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Submitted by bggriffiths 456d ago | opinion piece

The Grass Is Always Greener... I have a PS4, so why do I really want an Xbox One?

Dealspwn writes:The grass is always greener on the other side. Early on in a new generation of consoles, you usually have to pick between two big rivals. It’s been like that throughout all of my formative gaming years. Sega vs. Nintendo. Nintendo Vs Sony. Sony Vs Microsoft. Whatever side you choose though, chances are your console is going to have a slow start during the first 18 months, especially with development time of the big Triple A titles getting longer and longer.

As a PS4 gamer I’ve had plenty of games to enjoy since launch from exclusives like Infamous and Killzone to the compelling third-party efforts like Assassin’s Creed IV, Wolfenstein the Lego games and more recently Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. After E3 and Gamescom though, I have to admit I’ve been getting itchy feet and the feeling that I’m missing out by not having an Xbox One, like I said, the grass is always greener and all that. (Culture, Microsoft, PS4, Quantum Break, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Sony, Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One)

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n4rc  +   456d ago
Loving my Xbox one.. But i fully understand the sentiment.

Quick rundown.. Had almost every console leading up to ps2, then moved over to competitive PC gaming... After that i grabbed my first Xbox cause it was cheap and really liked it.

Yet then those Kevin butler ads showed up for the killzone sharpshooter bundle..

"Dude that's badass!" Start talking to a buddy that was playing kz. Next thing you know, I'm telling him to give me a hour.. Lol

Bought the ps3 bundle, pseye etc.. Dropped like $500 just because... The grass is always greener on the other side lol..

Haven't felt that urge yet this gen but I know myself.. Its coming lol
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ITPython  +   456d ago
It's going to take a lot of exclusives I really want to play on the XB1 to make the switch. I am not the type that simply goes out and buys a console just for one game. I look at it as an investment, and if I will get my moneys worth over time.

If the XB1 had better performing/looking multiplats, then that would be a different story since there would be added incentive or an extra excuse I could give myself. However the PS4 has the multiplat advantage this gen, so the only reason for me to get an XB1 would be for the exclusives. And as of yet, there isn't even remotely enough exclusive games I am interested in to warrant the cost of another console.

MS really needs to work on getting more first-party studios and start churning out a lot more AAA exclusives, as I'm sure there are many others who think along the same lines as me that have a PS4. I mean we have the better performing/looking multiplats, so all that is left that we don't have is XB1 exclusives. But the thing is, exclusives for the Xbox brand have always been extremely thin pickings, with Halo and GeOW really being the only ones that stick out.

The XB1 is really stuck between a rock and a hard place this gen. MS needs to stop wasting money on timed exclusives and start whipping up some of their own in-house exclusives if they ever want to start catching up to the PS4 in regards to sales.
Kavorklestein  +   456d ago
See, I'm the complete opposite.
I don't see ANYTHING that MAKES me want a PS4, EXCEPT that multiplatform games look marginally (ever so slightly) better.

I don't like Playstation controllers, and although the Dualshock 4 is MUCH better than past controllers, it lacks that "I want to play with this all day in my hands" feeling I get from 360 and Xbox one controllers.

The Order Looks GORGEOUS- but it also seems like it could be disappointing or unworthy of 60 bucks if it doesn't have any multiplayer or co-op components to it.
So, basically, unless the Campaign is a MASTERPIECE, I will feel like it's got little re-play value.

The Last of Us Remastered is a cash grab and Naughty Dog should be ashamed that they lied about no plans for a PS4 Version back when they released Left Behind for the PS3.
I don't care how good of a game the Last of Us is, ND played a dirty game, and yet no one calls them out for it simply because it's Naughty Dog- The ONE saving grace of Playstation exclusives from 2007-2013.

I DON'T care about Killzone.
I don't care about Knack.
I don't care about Planetside 2-(I played it on a killer pc on max settings with keyboard and mouse and fail to see why ANYONE likes it whatsoever. I played it over the course of like 3 weeks after upgrading my GPU and it's extremely lack-luster)

I don't care about Bloodbourne, it's more of the same bland Dark Souls formula with no real excitement or "Life" to it, basically that type of game ran it's course for me already, and I am not impressed.. apart from the GFX.

