers choose between Nintendo, Sony, or nothing for consoles.

Meanwhile, handhelds are on the rise. People in Japan tend to play on the go. Trains, walking, etc. Vita has sold more than 3 million. 3DS almost 16 million. PSP about 20 million.

So yes, in a sense consoles are dieing in Japan. They are not as popular as they were in the past.

If Sony wants the PS4 to sell well, it needs strong Japanese support. It launched in Japan with very few Japanese-oriented titles. However, developers are also another problem. Development for current consoles cost more and requires more man power so developers tend to stick to 3DS/Vita/Mobile or last gen (Persona 5 on PS3 anyone?).

Omar911331d ago

For their sake lets hope so. Can you imagine the amount of craziness it will cause if they finally announce a release date?

Enemy1331d ago

They won't. At most, they'll announce a target year, which will be 2016.

Scatpants1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

I'm guessing 2015. If they're not almost done with that game by now there's just no hope for them.

_-EDMIX-_1331d ago

If they don't make 2015, it will be quite sad.

Remember now....this is a port to a PS3 game. Going to those new engines and systems if anything should make it much easier.

TimeSkipLuffy1331d ago

High chances this is multiplat. SE does not have that business relationship with Sony anymore. Which is very unfortunate. I wish Sony would own Final Fantasy T___T

HappyWithOneBubble1331d ago

Yeah Sony sold the stock and I think Sony did the right thing cause SE haven't made anything worth investing in in the past few years. SE might be doing more deals with MS now but SE main audience is on PS.

geddesmond1331d ago

Just because Sony sold the stock doesn't mean they no longer have a relationship. People bought that stock so SE never lost out.

As for it being multiplat. SE along with many more publishers see the sales and hype for the PS4. They see that the PS4 is standing at 10 mil worldwide while the other to consols stand at 12 mil combined worldwide. If PS4 keeps selling like this it makes more sense to go PS exclusive than waste resources on something that might not justify the extra costs.

Abriael1331d ago

At the very most in Japan like Destiny. I doubt it tho.

SoapShoes1331d ago

FFXIII was exclusive in Japan so I don't see this being different.

Eonjay1331d ago

Destiny is exclusive in Japan?

Enemy1331d ago

Exclusive in Japan only, if so. Pretty much they already confirmed it's multiplatform, just like Kingdom Hearts 3. If it was exclusive, they definitely would have clarified that when they finally showed the game again at E3 2013.

the_dark_one1331d ago

well tomb raider was multiplat and we saw where that went. for a time

Mystogan1331d ago

It's already confirmed for Xbox One. Sorry buddy.

HeWhoWalks1331d ago

I bet you were just itching to type that, "buddy".

OT: Maybe we'll see an appearance this year. I can see this being PS4 exclusive in Japan, but for a limited time. Doesn't matter, though, the game will sell much more on PS4, anyway, so there's no real need to do that in any territory.

I'll just be satisfied with news about it.

mkis0071331d ago

Just like Tomb Raider was eh?

user3672721331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )


So it will sell more on your console of choice makes you feel better that you have the itch to type it? Fanboy much?

Games should be avaialable on as many consoles as possible just like Tomb Raider and No Man's Sky should be regardles of how many more it sold on whichever console or not. That "it'll sell more on my console " BS needs to stop and let others enjoy the game. End rant

I'll know for fact if this game is on PC..I'll get that instead but I'll get it on the console I currently have when it comes out and I can care less if it is selling 10x more on another console.

Passenger1330d ago

It´s true, confirmed for PS4 & X1 http://www.finalfantasyxv.c...

Couldn´t believe it myself, but why should SE lie on their own page? xD

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1331d ago

Timed maybe. Maybe some exclusive bonus's. Not a true blue exclusive.

listenkids1331d ago

I get the disagrees, but the new ff15 website does only state ps4, whereas the rest have xbox etc.

listenkids1330d ago

Never mind, it's been amended.

_-EDMIX-_1331d ago


I think he might be referring to in Japan as TGS is regarding Japanese releases.

The last FF was exclusive to PS3 in Japan...ever FFXIII sequel was exclusive to PS3 in Japan.

Square has never done a Japanese version of a main FF game in Japan for MS.

So what he is saying makes sense. "exclusive" well...merely by default as they are not likely to make a XONE version knowing it just won't sell anyway.

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PaleMoonDeath1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Don't hype me up, godammit I always get my damned hopes up for this game only to see them crushed :(

EDIT: Who am I kidding, this has gotten me hyped to hell, showing anything would be amazing, release date please!