Exploring The Hype – Fighting Through The Last of Us

IM PLAYIN takes a look at the hype surrounding The Last of Us as they play through the remastered version on the PS4.

"As an Xbox 360 gamer I never had the chance to play The Last of Us on the PS3. I think that it must have been a regret for many of us as the game started to get award after award with scores of 9′s and 10′s across the board. “Could this game really be as good as everyone says?” I asked myself while I went back to the 360 silently hating the fact that there was this amazing game that I couldn’t play. I think Sony understood that, and the fact I can now play The Last of Us on the PS4 gave me a great chance to finally see what all the fuss was about."

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amiga-man1362d ago

I think that is a fair assesment, the game is built around a very believable story, you find yourself growing with the characters what happens to them matters and you want to be part of their survival.

This game was one of the few games where looking for stuff (bullets etc) felt more a matter of survival than an irritating chore, as a game it has redefined how important a story is in creating a great all round experience

ramiuk11362d ago

nailed it with htat comment dude(have abubble)

last of us is almost perfection in a game imo.
the characters was perfect,level design was amazing and the plot and script was perfect.
as u say it was believeable in every moment.
nothing i have played has touched me like last of us.

have u seen the making of? its awesome ands should of been included on the disc imo

amiga-man1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Cheers for that ramiuk1 i hadn't seen it and how someone can disagree with what you said is beyond me.

Miss_Vixen1362d ago

Agreed, I've been playing video games ever since the Atari 2600, & rarely have I felt so much emotions & attachments to game characters.

You should check out the recent The Last of Us - One Night Live video.

It's definitely worth watching. You get to see the real-life cast of Joel, Ellie, Tess, Marlene & Sarah reenacting & doing live performances the important vital scenes from the game. The emotional scenes was particular very powerful & is a testaments to the acting abilities of the actors.

Sharky2311362d ago

To me the voice acting is where it's at. The way Joel treats Ellie in the beginning compared to the end. You can really tell he grew to love her as a daughter. Not many games can get you that invested! It's almost like the walking dead universe. If the writing is good you can explore any character and it will make for a very emotional experience. While this game did have a few minor bugs. It's still one of the best games ever! Great article!

spacedelete1362d ago

i thought that was suppose to be included in the game ? i'm sure there was an article about that.

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ramiuk11362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

@amiga-man once i had watched it i just wanted to play it again.
The whole doc showing all the sound guys,the music,the cast etc its prob the best making of i have ever seen also.
Also the fact they didnt mocap the faces and it looked so real is mindblowing and probs to there animation team because looks better than mocapped most times

this site is mental with disagrees but its prob just anyone who hasnt played it because i think its prob the best game i have ever played period.i been gamingsince 1986 so have played a few games haha.

@miss_vixon i gonna watch that now thanks

toddybad1362d ago

I myself only recently played it after jumping from x360 to ps4. it's a brilliant story with many great moments. The only thing is - and this is the case with much modern gaming - at times it is like the old dragon's lair games that were hated in the 90s. You basically play something with no real choices or chance of failure simply to get to the next cut scene. it's almost like a film with playable moments. excellent modern game though.

spacedelete1362d ago

the last of us has plenty of "gameplay". i've played through the game about 4 times and these days i don't even finish games once. also theres the multiplayer which is just as good as the campaign. try grounded difficulty and then tell me if you still think its more story than gameplay.