Uncharted games have NEVER been a Day one Purchase for me, so I'm not about to start now, and I most certainly will not be buying a CONSOLE for Uncharted 4.

I think Driveclub is GORGEOUS, but I don't care about it beyond that. I want a sim, not an arcade Racer, and Gran Turismo takes half a century between releases so -NOPE for racing exclusives.

No Man's Sky seems great, but it's not a System seller for me in the slightest, and I'm expecting it to come to Xbox one eventually so if it does, then I'll just wait.

I've practically given up on the Last Guardian coming out, so there's another reason to skip playstation.

I don't Like JRPG's AT ALL anymore, I can barely justify playing Pokemon and FF7 for Nostalgia's sake anymore.

And Yeah, PSN is not my thing either.
Basically, I just DON'T want a PS4.

The Xbox one has: Controllers I like, Online infrastructure/system I like, EA Access(which IS a good deal- anyone who thinks otherwise is LYING), Halo:Mcc which has the Highest Value/content of any game in History, Forza 5/FH2, Ryse-(which despite being labled as sub par, still has me interested in playing it) Halo 5 Guardians, Quantum Break, New Gears of War, Phantom Dust, Sunset Overdrive looks like it could be fun to rent, and possibly worth a purchase. Call Of Duty Content first, Not to Mention Titanfall is a blast.

I just DON'T want a PS4, and nothing on the Horizon is helping change my mind.

XB1 has All the Multi-Platform games the PS4 does, except perhaps at 2 to 4% percent less visual fidelity.

I just Don't see better looking multiplats played with an awful controller being the thing that makes me Make a big decision.

Exclusives are the reason why I buy a console first, and Sony's look boring, lacking that *magical appeal* factor, un-fun, or overhyped.

I think there are just more people who are satisfied with having Multiplatform games be better, so they are getting PS4's and are counting the exclusives as a bonus.
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Kavorklestein  +   456d ago

I however, would prefer to play my favorite franchises, with a comfortable controller, from a company who HAS tried to innovate with Kinect, and even if it isn't the greatest thing ever, it is STILL more functional and practical than any peripheral Sony has made, and yes, that includes Eye toy, and PS Move. The PSP was always a pointless handheld to me, and the PS VITA being borderline forgotten/supported is a disappointment as well. There's also the disappointment that is PS Now. Sony has some more surprise coming I'm sure, but- I'm not betting on them for my First next gen console, but maybe later.

Microsoft may have big surprises up their sleeves too, and they also have the biggest online infrastructure, and THE BEST SOFTWARE ENGINEERS IN THE WORLD backing it.

I'm getting an Xbox one.
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NewMonday  +   456d ago

people don't care for timed exclusives, MS going heavy on this tactic devalued it's library and actually did more harm to XB1, this why even the WiiU is selling more than the XB1 now leaving MS in 3rd place.
UltraNova  +   456d ago

Dude how many shades of blue did you change holding your breath typing that dissertation on "Why I severely dislike Playstation" ?

Seriously, I'm not a fan of MS, not to the slightest but still there are things I like about the xb1 (Quantum Break, Halo)...the only impression I got through that absurdly long 'comment' of yours was hate.

Why bother?
aftershock  +   455d ago
@Kavorklestein what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. May god have mercy on your soul
SpeedDemon  +   455d ago
@kavorklestein I could see something not appealing to everyone, but your basically saying absolutely nothing about the PS4 appeals to you.

The Last of Us Remastersted is a cash grab, but the MCC is a huge bargain? Sure it's 4 games and all the map packs, but 3 of which are basically untouched graphically and Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 4 GOTY edtion all came with their DLC maps, if it wasn't for it including a remastered version of Halo 2, you would be buying the same games for a much higher price than you would if you bought them on a 360.

And you don't like PS+, yet you do EA access?

You don't like Gran Turismo because they take their time making it and aren't shelling them out every year?

Also you claim you have a really high end PC, yet your looking forward to playing Ryse on an Xbox One instead of your PC? I doubt anyone that drops that much into a gaming rig would prefer not to take advantage of it.

Your comment is just screaming fanboy.
ShinMaster  +   456d ago
I think you just gotta know what you want and be familiar with each product.

I'm familiar with each product. I know what I want and what I don't care about.
Makes my console buying decisions quite easy.
bmf7364  +   456d ago
2014, like 2012, is a huge drought in gaming. Yeah, 2012 had Journey, Halo 4, and the Telltale's Walking Dead, but nothing that's a system seller, like 2014. Destiny is amazing, but other than that it's just annual releases. 2015 WILL be the Year of Gaming. Witcher, Uncharted, Bloodborne, MGS, Halo, Evolve, H-Hour, Battlefront 3, Star Citizen, MKX, Tomb Raider, Batman, No man's Sky. The list gets larger entering TGS and 2015.
WiiUsauce  +   455d ago
... WHAT?? English couldn't have been your strong suit in school.
xJumpManx  +   456d ago
I like having each console. If you see a game that looks fun you just go out and get it. Each generation has a primary console for me last gen it was 360 and this gen it is looks to be PS4.
Visiblemarc  +   456d ago
Yep, why limit yourself?

I agree totally. If you can afford it, get any/every console that has games that interest you. Then play whatever you like.

Alsybub  +   455d ago
Totally agree. I have all three. I think each console is affordable if you don't buy them all on the same day.

I bought my Wii U in 2012, my Xbox One in 2013 and my PS4 in 2014. The secret is saving up a small amount for a few months. Easy. ;)

When you own all the systems you get why fanboyism is just ridiculous. Also, I would never want to be a slave to a brand. I like to play games not manufacturers.
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Hands Up For Games  +   456d ago
It's a great thing that choice and opinions are subjective :)

You buy a console to play games, it's as simple as that. If you can think of enough games that you can only play on the one bit of hardware then you have to add up what it all costs and if it represents value to you then you'll buy that console and the games you want. It's the reason that during a generation life cycle, I'll always own all of the consoles eventually, it's just what games I want to play the most, determines the order I'll buy the consoles.

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all make amazing games. We gamers are very lucky.

This isn't rocket surgery :)
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llxKonanxll  +   456d ago
I'm in an agreement with the article. I currently own a PS4 and I can only see myself owning an Xbox One for the exclusives maybe another year or two down the road. I'm sure it's a fun console but right now it's not for me.
ravensly  +   456d ago
honestly these kind of articles are pretty stupid .

why buy a console ? EXCLUSIVES!
DanaBlack  +   456d ago
Honestly i bought all consoles on launch day, haven't touched my XboxOne at all since Titanfall which i traded in since i was low on $$$ but i can't wait for dat masta chief collection
RosweeSon  +   456d ago
I would have done normally but with an RRP of £429 over here compared to sony's £349, it was a no brainer for me besides xbox weren't doing free games at the time sony were I was already signed up to ps+ through ps3 and vita but that xbox price just was too much for me, yet I paid £429 for my launch day ps3 however many years ago that was with no games, for that privilege and a film it was best part of £500, not this time around £429 for my ps4 but it came with the camera (which I sold for £40) and a spare controller (another £40 once I sold it) so I paid £349 on launch with a free copy of killzone and then got months of free games, happy days ;) I wouldn't be happy with xbox one due to no games floating my boat currently and the ones that do are a year off by which point they would have knocked more than the £80 they have already knocked off in this country (Uk) which is nearly the cost of 2 brand new full retail games, ouch, glad I'm waiting and will continue to wait for another year or so for xbox one. It's just overpriced and unfinished in my opinion, updates will change that but I'm happy to wait it out. Spent 6/7 years with xbox 360 time for a change, nintendo and sony all the way now this end ;) great gaming.
DanZeeMan  +   456d ago
The xbox one currently costs £350 without kinect, as does the ps4, the xbox one has had more feature updates than it has games, your comments are void! I'm appreciative of both consoles capabilities so no I'm not a fan boy,

The less said about the Wii U the better though
SoapShoes  +   456d ago
Less said about Wii U the better? And you're calling yourself not a fanboy? Wii U has better upcoming games than Xbox and probably will for the next year as well, yet you don't want it mentioned? HA!
KarmaV12  +   456d ago
But the Wii U doesn't have better exclusives than PS4 this year??? Xbox one has better exclusives alone with Master Chief Collection, throw in Forza, Ori and Sunset Overdrive. Thats quite the good variety if you think about it. Indie Lovers get Ori and many other ID@Xbox games coming this year, Racing fans have Forza Horizon 2, Everyone X1 owner who ever played a shooter gets Halo, and people/kids who like to have a blast playing get Sunset.
ChuckTheIceMan  +   456d ago
I haven't played much since titanfall either, mine is used for TV and Netflix. I don't know that I will get the master chief collection. There isn't a whole lot to get excited about on either console yet in my opinion. I have pre-ordered destiny for ps4 just because most of my friends are getting it on ps, and that will keep me busy for at least a month I'm sure. Neither console has proven itself yet though.
Jag-T1000  +   456d ago
voodoogts  +   456d ago
Xbox got games and support.

X1 - External hard + DNLA

PS4 - none
TKCMuzzer  +   456d ago
Getting a bit annoyed of people pointing out things that have nothing to do with gaming. There is only one reason many want DNLA streaming and it's not to watch back their wedding videos stored on their computer.

Most TV's do DNLA streaming and that's without turning on an extra device to do so.

It's supposed to be about games next year, which by then I imagine Sony would have added DNLA to the PS4 to appease the complainers.

The external hardrive is pointless as you can replace the PS4 internal one with a bigger one at a smaller cost, without having one hanging from the USB port.

Compare the games because that's what counts and it is important as many can only afford one console, games sell consoles.....
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donthate  +   456d ago
Well, game experience is also important and online, MS wins big.

After the recent DDOS by LizardSquad to both MS and Sony, the result was Sony was down for a day and had to reschedule their planned maintenaince (which would have also taken the network down incidentally), while MS got praise from LizardSquad:

You combine that with Azure Cloud and you got one magnificent experience with dedicated servers on all games and all the frequent system updates with new features to boot.

While on PS4, you got P2P multiplayer on a flagship game like Killzone: Shadowfall.
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Back-to-Back  +   456d ago
You buy a console for non gaming features, I buy a console for games.

One_Eyed_Wizard  +   455d ago
I agree.

I really couldn't care less that a console can't play MP3s or movies.
RosweeSon  +   456d ago
I bought ps4 day one and while it's barely been used it's going no where ps+ is paying for itself and the console 8/9 months of free games all add up and give me something to play when I'm finally ready, still trying to finish off my xbox 360 and ps3 nearly done my xbox, but as the ps4 was so well priced, still hasn't had a price cut and I've been getting free games normally worth at least a tenner each as I said it all adds up, xbox one has tempted me with the tomb raider news but luckily it's only timed, sunset overdrive looks ok but worth buying a whole console for, it's the same personally for me and the halo collection, I'd buy it if I bought the console as it's just great value but I'm not a massive halo fan, tomb raider isn't even out until next year and other than that it's quantum break, other than the fact it's made by remedy, Alan wake chaps which is great the jury's still out and it is for me on the whole with the console it looks ok and as most people you always want what you dont have but I'm glad I've been able to restrain myself and not just buy it because it's a new console, I've got more than enough to get on with also owning a 3ds vita and Wii u so xbox one can wait at least another year or so at which point it'll be reduced again and most likely slimed down.

PS4 all the way with me and yeah I've not used it but I sure as hell will and it's still the same price now so I've not lost a penny/cent ;) just built up a library of games for free.
tcharger  +   456d ago
Until about a week ago I had both the PS4 and the Xbox One(and wiiU but thats mostly collecting dust in the basement waiting for Zelda/Metroid). I just got rid of the Xbox One, although some of the extra apps etc are cool, and well done I just wasn't getting into any of the games to the same level that I was on the PS4.

Some of the integration of TV etc is neat and really well done, but I cut the cord on my cable about two years ago, so don't have a need for that. The voice commands for Netflix again are cool, but my TV already does this(I will admit the Xbox does do it better, but wasn't enough to justify keeping).

I may one day regret getting rid of it but right now I am happy with my decision, and if something changes in the future I will just pick another one up after a price harm done
Software_Lover  +   456d ago
So you kept the Wii-U, which by your statement is "collecting dust", until other games come out. You then got rid of your Xbox One, which you apparently used more than your Wii-u? Didn't wait until the games you wanted came out for the Xbox one?
I don't get it.

I got rid of my Xbox One because I wanted to sell it high as I pre ordered the White Sunset Overdrive bundle. My ps4 is still here.
tcharger  +   456d ago
No not exactly. The WiiU is collecting dust for me, my kids are currently playing it.

I ended up trading my Xbox One with a buddy for a nice DSLR camera(something I needed more than a 3rd (5th if you want to count the ps3/360 set up essentially for netflix and the odd game on other tvs)system that wasn't getting a lot of use). An offer that essentially was to good to turn down came along, and I decided to jump on it....actually gained money, so if in the future a game came out that I really wanted I would go grab the system.

I oddly am also the only person that I have ever met that isn't a fan of Halo or Gears of War, so two of the bigger exclusives did nothing to entice me to wait for them. Also have about 4 times as many friends on PS so the decision wasn't really a tough one in that regards either.
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y7jzdgy  +   456d ago
Really dumb move.
MysticStrummer  +   456d ago
Exactly. He should never have bought an XB1 in the first place.
mhunterjr  +   456d ago
I currently own an xbox only, and I'm happy with that. So far, the Current gen games that I've wanted to play have all been on xbox (and that sentiment continue into this holiday), and the media features have made it an integral part of my entertainment system. but there is one thing on the Sony side that I'm jealous of .... And that is Naughty Dog! At one point I was going get my ps4 with the release of the Order (if it ends up being better than gameplay reveals have shown, I still may), but I think I'll be waiting for uncharted 4, which is pretty much guarunteed to be outstanding, and if I'm lucky Sony will have a price drop by then.
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Benchm4rk  +   456d ago
Im the same as you. I also only own the Xbox One so far and im really happy with my decision. I was going to pick up a PS4 when TLOU came out for it but a $1000 vet bill stopped that from happening. Now im in the process of moving house ive just decided to wait and maybe grab one around Christmas time. Although the White Destiny bundle does look tempting.
hermsgerms  +   456d ago
I love my Xbox One. However I am currently shopping around for a PS4, mainly for their exclusives next year.
KirbysDump  +   456d ago
I have an Xbox. I just don't like Sony games, I don't like the Dashbord or the Controller, but the PS4 has made these things better, still not great.

The games from SCE have a Eastern feel despite being aimed at the Western market. Eg, Gran Turismo, the soundtrack I awful. Like some bad Japanese orchestra
TKCMuzzer  +   456d ago
Sounds like your trying to convince yourself you don't want one. You mention Sony games then pick the one with an eastern feel (music) but fail to point out many of the others (God Of War, Uncharted, The Order, Killzone, The Last Of Us etc etc) which are very much rooted in the west when it comes to the target audience.

As I said, I think your trying to convince yourself you don't want one and any excuse will do......your loss.
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KirbysDump  +   455d ago
Those games you mention, can't but help feel like they are a hollywood remake of a japanese film. this is how they feel
tablecloth  +   456d ago
True gamers get the games they want, of course that can be pretty expensive. Therefor you choose the platform that has the best long term investment for you.

Fanboys on the other hand . . .
BabyTownFrolics  +   456d ago | Well said
Why is it one or the other? Over the course of a console gen it's not much hurdle to get more than one console if you want. Or just pick one, but this idea that we have to take sides is childish and serves no other purpose than to fuel flame bait articles that try to rile people up.

I'm really surprised people aren't tired of being manipulated in this way. We seem to pride ourselves on the choices we make and our individualism while one cursory glance at gaming media betrays the Pavlovian response of n4g users.

Take a step back and turn your negativity towards those that would use gaming for their own cynical means and not your fellow gaming brothers and sisters.
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n4rc  +   456d ago
Well said.. And great avatar lol
Benchm4rk  +   456d ago
Someone give this man more bubbles. Well said
SlapHappyJesus  +   456d ago
You'll own all of them, if you are a gamer.
On the chance money is tight, then buy the console best suited. Just don't bash the other one incessantly, because that makes you a fanboy.
As does incessantly covering up the faults of your particular console of choice.
Spotie  +   456d ago
Not this tired ass argument again.

I probably won't get an XB1. I'm not into giving money to companies like Microsoft, if I can help it. Not to mention how few games interest me that can't be found on another console. Wouldn't make much sense for me to buy a console with almost no games I want to play; how does that indicate that I'm not a gamer?
SlapHappyJesus  +   456d ago
It was a statement, not an argument. If you sit around, sticking to one console; doing nothing but praising your console to high-heaven while doing everything you can to drag the others through the mud then, yes, you aren't a gamer. You are a fanboy.
The lack of owning everything doesn't strip you of being a real gamer. Those sort of actions do. As long as you don't act like that, you're fine.
I find it hard to believe the PS4 is such an easy decision for people over the Xbox One at the moment, at least when looking at exclusives.

Both systems have little to offer were you to go to the store right now and buy one.
LogicStomper  +   456d ago
That's absolutely fine if you're going to stick with one console, but don't try to downplay your preferred company's competitors eg "I'm not into giving money to companies like Microsoft, if I can help it."

This behaviour is exactly what SlapHappy is targeting in his comments. If you enjoy Playstation, good for you. Just don't pretend they're Jesus or something while Microsoft are scum.
MysticStrummer  +   456d ago
"It was a statement, not an argument."

It's a tired statement.

Buying one console because it's the only one you want isn't the same thing as "sticking to one console; doing nothing but praising your console to high-heaven while doing everything you can to drag the others through the mud"

You don't have to own more than one console to be gamer. You don't have to own any console to be a gamer.
SlapHappyJesus  +   455d ago
And in that sense, you are taking my words and running with them, because I've already stated my case, and it's not as simple as the black and white you are making it to be.
Happy some people are realizing that.
I addressed favoritism over non-favoritsm.
Fanboyism over non-fanboyism.

That is all.
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ps4fanboy  +   456d ago
Ps4 grass is sweet enough for me,for me to go looking elsewhere in pastures that need watering....
SlapHappyJesus  +   455d ago
The lame going on here . . .
I try not to be mean to people, but you are making it hard to do so.
GreenRanger  +   456d ago
I have both, so my grass is extra green.

Just how I like it.
ps4fanboy  +   456d ago
Well you are the green ranger....
SynestheticRoar  +   456d ago
I have everything, but a Xbone. My grass is extra green without all the weeds.
Rob_Ko  +   456d ago
TBH I don't see one game worth buying Xone for.
pornflakes  +   456d ago
For my personal taste:

PS4: Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, No mans Sky

Xboe One: Fable Legends, Quantum Break and Scalebound (although we didnt see much from SB)

Right now i am enyoing D3 on my PS4 (yes i have one)... feel free to add me on PSN
Gamer4life888  +   456d ago
For me i haven't seen that one game that is going to make me want/buy an X1 get. so for now i am good with My PS4
Jag-T1000  +   456d ago
For me I haven't seen that one game that is going to make me want/buy a PS4. So for now I am good with my Xbox One.
Benchm4rk  +   456d ago
I like how your comment is exactly the same as Gamer4life but you personally prefer Xbox One over PS4 yet look at the Agree/Disagree ratio in comparison.
MasterCornholio  +   456d ago
I only own a PS4 and so far I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I dont have any plans to get an Xbox One however the Wii U seems like an awesome secondary console to have. However it needs to be a little cheaper plus Zelda and Bayonetta 2 are not out yet for it. Also there's the fact that the new 3DS LL is looking pretty sweet as well and I really can't decide between the two.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

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ocelot07  +   456d ago
I had that feeling earlier this year. I had a PS4 and I kept thinking about getting a XB1. I got one then after a week or so I pretty much regretted getting it. Don't get me wrong I liked the Xbox One as a system. But in terms of exclusives there was not much out. Multi plat games where a no no for obvious reasons. I gave it until after Gamescom and decided to sell as other than Forza Horizon and maybe Fable there was noting in the next 12 months that interested me.
tlougotg  +   456d ago
I have enough money to buy a Wii u, xbone and ps4, heck i splurged on a surround sound system and 140 inch screen and 1080p optima projector just for my ps4.Do i have an xbone or Wii u? Absolutely not. Why? Because Microsoft more than any of these companies has bs and lied to consumers since rrod days and have been utterly disrespectful to our buying dollars. Idc what changes thy have made as of late, mind you only because they saw consumers giving them the middle finger (not this new found gd heart the way fanboys make it seem). Microsoft has a few years in my eyes to show and prove to me anything especially with the anti consumer bs thy tried to pull.

Don't get me wrong Sony has bs before in the past but damn Microsoft makes it embarrassingly obvious and consistent.

As for the argument " if your a gamer you'll have all" thts straight bs. I have values and judgement and if it see a company being too avarice and anti consumer in wont support them no matter how much money in have. That's dumb thinking. I boycotted COD serious, never bought dlc from most companies, didn't buy skyrim on ps3 Bcus even tho I'm a gamer is won't support bs.

Wii u.... Well I like some of their games but another company super full of *hit. Making comments showing tht they are not really listening to consumers and stick to their narrow mind ness. Flip flopping about who their focus is on whether casual or core. Making comments saying next generation xbone and ps4 won't have noticeably stronger hardware or better graphics. Nintendo with online, games, etccc are stuck in the past and tht is why consumers have spoken and third parties avoid them like the plague. Keep tht under powered bs over there when your serious about giving consumers a decent console worth their money I'm in and investing in New innovative ips. Mario, smash brothers, kong may draw in others but they don't attract me at all.

All my opinion of course, not meant to offend anyone.
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Geoff900  +   456d ago
I have both consoles, and a decent gaming PC although I know not everyone can afford all three platforms, I would advise anyone who is serious about gaming to get all three platforms.
spacedelete  +   456d ago
so because i only own one console i'm not serious about gaming ? get off your high horse and stop telling people what they should do just to get approval from some troll on the internet.
MakinBaconXD  +   456d ago
Thank you,I am glad I am not the only one who is sick of these "Multiconsole owners(most of them tend to be xbox fanboys IDK why.)" telling people that we should own them all. I currently own none of the next gen systems,but I will likely end up getting just a wii u and a ps4. So because i wish to not own an Xbox platform I'm suddenly not a "real gamer"? Whatever man,and if you wanna call me a fanboy go right ahead cause that's what I am apparently.
ichdich  +   456d ago
both consoles are amazing
vikingland1  +   456d ago
You can't say that here,choose a side or leave....j/k.

I totally agree with you by the way.
ichdich  +   455d ago
snookiegamer  +   456d ago
I feel like it's less about Consoles, and more about Human Nature. As a species, we're never satisfied, always wanting more...and sometimes wanting things we shouldn't have, like other peoples partners LOL

You should totally get an Xbox One if you totally want one. Other than Halo 5 & Quantum Break in 2015 exclusively, almost everything else will come to the console you already (PS4) own


It's total BS that you have to own all consoles to be considered a hardcore gamer, but hey, it's your money.
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incendy35  +   456d ago
By the end of 2015 everyone should have both consoles if they like good games. The war isn't actually real. There are no sides. These are just two businesses that make and support games.
Predaking77  +   456d ago
I own a PS4 and I'm very satisfied with it. I would be eager to buy a Wii U rather than an x1 for a second console but there is no Zelda or Metroid yet.
jholden3249  +   456d ago
I own all consoles. I'm satisfied with PS4 and Wii U and 3DS. Vita I don't play anymore and X1 is only for exclusives (A lot of redundancy with PS4), so I'm waiting for Sunset Overdrive and Halo. But I've got no complaints with any of the consoles I own. I just wish more people understood how many fun games there are on the consoles that they don't own.

As for Wii U, no, but there IS Zelda Windwaker HD, and it's a fine game indeed. DKC Tropical Freeze is another I'd recommend- some of the finest and most challenging platforming I've experienced since the days of the Super Nintendo. Rayman Legends is a must own, as is NSMBU and Shovel Knight. Nice platformer selection. Pikmin 3 is one of the funnest and most unique games I've played, highly recommend. Wonderful 101, pure bliss. Super Mario 3D World, well, if you get a Wii U and don't buy this game, you're using it wrong. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, that's my favorite game of all time. OF ALL TIME. The online is flawless, full voice chat and texting, no online fees. Mario Kart 8, well, that one speaks for itself I think. Not a sports fan, but Wii Sports Club Golf is one of the finest examples of what videogames can do, and really is one of the best SIM experiences I've ever played.

This holiday lineup though, Hyrule Warriors in 3 weeks, Bayonetta 1 and 2 next month, Smash Bros and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (if you play 3D World you'll get hooked on the Capt Toad puzzle stages), it's just a really splendid lineup of games. Next year we get Star Fox, Zelda U, Yoshi's Wooly World, Mario Maker, Splatoon, Devil's Third, Xenoblade Chronocles. Just a splendid library on offer.

I'm one of the biggest Metroid fans, but there's just SO much more on offer than that.
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